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Kush Mar 26
You come with doubt
with a knack for disparaging

You come with ego
with a conviction of having seen it all

You come to the foot of the solar system
with your cosmic disregard for virtue

You leave as you should
with a singed tongue
with eyes dripping ashes
Kush Oct 2020
There are no victors, no spoils to spare
The impasse has been reached
Zero-sum-gain is the name of the game

Keep the moody themes on repeat
Let your feelings fall flat
while trying to be discreet
still saying "no surrender, no retreat"

Slither to your desk
Seep those feelings off your chest
sleep flows like sap
sanguine notions stir even slower
Kush Jul 2020
Here's to the man in the mirror
the ascending sun
not some saint of sinners

Here's to a higher route
with its timely turns
and harvests wrought from drought

Here's to the ones who scorn
their hearts yet lined with lead
their purloined peace, I mourn

Here's to the blessed and grace-filled
who have left their radiant marks upon me
and fields of hope still to be tilled
I turned 20 on July 15th
Kush Apr 2020
In haunting form and dignified stance,
Dancing Rose waltzes beneath black and blue
crimson bleeding into the aether

She breathes the night's stillness
while energizing its tempo
for it is time to shed the heaviness

The weight of the world upon her petals
the streams of water dripping down her stem
these things shall be laid to rest, put to bed

With the floaty fragrance of home
and thorns to ***** any naysayer
our flower stays strong for the journey ahead

From the moon to the stars
Dancing Rose will spread her lovely songs
let us praise her in both name and deed
for she has bloomed past the sorrow
no longer a timid seed
Kush Mar 2020
There I saw it, past the skyline
the things yet to come
how they beckoned in the light
beacons calling me forth

With hell nipping at my heels
and a heavy heart to boot
scars both fresh and new
telling the tale of what I have been through

From simple paradoxes
to crystal clear complications
uncertainty is all I know for sure
the one fact that remains true

So I will not aim for sunny days
nothing is promised nor owed
I shall keep the hopes under lock and key
and tread on, as I always have

Come what may
Kush Mar 2020
You cannot take the light from the sun
nor the thunder from the storm

A hurricane’s might dare not be tamed
so the dancing kites it animates remain free

You cannot steal the truth from my lips
or the revelations from my eyes

A tsunami’s waves swallow all opposition
so that the sands below may slowly fall back to place

A thousand cuts could not bleed my heart
for it shines and beats in tune with the infinite
It sways to melodious tunes of righteousness
and rises above the hateful's attempts to drown it
Kush Feb 2020
Universal Acceptance over Tolerance
because one champions all paths
and the other only keeps distinctions between them

Universal Acceptance over Tolerance
because one seeks truth in every teaching
and the other simply looks instead of seeing

Universal Acceptance over Tolerance
because to accept means embracing beauty in any form
and to tolerate means keeping this beauty at arm's length
Mutual respect should be the paradigm upon which all interfaith interactions are measured against. Tolerance is the expression of perceived superiority, and it is simply an act of "mercy" and not compassion.
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