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9.1k · Jan 2015
People like us
The Noose Jan 2015
Some are born balanced
On a precipice and remain
Tethered for the rest of their days
Overlooking barely there
Mental images
Fragments of a lucid dream
Of a conjured up past life
Once etched on skin
But no longer there
They speak of
Violent reinvention
And escape
While the hollow speaks
And catapults into spaces
Better left unknown

Psyches wrapped in denial
Running the gamut of habitual sins
Perpetuating legacies of pain
With hands that carry
The burdens of forefathers
In the twilight of dreams
Willing for the heavens
To send a spring that blooms

Hearts whose pounding
Reverberates endlessly
inside of ears
Eyes that get darker as they close
Meet with ours
A look
A sigh
Ascertaining a mutual recognition
Of the familiar
Shadows that plague.
4.3k · Dec 2014
Chains not wind chimes
The Noose Dec 2014
Fervour tapered lingering
On that ******* precipice
Of alleged possibility

Devoured by the jaws of silence
The soul no longer raged
A nothingness that knew no words
Agony’s cold grip
Winter in December

I knew not what to with these hands
Their weightlessness
Weeping willows drowned out sound
Perfected in my dead
Loosening the grapple on the promise
Of a hazy tomorrow.
3.4k · Jan 2014
The Noose Jan 2014
Violin sonatas of gloom
Acoustics of desire
Play all at once
A peculiar compilation
An elegy of sorts
For yours truly
Welcome to life
Soak up the unrealised potential

Inflamed with rage
To this day
You walk this earth
With a strong conviction
You owe yourself something
You cannot deliver
Extreme self-expectations
Coupled with perfectionism
The fatal modus operandi
You continue adhering to
Goodluck with standing in the way
Of your own happiness

Thrive in your concentrated negativity
While seeking solace in one-liners
Of absolute *******
You maybe a joke
But you are hilarious
Oh, wait.. the joke wore thin
A dozen punchlines ago
You died 12 summers ago
It’s whatever

One day bitter and wilted
As you sit in a cold impersonal office
You will dream about the ocean
And mourn wasted youth
Today will be yesterday
Today is ruined
Tomorrow is dead.
Just for clarification I am ******* enthusiast.
3.1k · Dec 2013
Blood moon
The Noose Dec 2013
The fluorescent red

Suffusing the skies

Shall turn into a raging inferno

Mankind will

Incinerate into damnation

On the night of the blood moon.
2.5k · Nov 2013
33 degrees celsius
The Noose Nov 2013
The sun looks and feels as though it seeks revenge
The sweltering heat exarcabating the chronic fatigue that plagues this youthful body
All of the grumbling and screaming turning  into a silent whisper
And subsequently, a yawn
I feel oppressed by mother nature

The wind is blowing in fiery-like gusts  When it touches my face I can feel all the energy oozing out of me
Justifying this idleness

The air smells of wilted Jacaranda tree blossomings, strewn across the lawn
Which would be blissful if inhalation of these smells didn't spur on pesky allergies
It feels like the end of days

I yearn for the feeling of relief in the air and within myself when the infinite skies flare up and release the rains
And the pleasure of hearing the water murmur when it flows over the stone work in the front yard

2.5k · Jan 2015
The Noose Jan 2015
White river running
Ethereal glow of
Twilight hues
Suffusing the atmosphere
Stark purple

Grass covered in aftermath
Of night's freezing cold
Miniature icicles
Tapering on mossy rocks
Melting with the sun's
Scattered rays
Unruffled indulgence
Bone-chilling splendour
In the arms of the mountain mist
2.3k · Jan 2014
Riot grrrl
The Noose Jan 2014
A ******* enthusiast
Whose pessimism is intrinsic
And not fashioned
A frequenter the doldrums
With a penchant for exaggeration

A confused Scorpio
Plagued by ghosts of former selves
Meandering along a thorny path
Under darkened infinite skies
Waiting for the severed backbone
I Possess trailing behind
To latch on
And offer restoration and purpose

An eternal student
A slave to academia
With an insatiable hunger for knowledge
In the field of economics
Governed by perfectionism
That will be my demise

