Rose Nov 1

Last night I crawled inside my mind
and it is here I've decided to stay
harbouring thoughts that won't suffer
the scrutiny of observers
peering in with beady eyes

© Rose 2017
Rose Oct 24

Two trains running parallel –

I, the passenger

observing them, the passengers

for just a moment

before our trains part ways.

Panic rises in my chest

at the sudden, unexpected realisation

that I might never glance across

any of their faces

ever again.

I might never know their names,

their stories,

their hearts.

One brief glimpse of the eye

is all I get

before the train trundles away,

never to be seen again.

I am left

feeling hollow.

© Rose 2017
  Oct 19 Rose
leona chaput

All that I am and all I can hope to be
All that I understand and all I need
Is to be in your fold for the years I grow old
Within the glory of heaven with you
All is goodness and joy in the wonders of God
Behold you are crowned with the victory
Claimed for heaven for all of eternity
Shining down on the nations of earth
You are our God and we are your children
Trusting in all that you say and you do
Providing a way to be more like you everyday
Following you, Jesus, Lord of mercy
We fall on our knees confessing our need for you
All that I am is to be held by Jesus

By:  Leona Chaput

Rose Oct 17

I guess this is the end.
You're everything I needed,
yet nothing I expected.
The tides turned for me, bringing with
them a rose washed up on the shore,
a gift so unexpected
that I didn't even feel the thorns
digging into my skin when I held you.
I guess this is the end,
and for now, I think I'm okay with that.
I've learned that
tides come and tides go.
Roses bloom, and roses die.
I won't stand at this shore waiting
for spring to come around again.
I'll let go,
I'll say goodbye.

© Rose 2017
Rose Oct 1

I can relate to longing,
to the flame burning stark against
the deathly cloak of night

but the memories are fading

for I am growing,
moving from rubble into streams-
I've stopped fraying at the seams

I'm okay

and every day
the dull ache feels more like
the thudding of a heart that's beating
to the rhythm of an untold story

I'm no longer worried about
ripping the pages as I turn them

for my story had a harsh winter
heavy with growing pains,
weeds that choked my flower heart

but the climax has passed-
spring has arrived

and I am blooming

© Rose 2017
  Oct 1 Rose

Let your pain be pain.
Don’t hide it under beautiful metaphors or a smile.
For the love of God, don’t push it so far down that you’re walking every step on thorns.
Let your pain bleed through.
Holding onto the ache will not make you stronger.
(Believe me, it will not.)
Pain makes skeletons.
It makes you bitter, angry, and numb.
Gripping so tight that your knuckle turn white will not dilute the burn.
It will wilt your soul.
Pain does always not build character.
It just hurts.
Pain is a wound that festers.
It will wait years upon years for it to be picked at.
What do you believe will happen when it begins to bleed again?
Let the pain flow.
Let it slip out of your wounds and roll down your eyes.
Let it pour out of your mouth till your voice is shaken to the core.
You’ll thank yourself in time.

Rose Sep 29

Time didn't heal my wounds
and it isn't on my side

Time is indifferent
to the chaos that threatens
to drown me

It sifts quickly through my fingers
leaving no trace, no residue
to turn back to

I am unsure
whether it has changed me
or merely aged me

I am consumed
by the absence of time

© Rose 2017
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