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Jul 2018
Jessie J

What can I say about the sponge to my head?
Well she is beautiful, even if she will not wear a dress;
That is he Emmeline Pankhurst right I guess,
But like I’ve always said,
Jess would look good in something silky and red.

She is not sure who she is going to be, yet,
But mark my words she is someone I will never forget.
You just need to talk to her and languish in her words.
When she leaves with my heart, she takes with her my breath.

Anything I can do, she can do also.
Our thoughts are mutual in so many degrees.
When she reappears, I am alive!  Wow!
It’s the glint in her eye, the way of her smile,
The way she spins me 360.
It’s the smoothness with which she glides through my mind.
It’s the ever-loving beauty I find when I hold her inside.

If I had to choose a word to describe only her,
I would need quite a few, because others are unworthy of my allure.
She is my black hole, she draws me towards,
And for her I would stand before any harmful sword.
With her I am in a meadow, dew washing away my sins;
With her Heavenly words, I am mesmerized and wallowing.
She is one I would never betray,
But she is also the only one with whom my true feelings I cannot say.

If I trained her to do my job in my stead,
She could do it so easily, for she is the best yet.
Many have come before her, but what she does she does with aplomb.
The way she stole my heart, blew me away like a bomb.
Nothing remained but my amazed face.
There is something perfect about her that I just cannot place.

She doesn’t yet know exactly what she does want,
But if she wanted I would like her to become my one.
I want to make her happy, because with only her I think I could.
There is a little romance inside my heart and with her it could be good.
The thought of holding her hand makes me smile.
I wish my feelings for her I didn’t have to deny,
But if I spoke my truth she would run a mile,
Because let’s face it, I’m just another guy.

I remember her hands, the way they change from day to day.
Once black nails to get my attention, quickly followed by blue.
The last time I saw this beaut,
I guess her fingers were painted ****,
But I cannot say **** without showing my truth to you.
Her smile does something to me; she is my joker,
The magic card, my face made for poker,
Will one day find its voice and speak…
Only joking, I cannot say what I desire,
So we will never be.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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