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Feb 2016
Gasping for air, in this world of despair,

where those who say they’ll help you, just stand back and stare.

They say be “yourself there's nothing better these days”

then you show a bit of color and they say ” oh but darling, your the wrong shade.”

the land of opportunity, is what they proclaim.

Everybody’s welcome, just stay in your own lane.

Don't speak up about injustices,

don't try and fight this game,

those who own this place will make a law to take you away.

They’ll spin some kind of story,

they’ll say your sabotaging this place,

but as soon as they need those votes,

they’ll state they want you to stay.

“We are all one in the same”,

is what they always say,

but then they get that crown,

and there big head gets in the way.

We all need each other to get ahead in this game,

instead of fighting one another,

lets start by being kind and make this world a better place to stay.
Lybys Geovanna Zambrano
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