A feminist
A riot grrrl
With an acute  fascination with morbidity
A worshipper of rock music
And Professional headbanger

An enlightened inner-directed soul
An awakened dreamer
Gouging out
The remaining fragments of delusion
From the eyes
Embracing realism

A sufferer
Aspiring to be human.
2.1k · May 2015
The Noose May 2015
Splendiferous blousy hydrangea
Flourishing with life
My affection soaring
Like the hue
Of the bloom of the plant
Whose fragrance reminds me
Of your tenderness.
2.0k · Sep 2014
No bravery
The Noose Sep 2014
A great sacrifice
Surrounded by uncertainty
Burdens and numbs

In the end
The sticky threads
Of the mundane
Seized and with no desire
I crept back into the familiar.
2.0k · May 2014
The Noose May 2014
Echoes of yesteryear’s
Blissful laughter
Fade away
As new profound
Sorrow blooms.
Disoriented in the murkiness
Of a wistful haze
Writhing in unending
Spasmodic aches

A new day is born
The mid-morning
Deceptive sunshine
Briefly kisses my skin
The sweet taste
Of what it means
To be human

The paralyzing
Feeling of unraveling
As the May icy winds whistle
Through the eucalyptus trees
Forbodes of calamity.
1.9k · Jan 2014
Sleep Paralysis
The Noose Jan 2014
Awakened mind
Body trapped
In reduced consciousness
Laying in a comatose state
Stitched to the mattress
Cannot speak
Cannot scream

Repressed hysteria
Under the weight
Of the invisible intruder
The presence
Anchoring me down
Obstructing my breathing

Dark shadows
By the chest of ****** drawers
An apparition of a bearded ******
Standing at the edge of the bed
Dark particles of fabric fill my eyes
I fight the fight
This shall not be my demise
Wake me up
I will die another day.
This horrendous phenomenon
Paranormal? Biological?
A question for the ages.
1.9k · Jan 2014
This, their hades.
The Noose Jan 2014
The stench of burning flesh and *****
Imbuing the air
Carcasses of infant demons
Putrefying in the crater
Dissected impure angels hemorrhaging
Repugnancy dominates

Floundering as they flutter their rotten wings
A profusion of worms
Falling from mouths like a cataract
Smoke coming out of their halos
No longer reigning
In this, their hades

Swollen with beasts in utero
Perpetuating abominations
Soon it will be their turn
To liquefy in the lava
1.9k · Sep 2013
The Noose Sep 2013
Swinging on a pendulum
back and forth and again and again
Forever wandering in the hallways of monotony
Paralysed by my own indecisiveness
perhaps I should pause
before I dive in.....
Into the wilderness of reality
1.8k · Mar 2016
The Noose Mar 2016
Aurora's resplendence aloft
Setting irises aglow
Ashen hazel
Erupting into stardust
Mirror of the soul drenched
In tenderness
Capturing the essence of perfection
Eyes like Jerusalem
Sublime in your bones
You bleed halcyon
Suffusing the bare with pigment

Transfixed in your delicate gaze
Fading in the kaleidoscope
Of your halo, anchored
A conduit replaying an echo
Of transient inhaled solace
A rapturous smile
Breaths life into corrupted lungs
Filling the darkest of dwellings
As though to lasso the moon
To present it at my feet
For F.  A man, whom I once loved.
1.8k · Nov 2014
Machine of repression
The Noose Nov 2014
Curb your tremble
Lest the sea catapults you
Into it's bluest of depths
1.8k · Mar 2015
The Noose Mar 2015
Baptise me
In the glow
Of your halo
Traces of euphoria
Courses through my blood
A riot in my head births
As I recall the day
You marched
Into my hollow
A magnificent tempest
That fill the pages
Of all that I write
Your words
Weaved into the intricate spaces
Of my impenetrable heart
To leave it radiating
Unimpeded adoration.
1.7k · Jan 2015
Navy Blue
The Noose Jan 2015
Murmuring rivulet
Atop a rocky terrace
Burden suffused
Dulled skies overhead
Concealing the bright white
My heart drowning
In supreme
Dystopian smog.
1.6k · Dec 2013
The Noose Dec 2013
Lucid dreaming whilst sleeping in zero gravity
Encapsulated in the realm of Nirvana
Majestic tranquility of a pilular nature
Pilular because you have "class"
Constellation of implications,
Etched on skin
We all have dabbled in tragedy.
1.5k · Oct 2014
The Noose Oct 2014
On a night like this
The veil of a perfectly
Orchestrated illusion
Slides back
Leaving an absinthal aftertaste
Streaming in my blood
The unreality feels too bare
Something sinister
Occupies the chest.
1.5k · Dec 2014
The Noose Dec 2014
Fragments of moments
That can never fuse into
Wholesome experience
Are what remains
When you depart
With the light on your back
Shards of luminescence
In your wake

