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May 2018
dear twelve-year-old me,
i could tell you ten million things;
cheer up
don't be so sad
stop hurting yourself
it'll be okay
just breathe deep
but i know you wouldn't listen
you don't believe yourself,
you don't trust yourself,
after all.

dear twelve-year-old me,
i could tell you ten billion things
but you only need to hear one;
just hold on, sweetheart
help's coming.
you can't see it now,
you can't feel it now,
but it'll come.
your hope will survive
you'll continue to breathe
you can still love
you're broken
you're *****
you're fractured
but wounds heal
scars form
water cleans

hold on,
hold on tight,
and one day,
you might
Written by
zb  19/Agender
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