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Apr 2018
When I told you I missed you,
and you said,
"It's only been two days".

When I wrote paragraphs,
And exhausted breaths,
Explaining to you,
How much I REALLY liked you,
And you didn't say anything back.

All the times you outright ignored what I said,
As if you couldn't hear me,
And just smothered me with a kiss, instead.

Remember that.

I'm happy I'm out,
But the memories of me staying around,
Begging for your attention are what haunt me.

That's the tricky thing about relationships,
Not knowing what's temporary or permanent,
Because the good memories never go away,
No matter how old they are,
They can feel so recent,
Because we can always relive them.

But always remember,
Just because a person deserved you in the past,
Doesn't mean they will deserve you forever.
Just because they kiss you,
Doesn't always mean they like you.
Written by
Flame  F
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