I remain
In the wastelands
Of attachment
Chasing your ghost
Until I become one.
1.5k · Nov 2013
Bursts of lines
The Noose Nov 2013
As a self preservation technique
Convince yourself you lived up
To your potential then watch meaning
Seep out of the nothingness
That is your existence

Watch as who you might have been
Rapidly fade into the distance
Despite your feeble attempts
To hold on to the remnants of yourself

Look on as the maggots of hope
And revitalisation eat away
Your rotten skin
Maybe just maybe you will be perfect

Accept defeat
Open up your decaying arms
Embrace the never-ending despair

Combine your self-awareness
With your insecurity and lack of self confidence
Overanalyse yourself over and over again and again
Until you become a stranger to yourself

Express yourself in other ways than
Bursts of meaningless phrases

Live the rest of your days
Kneeling on bleeding shins
Being devoured by the  demons
You created because you cherish them sometimes

your poetry *****
You are just another broken soul
In a sea of hopelessness
The hopelessness
That which you perpetuate
It's not your fault
You'll get there
You won't always feel empty
I have faith in you
1.5k · Jan 2014
Mr rock n roll
The Noose Jan 2014
Dazzled by the sight of you
Drippin’ with blood
You always look so immaculate in red
And baby, the hopelessness in your eyes is magnetic

Your jet black hair over your baby blues
I have always been a sucker for a chap with an untamed mane
Talkin’ from the corner of your mouth
In the dead of winter
Puffing away your cigarette
Like it ain’t no thang

The way you shred can set this ******* city ablaze
Look at you Mr rock n roll
Hollowed out
Drugged up and good lookin’
You are so ****** up
It’s perfect.
Slang "poem" ?
1.5k · Dec 2013
Morphine Princess
The Noose Dec 2013
Adorable as she desperately claws her skin off
With fingernails filled with filth
Pus in her wounds
Flies buzz around the crown
Of her royal highness

Skeletons adorned with blood-red roses
Bulge out of an astronomical closet
Lies seep through her coffee stained
Razor sharp teeth
Lies like swords
That gut innards
For the final act
Of her twisted masquerade

Grandma's pearls drenched in blood
Hang loosely around her neck
As she exhibits an acidic disturbance of the mind

And yet they still lick her feet
Those imbeciles.
1.5k · Nov 2013
Existence is a burden
The Noose Nov 2013
The sun rises too soon
Morning comes like an accusation
The dawn melodies of the birds once were of a creativity
Now all they sing are emphatic repertoires of dirges, that tremble my very bone

The stillness in the air is doused in old hopes and frail dreams..
And lingering disappointment
The air is too thick...
It's asphyxiating  

Walking the halls of monotony
Forced enthusiasm is now for real

Much like a leech the mid-afternoon sun ***** the life out of your soul
So you cross your fingers and hope that existence will not make a loser of your soul
That would be the greatest tragedy

When the night comes
The leaves start falling
Happiness was never in season anyway.
1.5k · Jan 2014
The Bull
The Noose Jan 2014
Pry your clenched fist open
Let me hand you
The parts of my life
Which you think you own

Watch me as I consume
This translucent capsule
To fulfill your prophecy
Of my ruin

Beam as you observe me
Limp through life
Perhaps toss an avalanche of obstacles in my way
When the time is right
Take everything away

Hang me by my feet
Let the venom dribble out
To leave a wilted Scorpio

Display your utmost faith
In my abilities to the masses
All the while
Whispering words of dispiritment
In my ear

With you around
Life is a journey
To a concrete wall.
1.4k · Dec 2013
The Womb
The Noose Dec 2013
An agglomeration of accomplishments
Trophies enameled with false hope
And worth their weight in insignificance
They keeping piling up endlessly
Scatter them around this ice-cold structure we call home
So we can marvel at the sight of them
In our blissful illusion

Let the realism invade our psyches
To claim it’s rightful place.

