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Jan 12
As I try to get better,
Fighting hordes of darkness,
Slurring through words, letter by letter,
Praying someone will hear my cries.

As I try to get better,
Wrestling my restless mind,
Trying to figure out what’s the matter,
Attempting my painful self-therapy.

Now thinking I’m better,
A short-lived burst of happiness takes over,
Just glad I’d met her,
Dancing wildly to the laughter of friends,

I think I’m over her,
Thinking I can finally rest,
A killer stare fuelled by hate and anger,
Tears a hole in my once-mended chest.

From wanting friendship to realising I’ll never get her,
Please someone, help me get better.
The worst part about trying to get better is realising how cripplingly lonely you are and how painfully dependant you are on being able to fall into someone's loving arms when you're falling into your own never ending black hole of sorrow and worthlessness. The curse of human kind is that its never enough when you have it and once it's gone, only then, will you realise what it meant to you. Stay safe and live well, my loves, and don't make the mistakes of a selfish man. (dont worry, am not going to **** myself)
Written by
Jack  17/M
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