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Kush Dec 2019
Confront Insecurity
He is misguided, and he should be unravelled

Hear Trauma
She has stifled her voice, but she must be listened to

Embrace Willpower
They will take you firmly in hand, so you can journey ahead
Kush Nov 2019
Magma slides down the throat
with little ceremony due to its rote
Smoke jets out in inky knots
from flared nostrils, scorched slots

Calefaction pulses past my chin
Napalmic streaks skitter across skin
The very air begins to reek of roast
a smoldering declaration, coast to coast

The sun itself settles in my solar plexus beneath
As I speak, eager flames spit past my teeth
Steps I take, to unjust enemy and cunning foe
impale the ground, utterly melting it below

Feeble are the ones who seek dispute
Mighty remains they who tread the path of truth

Their swords are in hand, stained in slayed ignobility
aware of wickedness and its toxic capability

Let the ones who seek shelter under darkness, under gloom
behold the justice and power of light, upon doom
Kush Nov 2019
To live as one is
with many a fault
numerable in noble efforts
as well as losses

Is far preferable than to tread
with treachery in one's heart
coated in living tissue
yet scant in moral virtue

Let the hells blaze behind me
and the heavens remain weary
for fighting injustice is justice itself
and truth alone triumphs

Take heed and take care
always try to illuminate ignorance
but if that approach fails
then scorch it with great zeal
Kush Nov 2019
froth churns like curdled milk
like all those seafaring stomachs
atop a bubbly rot with nautical fragrance

it does not touch the shore
for there an aged legion lays
and their sun-bleached bodies do not sway

past their figures stands an omen
a snuffed beacon to once lively men
whose souls now stain the ocean floor

night crawls patient and true
but the stars lack in their duties
and the moon must expand its efforts

so the lone sentinel burns to life
and in awakened curiosity, spins
with ceaseless, circular dance

the sentinel bellows with newborn fury
the froth stirs in dire frenzy
and as the stony legion is overwhelmed
the rocks bled black as they fell
  Oct 2019 Kush
There's a genius waiting in the wings,
but I have yet to discover him.
Once I've ventured
beyond my perch
I may by chance meet his form
and claim him for my own.
As of yet...
I'm leaning towards precarious.
Kush Oct 2019
And with its eternal fragility
splendorous sensitivity
life remains clasped in my hands
gently but firmly
kept guarded and true
from all cruelties, all slights
anything an evil world can brew
Kush Sep 2019
In the whispers of earliest morning
and the scurrying tones of nightfall
my mind lies open, vulnerable
like dark flowers cusping spring

With probing eyes, full and brown
I see that which I can realize
yet not realizing what must be seen
that which lies beyond my ocular reach

And with utmost effort, sinking innards
I toil with feelings buried inwards
dissected and magnified
preserved and studied under the light
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