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Palumbo Dec 2018
We are all the same
We talk about cigarettes and coffee
Love and women

We are all
Lonely together
We let our minds work our wrists.

We have a burned soul
An aching heart
We all feel someway
The pain

Of living off words
Of handwriting love
Of sadness, most times.
Palumbo Dec 2018
Every night is a new night
and it feels the same as the night before.
i forget the days of the week
i remember i'm weak.

i forget your name
i can't remember my address.
and i don't know who to blame but

                                                          my mind.

today i'm confident
i'm too ******* myself.
tomorrow i forget i'm good
i'm too full of myself.

i'm sorry mama
i've lost my faith.
im sorry dad
i've lost my mind.

       - i'm not sure who i am anymore
Palumbo Dec 2018
I woke up to the moon tonight.
She was pretty
and i wasn't.


woke me up tonight
And on that other night
And another night too.

All this emptiness in me
Fulfilling my MIND
Slowly making me full
                                           - of nothing.

How little nothing
for so much HEAVINESS.
And the moon,
She's still there
Slowly becoming full too
                                                      with me.
                                                            o­f me.

— The End —