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Sep 3 · 245
JoyAndPain Sep 3
I Am So Tired
I Can Never Fall Asleep
Im In Bed, Eyes Closed
i have insomnia and it ***** bigtime.
Sep 3 · 629
JoyAndPain Sep 3
A Nice Soft Blanket
Coating Everything I See
A Soothing Shadow
#darkness #haiku
Mar 15 · 63
JoyAndPain Mar 15
debt is worth opportunity and chance,
infused with exceptions and doubts.
my history teacher asked what was worth going into debt for. this was my response.
Mar 11 · 164
JoyAndPain Mar 11
cold water
flowing fast
carrying leaves
animals drinking
others hunting
going forever
never ends
not until
the ocean
Mar 11 · 43
what is life
JoyAndPain Mar 11
if i were to define life
i would say

its a bunch of questions
where? when? why? how?

its all those choices
this, that, you, me.

its the breath you breathe.
in, out, in, out

its the thought you give.
love, joy, compasion, symapthy.

it is amazing and wonderfull
dont let it ever let it go. ever.
Mar 10 · 45
JoyAndPain Mar 10
the little wooden sticks
able to hold fire in its hands
will burn to ashes eventually
so it sets something else on fire
before it dies.
this can be interpreted two diferent ways. something good and something bad.
Mar 10 · 61
red, orange, blue
JoyAndPain Mar 10
red, orange, blue
rose, apricot, sky or
love, giddy, and calm
is it red, is it orange, or is it blue
what the heck is this? Lol.
Mar 10 · 178
twenty-four bugs.
JoyAndPain Mar 10
twenty-four, twenty-four, twenty-four bugs.
tiny bugs, a bit smug, evil ones, crushed.
little heads, smaller legs, concrete beds, dead.
twenty-four, twenty-four, twenty-four bugs.
Mar 10 · 63
mechanical breathing
JoyAndPain Mar 10
mechanical breathing
in, out, in, in again, out
trying to stay calm
atempting to steady my lungs.
Feb 26 · 53
dew drops
JoyAndPain Feb 26
when the sun comes up
when the birds start singing
i like to go outside
and count all the dewdrops
on the tulips in the garden
and wonder what its thinking
does it like my company?
or would it rather be alone
and look at the sun?
Feb 26 · 165
little monster
JoyAndPain Feb 26
there is a little monster that is with me everyday.
the monster made me feel sad and hurt.
the little monster didnt like me much.
i spent so much time with it it became a part of me.

the little monster made me feel aufull but i kept him.
i kept him close to my heart.
the little monster was a part of me after all.
i would be nothing without it.

the little monster was nibbling away at my soul.
someone asked me if i was fine.
i didnt feel fine but, i knew i would be.
i told them i was alright because i was.

the little monster almost desroyed me completly
but then i reilized that the little monster was not a part of me
but it had already dug into me deep enough
i couldn't get it out by myself.

so i asked for help.
it was so so so very hard.
i went to them and i told them i wasnt alright.
stumbling through my words as the little monster tried to cut my tounge.

but i did it.
they got me someone to help me reach down
and pull out that monster inside of me.
finaly after being locked up, i was free.

i could come back someday.
but not today.
today i am happy.
today i am free.
so, this is actualy a very true story. it was very very dificult and terifying to ask for help but i was able too eventualy. anyone reading this that needs help, you can do it.
Feb 26 · 44
rain in the spring
JoyAndPain Feb 26
small puddles form
on the ground with each drop.

the sky cries and the children run outside
to play in the mud.

You look out and count
the splashes on the window

one, two, three, four, five ... lightning,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. thunder sounds.

the children run inside and look out the window.
it is raining in the spring.
lol. def not my best work. but not my worst either. gosh my poems are bad lol.
Feb 26 · 38
roses in the winter
JoyAndPain Feb 26
The snow crunches underneath your feet.
the wind wipps past your face;

Your ears turn pink
and your lips are chapped;

You walk into the garden,
everything is dead;

Except one thing.
roses in the winter.
i tried
Feb 24 · 249
JoyAndPain Feb 24
i opened your file
and what i saw
was diferent than what i expected;

i saw that you were
sad, pained,
angry, confused;

i turned the page.
you were suffering,
afraid, and alone;

i looked at your photo,
it was diferent than the you i knew,
you looked terified and sad;

i printed a new sheet of paper.
it said that i would be your friend.
that i would be your friend no matter what;

i fastened the new page in the folder
cautiosly, caringly,
with a paperclip.
sorry if i spelled anything wrong.
Feb 24 · 50
lluvia en la primavera
JoyAndPain Feb 24
pequenos charcos se acumulan en el
suelo con cada gota;

el cielo llora y los ninos corren afuera
para jugar en el barro;

miras hacia afuera y cuentas las
sapicaduras en la ventana;

uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco... rayos...
seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. suena el trueno;

los ninos corren dentro y miran por
la ventana;

esta lloviendo en la primavera.
please ecuse the missing accents and such. put through google translate. wrote this for spainish class.
JoyAndPain Feb 4
Ten little soldier boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were nine.

