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Ofelia Rose Aug 2017
The clock ticks and ticks
Tic tock tic tock tic tock tock tock
The sound rings in my ears
As the melody plays behind me
A song whispering all my thoughts
My heart beats heavily beneath the air
Thump thump thump thump
This mind flutters like butterflies
Stomach sinking like a rock in a lake
Every memory swims back to me
My ears sink in, the world spins round
As tears trickle down my bare face
Chss chss chssssss
It's a thunderstorm striking violently
A flood destroying my soul
My spirit pounding viciously on my flesh
Thump thump thump thump
Nothing matters in this world anymore
Just the love I've lost and neglected
The pain suppressed under the cement
A scorching fire below naked feet
And so I conclude, listen to the tik tock
The crescendo is slow but escalates
Boom boom boom boom
Just like that the body sets fire
And what is lost is the ash we stand upon
The emptiness we all aggressively seek
When death is near
Ofelia Rose May 2017
Lately I find myself consumed by thoughts
My mind runs rampant of images of you
Running into your arms as you hold me
Our lips touch as the world fades away
Just you and I in the midst of the city
Putting to sleep the place that never rests
Yet I know these images are just a dream
That plays over like a broken record
Our imaginations can be a mirage
However I still hope that you see me
In your dreams and see all that I see in you
Maybe I've just hit the brink of craziness
Or this longing is everything you feel
I fell in love so easily as we stood
Side by side for months in the depths
Of the desolate kitchen that drove us
Oh dear I know I'm just a fool in this
But my mind still runs like waterfalls
Crashing and pouring but bringing solace
Ofelia Rose Apr 2017
Death has tiptoed through my mind
Fogging my mind like a dreary fall day
Whether it be upon that rock
Hand in hand, the trees whistling
When I stared you in the eyes
And said "I could die here. Right now"
Or in the darkest of moments
Where I imagine my death beyond a dream
And then it drifts away like sunset
Leaving me still within the emptiness
Day by day, it is one or the other
But somehow I push through it
As I yearn for the final breath of air
Seized by my very own brittle hand
I've painted myself blue, stuck in still life
Walking through the still life of my soul
Ofelia Rose Dec 2016
Our eyes caught a simple glance
Countless times
But this time I knew very well
You felt what I did too
A strange desire buried in the depths
Of our minds
I long for your touch
The soft caress of your hand
Upon my silken flesh
And the sound of you breathing
As you sleep so delicately
Aside my frame
I yearn for the words to leave my mouth
That speak the Truth
And everything you've done
Oh dear I'm here and always will be
Dreaming when it's us
Not you and I, but the universe
Within our bodies
Because we've found each other
Giving one another
The very breath we've been searching for
Ofelia Rose Dec 2016
Most nights I lie awake drifting
Thinking of all those moments we shared
I wrote you a letter once
You came and we danced like lovers
Everything was as it was meant to be
As time has quickly passed
I find myself still yearning
For your voice and touch
So mellifluous so true and caring
Yet I'm here alone, wasting away
Simply dreaming of the days
When we lit the sky on fire
And breathed one breath
In the depths of the woods
Ofelia Rose Nov 2016
It's four in the morning and I haven't slept for days or maybe even years
The thought of your chest beating against mine lingers in my mind
As I try to fall into my dreams that no longer seem to come by
It was a short few days that brought you so close to myself
You may have forgotten, yet I can't seem to shake you from my bones
Oh dear you felt so right even though you think you're so wrong
They say I'm so sweet and so kind but they just don't really know
We are both broken but I know we can thrive with each other
Or maybe it's just a fantasy I've painted vividly inside my soul
You've done something to my core I cannot begin to put in words
And as I stare upon the blank, white ceiling in my bedroom
I think about the times I felt you so close within my spirit
But I am alone now, with the melodies of songs that leave me empty
As you're ghost dances upon the strings of my veins
Ofelia Rose Sep 2016
It's been a long time since I took the dive
And now I'm so deep in this ocean
I thought I was numb beneath the water
Yet every breath I take reminds I'm on shore
But I can't seem to hold on to anything

I'm floating in these waves with the bones
Of all the fish that have died beside me
There is nothing left of what I once had
I have given too much of myself away
To all the people who've I've given the power

Now I lay quietly upon my empty bed
Where I'm reminded of how wasted I am
Lost in this haze of the death I now know
I'm nothing but the ashes of an angel
Who gave her wings for the sweet water
That never brought the sugar to my life

Now I'm left with this bitter taste in my mouth
The smokey flavor of all myself I've burned
In the trail I've chosen to hike alone
And oh how I long for the days before this
When I had all of me and purity in my core
But now I must pay the toll for losing me
In all of them who had the chance
To take a part of every bit of who I was
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