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Aug 2015
If she only knew. Good lord if she only freaking knew.

She said that I was a major league player and she was just getting on the bench of recovery. She said she wouldn't catch up to the success that I am at but she doesn't know. How could she? She never listened when I spoke.

Our conversations were nothing more than her waiting for me to take a breath so she could say her bit.

I am not broken anymore she would say with happiness. As though she was the one to fix me.

I admit I am no longer shattered on the floor but that tribute goes to God. I don't live for anyone else because I want this to be the only hell I ever know.

What she doesn't seem to understand is glass never fits together exactly as it should and my rough edges still cut, still scar, still harm others and myself.

If she only knew.
Written by
Miles Halter
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