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Feb 2016
She searches among the masses, their daughter in her hands. Her dress a fluffy pink, her hair in a head band. They have never spent this long apart, never dreamed the hurt it would cause in their heart. When she had watched him leave, her body willed away her tears. While others had cheered. She continued to watch for a shave of brown, a think of dark/light green.She waited for him in dark/gray jeans. The masses continued, her heart falling with every step. Had some note been unanswered? Had something been left unsaid. Her eyes come alight with love, her hands holding a tiny, pink dove. This is it. She thinks quietly to herself, * "I hope you like little-bit"
About a woman with her daughter. The solider coming home did not know she was pregnant or that she had given birth.
Elizabeth Thornton
Written by
Elizabeth Thornton  U.S.
   Samuel Hesed and ---
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