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Oct 2015
Wonder if you see what you're doin' to me
How you caused me to be a nervous wreck
Don't know what emotions to expect

Now I'm laughing
Like the Joker, I think this is funny
I don't know why

I'm gonna go cry

Guess you were protecting me
From that monster you didn't want to feed

I don't feel my heart anymore

It's just constantly beating
Not for me
But it's being beaten
Eaten from the inside out
Black and blue
Bruised, cut and bleeding

Oh how cliche

I make myself want to puke
The anger is creeping up on me
Your life turned into one giant cliche
Now it's time for me to pay
You did this to yourself

******* turn the time back
Be careful what you wish for kid
You'll get exactly just that
Written by
Jess  CT
     Sumina Thapaliya and Aurora Maciel
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