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May 2015
******* I can't do this
I can't love him and watch the clock
tick by the limited amount of seconds I have with him
I've tried warning him
I've tried walking away but he has always followed
Any girl would **** for a guy as stubborn and reluctant as he is
Glue doesn't begin to cover our relationship
It's like we have been stitched together
Each individual binding bringing us closer
I know this won't blow over easily
I need him
I need his quick wit and his coldness
I need to know that I am the only one who can melt him
But I know that's not the case
He's a closed book
I'm the bookmark that marks the place where he left
I just worry he will forget me
Leave me on the shelf until he needs a reminder of where he left off
He was my shoulder
But I got too close
and cut myself on the blade
Maybe we are meant to short lived
And that's why you
don't get your hopes up
It only leads to getting let down
Because what goes up
must come down
A poem dedicated to that one guy we all knew was wrong but he made everything seem so **** right
Victoria Garcia
Written by
Victoria Garcia  Florida
     Nicole, --- and ---
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