Tastes like dollar store spaghetti
Having to scrounge around for loose change
In a sunken futon mattress

Making the hard decision every two weeks
If you are going to pay Chase
Or pick up your medications
Smells the same as designer knock-off perfume
Or cheap gin from the corner pharmacy

The feeling of complete defeat
When holding that five dollar scratcher
Blowing away a mound of gold dust
Furiously scanning for matching numbers
Because you need to eat
But the horseshoes and diamonds
Do not care

About your empty stomach
That smells the same as mothball scented clothes
On metal racks at the Salvation Army
Everything is a hand me down
Even depression and anxiety
Minimum payments laugh in your face

You feel like your car
Because you can’t afford an oil change
And you’ve tried to fix your broken bumper
With a roll of duct tape

And no one at work knows you live
In a dim apartment with a broken fridge
Or that your take home pay
Is the same as your rent
Your smile is as fake
As your legendary customer service

Poor me, poor me
I thought money didn’t buy happiness
For being right.
For knowing more than you are expected to know,
For doing what is right.
For knowing who you are,
For knowing your worth.
For taking pride in your being,
For not being ignorant.
For being innocent,
For holding on to your beliefs,
For being hopeful and having faith.
For being loyal.
For being different.
For being an introvert,
For being an extrovert,
For being an ambivert.
For not being understood.
For choosing your own path.
For being your own best friend.
For loving yourself.
For leaving behind things and people for your own good.
For choosing to put yourself first.
For listening to yourself.
For being a woman,
For being a man.
For crying.
For believing you deserve the best.
For accepting who you are.
For being a cheerful person,
For being a quiet person.
For being beautiful,
For being confident.
For being realistic.
For being optimistic.
For being blessed.
For making yourself happy,
For taking yourself seriously.
For loving someone.
For being a human being.
If it is who you are,the only person to be sorry is the one trying to change you.
  Jan 11 The Human Being
Whether you fall in love with a poem or not
greatly depends on how you read it.
Be a toilet
Flush all the shit away
And keep a clear mind
well it's seems to make sense , soz for the swear word sometimes it just seems to fit well :)
Everything in life is so beautifully precious, yet so frighteningly temporary.

— The End —