Tethered to this pedestal
The highest I have ever seen
It is a long way down this precipitous *****
I want to descend
Then smash it to smithereens

Finger nails peeling off
As I scratch away at the wall
To tear it down so I can flee
Of this womb of perpetuated cloistered existence.
1.4k · Dec 2013
What's for dinner?
The Noose Dec 2013
For starters, evil eye staring contest and immaturity

For mains veggies, breast of chicken marinated in malice and verbal abuse with a side dish of silent treatment

For dessert, munching on the sliced up agony lingering in the air with a knife made from resentment

After that we'll sip on some pinot noir then argue viciously for the rest of the night.
1.4k · Dec 2014
The Noose Dec 2014
A gaggle of evergreen
Riverine woodland
Invigorating crisp air
Raging without sound
Sun's glare
Stealthily seeping
Through tree ferns
Crimson winged Turacos
Gliding overhead
Humming melodies
Of memories past
Mountain splendour
I found a pocket of nirvana
In the hollow.
1.4k · Aug 2014
Gothic Sea
The Noose Aug 2014
The pernicious burn
Of self-distrust set aflame
The gothic sea
Recalls my scent
It pursues
Like a hungry ghost
Once more immersed
In the familiar waters
Of dolour
1.4k · Dec 2013
The red woman
The Noose Dec 2013
With a heavy gait
She trampled on the heart that loved her fiercely and without  reservation

A thorn she was, disguised as a lily
To him, the prettiest of flowers
Pulling back the veil to see she was the poison gnawing at his heart

What followed was the corrosion of the love he felt for her by the ludicrous vile flavour of her deception
Her ignition of an empty flame that should have never been lit
Was nothing new
Started fires only  to leave them burning along with her paramours

Feeding off of hearts and basking in the victory of her betrayal of souls was the only thing that sustained her

The red woman in the midnight blue dress
Possessed a beauty beyond compare
With a frost covered heart
And snake scales beneath her fair skin
It was her who murdered love.
1.4k · Oct 2013
The Noose Oct 2013
I remember how the  sensations inside my head would get too much
It felt like acid was eating the inside of my brain
How I felt like I had reached the end of my road
You felt so helpless seeing me in that state
A medical mystery
This disease was having it's way with me
Science had failed me
All we could do was  kneel and pray

I remember the nights when all I could do was cry
You would check if I was still breathing as I slept
How you would literally hold my arm throughout the night
Not wanting to let me go
Facing the other side, I could sense your fear of losing me
Your daughter
I was slipping away

Mum, do you remember the drives we took to take my mind off it all?
Lazy afternoons, the sun burning and us feeling completely deleted by it
Playing the song "Conspiracy" on a loop
The line “explain to me this conspiracy against me” spoke volumes to me
What had I done to deserve such an illness
You hated that song but it grew on you and it became our song
well... at least I'd like to make myself believe

Closure I never got
There was never a diagnosis, it went away on it's own
The cruelty of it
Now I live in the confines of fear
what if it comes back again?
I fear I would not have the strength to fight it

I can still smell the inside of the hospital, which had become my second home
I can still taste the  medication on my tongue
The pills I got fed, do you remember?
How they sent me off the rails
How I grew dependent

It has been 2 years since I "healed"
Convinced I left a piece of myself back there
I'll never get that part of me back.
I am not even supposed to be here
Saved by grace.
1.4k · Nov 2014
Vermilion Anguish (part II)
The Noose Nov 2014
Regret slithering in
Toxic waste
Sitting on my lungs
Truth corroding convictions
Suffering for my ideals
Stifled screams drowning out
In the aftermath
As vermilion trickles
From the vacant heart.

Bathed in vermilion anguish

Hollowing out the delusive notions

From the catacombs of the mind

Ensnared in the quagmire

Of disgruntlement

Pulling an endless string

From the throat.

