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Aug 2016
No books in my shelves.
No songs in my head.
No hearts in my heart.

There are not enough drugs for the pressure to ease.
The struggle to feel baby, nothing can release me.
Highs always come crashing down.
Every bridge burns to the ground.

A chest with no toys.
A board with no pieces.
You tore me to pieces.
Stealing all my peace.

Hurricane winds and messy minds.
My thighs around your waist, nothing can ease me.
Night loving never seems to ease me.

I am a ghost of who I'm not.
Just a person filling this slot.
Emotionless robot bracing for a fall.

All just leading to no healing.
Wrapped around your heart.
I am just another knot you cut off.

Dropping to the floor.
The fire burned me.
There is no fight left in me.

Nothing I can do to make it right.
Take my armor and, put my sword right through me.
Leave me to die, there's nothing good left in me.

I'm sorry but, I'm leaving me.
Put a peace sign up.
Nothing can come from me.
Marium Iqbal
Written by
Marium Iqbal  18/F/New Jersey
(18/F/New Jersey)   
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