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I miss the time
When I had to fall
Only the body felt aching
Not to involve the love of mine

I miss the time
That I only broke my arm
When there's nothing to do
With heart or mind

I miss the time
When I had bunch of candies
Better way of possessing the sweets
Rather than receiving promises

I miss the time
When I lost mine
Teeth would be the ones
Not a number of people's gones

I miss the time
When everything was simple
All the memory was fun
Like my childhood time

I miss the time*
Of my old times
Wondering sometime
Again, it comes

(June 2016)
  May 2016 Nurseto Kidung
Keith Wilson
He  stays  with  us  in  winter  storms
And  when  the  garden's  bleak
He  hops  around  in  sleet  and  hail
Appearing  pale  and  weak.

But  once  the  days  begin  to  lengthen
And  the  worst  of  winter's  gone
He  perches  high  up  in  a  tree
And  begins  his  joyful  song.

Keith  Wilson.  Windermere.  UK.  2016.
Nurseto Kidung May 2016
I remember,
there was a time;
the triumph for our kind
when we were still fine:
a heaven-sent rhyme.

I remember,
there was a time;
when our rhyme
was no more
than a yore: heaping
our seams of bore.

I remember,
the heaven-sent rhyme
that was, is now no more;
for neither you nor me
can never leave love be.
(*) inspired by Ludovico Einaudi's "Ancora" (2014)
Nurseto Kidung May 2016
The night was sallow,
shrieking out of our sorrow.
The moon saw us collide:
we were trapped in our pride.

The moon did not consent
when she lulled us to sleep.
While we were fast asleep,
she wept to our vast dissent.
Nurseto Kidung May 2016
I landed upon your arm,
a pixie rose; misery sung.
I could barely hear the wailing
of the dreams you were veiling.

I dare you not, my dear,
to cast a void in these ears;
hampering my tears
from your forlorn seals.
(*) inspired by Bohumil Kubišta's "Polibek smrti" (1912)

— The End —