1.4k · Jul 2014
The Fallen
The Noose Jul 2014
Once they were remembered
As beauteous blue-eyed angels
Who assiduously
Served the creator
Once thought of as the holy ones
Who shone the brightest
Free will and they chose evil
The fallen and their father
Whose actions
Gave way to torment
All the unpardonable sins
They committed
In the age
When atrocity prevailed

Now all they seek
Is retribution
Sparse and angry
Gliding in the skies
With rayless halos
And ruptured wings
Listen as God cries
At what has become
Of his creation.
This was my first stab at this kind of poetry/writing. Posted it a few months back, tweaked it a bit and posting it again.
1.3k · Jan 2014
Skeleton Key
The Noose Jan 2014
The visitant frequenting
The dreams of my slumber
In the hours of darkness
Appeared yet again

His face was obscured
By dazzling luminous colours
His aura bled

Deep in the trenches of my viscera
I feel as though
I have been breathless
For a thousand lifetimes
Awaiting his arrival

Hypnotised by the mystique
I felt his soul converge with mine
The phantasma I adore
The skeleton key opening me.
1.3k · May 2015
The Noose May 2015
Darling, your face is my favourite
The afterglow of eventide
Flashing golden brown
On your cheek
Pulsating vibrancy
Infusing placidity,
Into my anarchy suffused heart
My very being awash in tenderness
That which you exhale
Darling, you are my most indulgent narcotic
1.3k · Dec 2013
Son nom est Liliosa
The Noose Dec 2013
Not much observation is required
To recognise that the only thing epic about her is her sadness
Which she wears well
Like a snug cardigan
Severe disregard for life varied with an intense desire to thrive not just survive
A tragic paradox

Her repetitive nature is aggravating
All who have listened have, absorbedly
Offered advice which she blatantly declined to take
The saga is getting old and tiresome
They tell her to see the light, curse the dark, and the shadows that  hover over her
They expect their words to make all the difference
And she would skip away with a smile and new found appreciation for life and all it has to offer

Riddled with guilt
She feels accountable for the pain inflicted on others by her actions
Harbouring the guilt that eats and never dies
Forever harbouring the guilt

A desperate "poet"
Finding tranquility from linking words
To form sentences, a poem
To express and create some form of art
Seeking ecstasy
Through purging of emotions

A confused little girl
Who is not so little anymore
The years are violently adding up
Though young
The sand through the hour glass is running out
Growth of the self stunted by sickness of the mind
Ricocheting from the remainder of classic teen-angst to the inevitable adult crash

All of the achievements
Do not mean anything if she cannot feel it
Looking at pictures that hang above the fire place
Her teeth indicate she is smiling
Her eyes do not
She is not really here
She could be anywhere
Not sure about this one.
1.3k · Mar 2014
10 words.
The Noose Mar 2014
The burn

of the smoldering

embers of deceit

is eternal.
1.3k · Apr 2014
The Gallows
The Noose Apr 2014
Gaze away at the iridescent Cemetery sunrise
While harbouring anger
From previous lifetimes
The seeds of petty discontent  bloomed into a field of sorrow
In it lies a path
That meanders through
Tracing the origins of tragedy
And leading back to the womb

Memories of October
When you were highly favoured
Are etched on your skin
Like old scars
Brought back from war

You dissolve in the shadows
Of the light shines upon them all
Always the forgotten

Struck with two little arrows
Is your heart in your hands
Always in your trembling hands

Your resolve wore thin
Safe as houses no more
No longer will you bury yourself
beneath these sins
The flood of aftereffect
Is corroding what remains
When the time comes
I will stand on the gallows
Beside you.
1.3k · Feb 2014
Image representing the self
The Noose Feb 2014
An image representing me

Would be a fading silhouette

Under darkening cobalt blue skies

Fragrant blossomings falling
From magnolia trees


Leaving etchings of footsteps
On the terrain

Vermilion hues illuminating
As I go.
What image would represent you?
1.3k · Feb 2015
The Noose Feb 2015
Ecstasy seeped into vena
The purloin of senses
The profuse thud of a heart
On edge
Igniting bedlam
Doused in consequence
Of a shattery bliss.*

