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 Jan 21 The Noose
I know you are a seeker of both love and enter peace
but I also know the blindness of an over burdened beast.
Shackled to the motherland’s
home of the safe and free,
where closed mindedness
locks us into war and misery.
Traveler 🧳 Tim
 Jan 21 The Noose
(Romanticized not derogatory)

A bard is a poet
But not all poets are bards
I love to sing
And play my guitar

Dancing comes natural
Spinning on one toe
I take a gracious bow
Into a power pose

I’m more then the rest
My poetry’s the best
I recite the hero’s creed
I lead the chant
In a warrior stance
Into the violent streets

The news of the day
Rolls off of my tongue
Stanzas dressed to please
To the local tavern
The patrons run
To drink and brawl with me

Barmaids to breed
Sweet honey mead
The good life
Yes the good life indeed!
I make a loud toast
A salute to our host
Another round on me!
Traveler Tim
 Nov 2020 The Noose
Julia Celine
Something at the end of this rope
                       has it burning at both ends
But I'd light a thousand fires
                       to meet you here again...
 Nov 2019 The Noose
i want to be with the stars.
they don’t shake
when they take
a step
and curse
under their breath
because they’ll never be
lovely enough.

i stand at my window sill
and spread my arms out wide
like i’m not afraid
of oblivion.
i whisper to the good nights
and i cry to the bad ones.
  oh, i sing to the ground  
and i scream to the air   

and though my lungs ache,
i command:
“take me to the stars”

and so the world lies flat.
about a feeling i can’t really explain
 Aug 2018 The Noose
I'd be glad to spank you
Like your daddy did
You were such
A pretty
Spoiled little kid

Still you make me happy
Where else would I go
You're the finest freak
I have ever known
Traveler Tim
 Aug 2018 The Noose
sing to me songs full of joy
songs that flood the dark
corners and crevices of my soul
with sunshine buttery and golden

sing to me of love requieted
of quests completed  with heros
homecoming to hearth and home
of reunions joyful and jovial

sing me silly songs,
full of nonsense riffs
songs that make my belly ache
from laughter, sing to make me smile
not only now, but for years to come
when i fondly remember that sillly song

sing to me, all the good and bright things
you can possibly think of, sing long
and sing loud, make the melodies dance
the boogaloo, the charleston and jive

drown out this sadness, drown out this anger
sing to me hope, sing to me love
sing me a future, full of joy
sing, sing,sing,sing,sing
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