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Jun 2018
It is raining in my heart,
‘Cos you are going away.
Will we always be apart?
My world has gone sad and grey.

Will you be back when I lite
Your little candle for you?
My soul will always burn bright,
When I am expecting you.

All the happy times we shared,
Will we always remember?
Everything we feared and dared,
January to December?

Will you be back by and by?
To our memories I cling.
I am sad, I want to cry;
To me you are everything.

Why are the stars still shining,
When it’s time to say ‘good-bye’?
Inside my heart is crying,
Even tho’ my eyes are dry.

Hope I have not let you down,
In ways that I do not know.
Time slipped by without a sound;
Now it’s time for you to go.

Will we be back together,
As this journey of mine ends?
Hearts as light as a feather,
We who are closer than friends?

Will we meet on the rainbow,
Hanging our tears out to dry?
With our faces all aglow,
And from our ******* not a sigh?

On earth we come together,
And from earth we then depart;
Storms and hardships we weather;
Enemies tear us apart.

Those with whom we wine and dine,
When enemies they become,
Is it the end of the line?
Should we not ourselves disarm?

They who know us just too well
Targeting our weaker link;
We must have a way to tell,
How in quicksand not to sink.

Good-bye, now, my precious friend;
We’ll meet on the other side...
This is not really the end;
Some things fate cannot decide.
Written by
HTR Stevens
     Fawn, ð, ---, Kam and tumelo mogomotsi
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