Vena - veins (Latin)
1.3k · Jan 2014
Vermilion Anguish
The Noose Jan 2014
Bathed in vermilion anguish

Hollowing out the delusive notions

From the catacombs of the mind

Ensnared in the quagmire

Of disgruntlement

Pulling an endless string

From the throat.
1.2k · Jan 2014
The Noose Jan 2014
The uncontrolled seasons of regurgitation
Kneeling to a devilish god
Sacred that shove

Utmost devotion to the abhorrent ritual
A cult of one
In the name my lord perfection : exquisitely emaciated

Romanticising arrhythmic heart beats
Glamourising protruding hip bones
Deeming them elegant
Poetising the lethargy
All the while being fully cognisant
Of simple truth
Perfection is six feet under

Lime coloured porcelain
Anxious ****** expression
The uncontrolled seasons of regurgitation
Will it ever end.
1.2k · Feb 2014
Bloodied sleeve
The Noose Feb 2014
His advances are doused
In ludicrous intensity
And devastating emotion
A sufferer tethered
To puppet strings
Clutching on to the hem of my dress
Consuming each word I say

And I,
Do not care for him
1.2k · Feb 2014
Crucify me, Captain
The Noose Feb 2014
Every abrasion
Is a souvenir from the edge
Forever pairing the glass of red
With melancholy
Place the pitiable ruins of this ephemeral vivacity
Through the shredder
Go forth and breeze through life
Never mind the dagger
In my back
Cast a shadow on my existence
Crucify me, captain.
"There is a certain clinical
satisfaction in seeing just how bad things can get" - Plath
1.2k · Nov 2013
Soon the rain
The Noose Nov 2013
Soon the rain will fall and
you will empty the jars of tears you collected to wash away with the debris.

Soon the rain will fall and wash away the melancholy the atmosphere is drenched in

As you watch the rain drops dance the pitter patter will remind you of a joyful period, forgotten memories shrouded by years of self-destruction

The rain will erase the ruin... the decay that surrounds you

No longer will you breath in devastation The scent of the mixture  of rain and dust will give you back life, light, and purpose

The black flower will bloom
A celebration of a new deviation
Restructuration of faith once deconstructed

Your humanity is not gone
There is hope for you yet, a tiny spark that will burst into flames and you will shine the brightest

Soon the rain will fall on your skin and it will erase the sadness in your bones.
1.2k · Nov 2014
The Noose Nov 2014
Aimless wander
In the unfathomed depths
I drove into the walls of truth
Disentangled my mind
From the imprudent rationalisation
Of the subjective.
1.2k · Oct 2014
The Noose Oct 2014
In the company of undiluted sadness
She vomits verses upon verses
Swathes emotion
In amassed bundles of metaphor
Chokes on truth
Squeezes out the blood
For the sake of creation
Perhaps a cure
For the feeling

Silent screaming
Traversing the precarious
Corridors of her mind
The ricochet of sound
Awakening the repressed
Opening the floodgates of
The repugnant murk
The face of her darkness
She knows not its name
Or how it found her.
1.2k · Apr 2014
The Noose Apr 2014
Hands pressed on chest
Trying to contain
A thunderous heartbeat

What will gather
Inside my door
Come daybreak?

The drums of terror
beat the loudest.
1.2k · Apr 2016
The Noose Apr 2016
Impending doom reeks
Of a stench I cannot erase
Enswathed in condensed
Dithery smog
A chasm sighs open
As vast as the blue
In which I submit
To the pull of the tide
Without sound
Fade into ether

Fathomless sentiment
Lingers in the trenches
Of a vacuous chest cavity
Devouring what remains
This freezing flame
Beneath skin,
Seething mercury
The wordless ache
Contained in the belly's pit.
1.1k · Feb 2014
Tabula rasa
The Noose Feb 2014
Those who fight,
When memories of a tainted past
Collide with fear of the future
Finding themselves wishing
They were oblivious
To certain  things
If not everything
To obliterate that which
They are privy to
From their core
For their psyches
To be a blank slate
To be written
And re-written
By their own hand

" To author their own souls"
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