Nine little soldier boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight little soldier boys traveling in Devon;
One said he’d stay there and then there were seven.

Seven little soldier boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

Six little soldier boys playing with a hive;
A bumble bee stung one and then there were five.

Five little soldier boys going in for law;
One got in chancery and then there were four.

Four little soldier boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little soldier boys walking in the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little soldier boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little soldier boy left all alone;
He went and hanged himself and then there was none.
This is not an original poem. it was written by Frank Green in 1869
i found it in a book called "And then there were none." it is very good. i recomend it. if you want to know it is about 10 people who are stuck on an island called soldier island after being tricked into going. one by one there are all **** by a madman disquised as a guest. ther is a lot more to the story but i dont want to spoil it.
Jan 23 · 55
JoyAndPain Jan 23
i lie in bed. 9:00
i listin to music. 9:05
music turns off. 9:30
i close my eyes. 9:35
i open them again. 9:50
i get water. 10:00
i lie back down. 10:10
i close my eyes. 10:15

i cant sleep.

i fall asleep. 12:00
i dream. 12:30
i dream. 1:00
i dream. 2:00
i dream. 3:00
i dream. 4:00
i dream. 5:00
i wake up. 6:00
i go to school. 7:20
i lie in bed. 9:00

Nov 2020 · 324
crunchy penutbuter
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
chrunchy munchy penutbutter.
creamy candy cats complement.
can he candy the crunchy penutbuter.
cup of cruchy penutbeter.
cost 3 dollars. count them please.
crunchy munchy penutbuter.
penutbuter lol. idk what i was doing. lol. :)
Nov 2020 · 317
skin color doesnt matter.
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
it doent matter the color of your skin.
we all look the same on the inside.
mostly red.
Nov 2020 · 588
brain dead.
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
my brain is dead.
i cant think straight
my head is blank.
i cant do stuff.

i am an idiot sometimes.
what have i done?
why did i eat that
gross almond joy?

i dont like almond joys.
Nov 2020 · 434
poem meme
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
roses are red
my name is not dave
this makes no sence
this is not my own. search memes about poems on google and click images and you should find it.
Nov 2020 · 137
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
the poem is ours.
ours to write.
it is mine to keep.
mine to treat.

the poem is like my child.
dont want to let them go.
i wright them and love them.
and i want them to grow.

when asked why i wrote them
im not always sure.
its made from emotion
from my ever turning soul.

but i love my poem
no mater my heart.
my pen is on paper.
geting ready to start.
i love all my poems. even if they aren that good.
Nov 2020 · 121
ill do what i want.
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
i am wearing the same thing two days in a row
why do you care? its cute though.
i like this shirt and jeans a lot.
i wish to wear them before they get washed.
this is a consonance. :)
Nov 2020 · 414
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
have you ever been bored?
and just look at the sky?
have you ever been bored?
and asked yourself why?

have you ever beed bored?
and should you ever even try?
have you ever been bored?
and were to tired to cry?

have you ever been bored?
and done something weird?
have you ever been bored?
and try to grow a beard?

if you've ever been bored,
you know its a pain.
if youve ever been bored
you know it comes from the brain.

i've been bored,
how about you?
cuz if you've been bored.
i have too.
if you can guess i was bored when i wrote this and this is one of my better poems.
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
have you seen the dark of night?
the shadows that lurk closer?
the eyes that follow your every move?
the cold dread in the air?

have you seen the flower bloom?
it withers until it is black as black.
it releases the spirit.
it haunts you forever and ever.

have you seen the glowing eyes?
they are in the dark.
they are in the shadows.
they are everywhere you look.
they make you afraid.

have you seen the shadow woman?
i lost her.
i just felt like writing something scary. happy Halloween! :)
hope u enjoy!
Nov 2020 · 118
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
its okay if im not
your favorite chapter
that you wrote.
i just hope you smile
when you flip through
the pages i was in.
i dont ever know what to put here
Nov 2020 · 281
wait for it.
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
listen up
this is important
dont ignore me
just listen

it is very importand
life or death.
if you dont listen
i will be very angry.

this will save my life
are you listening?

now go get me some chocolate.
got to love me some chocolate!
Nov 2020 · 99
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
isn't it strange how something
so sweet, so delicious, so comforting,
can ultimitly leave you to rot.
im not just talking about sugar.
Nov 2020 · 59
JoyAndPain Nov 2020
the world is full of idiots.
even I'm an idiot sometimes.
but I'm an idiot that wants to help.
because even idiots can wear masks.
WEAR YOUR MASKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— The End —