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Mar 2018
Hands in the air
disappear into the lights.
This room is full of innocence and rush.
Lover, I am the one to take this slow,
Lover, you are the one dancing until the next birthday.
I know there is nothing wrong with that,
but let's not get caught up in these party lights
and focus on the moon, she shines so brightly.
She is a friend of ours.

Late to the party but that didn't stop us from celebrating.
Every night we find a new beginning,
to find a way to see each other again soon.
We were young and spinning, forever free.
Every Saturday getting lost in wild fantasies.

Now I know you're hooked on the feeling of getting older,
but learn to love your youth.
Now I know you're hooked on the feeling of attention,
but promise me to not find a new beginning without me.

As the seasons changed my location,
I find I can still feel the beats from the parties,
but they are fading as I stumble home with the moon.
The rush has you wrapped in her arms
and I am left with innocence.
I am finding grace in these passing years
but you seem to be still caught up in the lights of a different party.

I've enjoyed my nights,
but when we are sober
I'll be the one picking up the empty glasses.
This is slowly becoming a little too much for me.
You tell me that we still stand under the same stars,
but when was the last time you found beauty in the moon?

I know I am not one to enjoy getting older,
but I must learn to accept my youth as something from the past now.
Because this party ended months ago,
and every Saturday I still imagine the nights.
We were young, forever, and on fire.
Never would I imagine those party lights
to shine brighter than the moon.
She is a stranger to us now.
About an old friendship that I can feel fading
Morgan Mercury
Written by
Morgan Mercury  23/South Carolina
(23/South Carolina)   
   Morgan Mercury
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