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  Jun 2019 Valerie Zewald
i ask her why she stays out in the rain
yet my clothes are drenched in water
  Jun 2019 Valerie Zewald
Luna Maria
just as flowers
grow in the direction of
the sun
you shouldn't hide from
the good either
look at the bright sight of life
no matter how hard
these winds blow and shake me
i stay  r o o t e d  with the Earth

storms exist to awake me
one of the first few
rhymes i ever wrote
*and still my favorite*
  Jun 2019 Valerie Zewald
Lora Lee
I will never be
ensconced in
charming lace
candypink encased
You will not see me
withering away
back of hand
          upon brow
in fainting stance
in a flowing silk dress
swinging on a
           perfect bough
For I am a river
wild and true
sometimes quiet
roaring and
             soaring in
shimmering hues:
Blues and greens
mixed with shades
           of earth, of fire
bespeaking emotions
in tones of desire
My river can get messy
can flood over too fast
because my heartstrings
                       get pulled
by the strength of
                        the blast
It can bring up
colored stones
in its undertow
fish and otters
in voodoo

As the colors rise up
in this heated coolness,
                          this deluge
the influx overwhelms me
with a power so huge
and then I need
     some metallics,
flecks of silver and gold
to soothe
passion's piquancy
                when it gets
                   particularly bold
                      Specked within rocks
                    to ground me, keep
               my feet on the soil
             prevent my heart
          from slipping
       down into
     a choking,
         hot oil

Bronze minerals reflect
peaks of sadness,
     searing pain
        from rawness of hurt
          with no one to blame
             Yes, it can be a balm
                         and also a burn
to be so linked
by spirit-threads
to another, in emotions
that churn
just on the brink
but never truly there
to experience the
         fullness of rush
ripe culmination
abundant and lush

and that's when the
river turns
into molten
and I must dig
deep under
layers of ancient strata
seeking relief
in coolness of earth
as my spirit
             again undergoes
              a kind of rebirth
For when we
grow to love
strange things
happen, indeed
       In the core of
my essence
you are the root
of my
  Apr 2019 Valerie Zewald
B Elizabeth G
You are poison
You're love is ****
An apple with a kiss of death
Knowing **** well it will **** me quick
Still I bite to get my fix

The first taste upon my lips
So sweet and succulent, heavenly bliss
Slowly your poison creeps through my veins
Till my snow white skin is left blood stained

Sooner or later comes an antidote
A will to be happy that brings me a float
I cast away your rotten core
Telling myself I'll love you no more

Days go by and there you sit
A "brand new" apple with no holes in it
Suddenly all the cravings creep through
And again I take a bite of you

Willingly I poison myself with your kiss
Hoping this time it will be true bliss
Sadly it only ends all the same
With my heart in small pieces and only me to blame

You are poison
Your love is ****
An apple with a kiss of death
Knowing **** well it will **** me quick
I'll always take a bite to get my fix
To the man whom I'll never be able to stop loving

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