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Dec 2016
Something ugly grows within my blood
I know it's been there for some time
And though I know you've fed water to the seed,
it sprouted roots before you ever existed
or entered my mind

What are you feeding me?
Another pastel colored lie?
So faint, it fades into the sky
The same shade as the pavement on memory lane
I hold it in between each squiggle in my eye
and go insane
with time to die

The truth, it burns
It hurts
I can't stand that smell of bubbles on my flesh
as all my freedom's stripped away
and my voice fails to be expressed

I grow lumpy
and grey
as I wither away to nothing,
turn to dust
and just decay

Sometimes my worth gets lost along the hurtful words you say

What a laugh.
Some rock you've been
I lost my mind
on the day I lost him
But ****,
it *****
because I lost you, too
You don't even care how much I've needed you

I'm drowning, and waving my arms in your face
But you watch as I splash and I struggle, in place
I keep turning blue,
I don't matter to you

This is too painful
I don't know what to do
******* idiots.
Arlo Disarray
Written by
Arlo Disarray  In your imagination
(In your imagination)   
       ---, Lora Lee, ---, b, --- and 11 others
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