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Oct 2020 · 107
Danielle L Cook Oct 2020
i might be done writing here forever.

i'll miss you.
a note for really just one.
Jul 2020 · 249
Danielle L Cook Jul 2020
flawed, like a broken vase
beautiful, like the golden cracks on her face
spoiled, like her flowers left to die
forgotten, like just another moment lost in time
feeling all sorts of ways tonight
Jul 2020 · 63
update no one asked for
Danielle L Cook Jul 2020
therapist wasn't for me
feel like screaming in this posh upper class neighborhood
talk to me like a human not a skittish animal on the attack
bought a pretty umbrella to feel better
Jul 2020 · 908
Danielle L Cook Jul 2020
i'm a crownless queen
left to wander the wastes
searching for a princess
with whom i can replace
if your damaged and just out of a relationship, allow me to make you feel worse by first pretending to make you better
Jun 2020 · 1.4k
snow cover
Danielle L Cook Jun 2020
the snow lays thick

atop the dirt

frozen wastelands

ruined earth
Silence is Violence against the lives of the oppressed. This link is so helpful for educating yourself, its easy to use, please just take one minute to check it out.
Jun 2020 · 1.3k
please read this all.
Danielle L Cook Jun 2020
i don't have a poem, but a plea.

hello poetry is an escape from real life for a lot of us, me included, but real life needs us right now.

the #blacklivesmatter movement is louder than ever and if you're not a person of color, or if you are but you also benefit from the system in place that depends on the destruction of black and brown people, now is your time to stand up.

stand with those at the protests, use your voice, your platform, your privilege to raise up your fellow black voices. and educate yourself on whats going on if you haven't already, because this is just the beginning.

this is global now. all over the world people in countries like UK, Germany, Canada, and many others are taking to the streets in a peaceful protest of the ****** of Georgoe Floyd, and so so many other Black men and women. a protest of the blatent police brutality in cities all over the world, brutality that mainly targets black skinned and brown skinned people. a protest for real honest ******* change, that will ripple through country to country.

this is a revolution. do not be silent.

go out and protest if you can. donate to the georgefloyd gofundme, to the bail outs for the protesters who were wrongfully arrested. spread awareness where you can. lift up black and other poc voices, and don't give up.
our words are so powerful, this site has proven that for so many of us, so lets use them for good
May 2020 · 1.3k
Danielle L Cook May 2020
i'm white, my skin is just pale enough that if you squint just right you can't even see the brown lying underneath.
i'm white, and i feel my privilege like a vice around my wrists, holding me hostage in my fantasy that i just wasn't made for this activist ****.
but i'm not like those white oppressors, because i don't believe as they do; silence is a form of oppression, so guess what that makes you?
i am guilty of closing my eyes so often i may as well be blind, and holy ******* **** THIS HAS HAPPENED TOO MANY TIMES!
we all know at this point that justice isn't being served, and you've surely heard the terms, reactionary solidarity it means we as the privileged only care when the oppressed scream so loud we hear them across the seas, see their smoke signals above the trees, when mothers and sisters on crying on their knees
i don't know what else to say. educate yourselves, your friends, and even your racist aunt karen. donate to the people on the ground fighting. record anything you see. use your voice and if you're white or white-passing like i am go to protests and use your body to shield your poc brothers and sisters because tbh we are farrrr less likely to be targeted by police when things escalate. be safe and hold yourself acountable. i really really want to do that myself, i am honestly disgusted with my past behaviour and i'm taking steps to be a real ally.

Text FLOYD to 55156, its like a petition their going to use to take George Floyds murderers to justice.
May 2020 · 755
true sight
Danielle L Cook May 2020
i taste ashes on my tongue
my will drained like wine
on a wednsday night

i still feel so numb
my motivation dies like vines
left to wither with no light
this is a warning to my future self, but it also feels like dejavu
May 2020 · 301
innocence is a joke
Danielle L Cook May 2020
she was a good christian girl; long brown hair, never dyed, with pretty brown eyes that only wore makeup on Sundays; her 'only God can judge us' attitude a red balloon in a bare room where people didn't really understand her conviction.

he was not in the prediction; bad boy streak with brows pierced and arms inked, he smelled of cigarette smoke and broken dreams and everything she wasn't allowed to be; she liked it.
she turned away from Him for him, exchanged forever for temporary sin.

no one is devoted forever, everyone can be swayed to visit the other side.
Mar 2020 · 636
dry spell
Danielle L Cook Mar 2020
there is no poetry inside me
my veins have been bled dry
my heart once soaked is empty
without poetry i might die
i dont want to die, but i wouldnt mind already being dead
Mar 2020 · 481
stay woke
Danielle L Cook Mar 2020
the trees are burning
and the worlds a turning
toilet paper cannot be found

we're sick of the struggle
we stay in and snuggle
pray we make it safe and sound
i'm scared of a lot rn and how i am going to pay my rent and bills is definitely top of the list as my work has shutdown :( stay safe everyone, wash your hands and stay inside if you can. we all have a part to play.
Mar 2020 · 726
Danielle L Cook Mar 2020
poetry comes easy
when i'm at my most queasy
when my heart is still trying to heal

emotions are not friends
they'll turn on you in the end
overwhelm you until you don't know what to feel
i don't know what to write. i don't know if i have anything to write.
Mar 2020 · 180
Danielle L Cook Mar 2020
there's a lot on my mind and not a lot of ways to say it
to say exploding from within would be an understatement
repeat after me: we're okay, we're okay.
Feb 2020 · 416
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
like a poisonous flower
you could never tell
that the brightness without
did darkness dwell
Feb 2020 · 208
bad date
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
i'll temporarily make my home in your bed
i'll live inside your head

until we're both dead
read into it
Feb 2020 · 407
ocean breeze
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
and like the ocean tides
that drift lazily away,
i look upon his face;
he makes sunny all my days,

and like a flower in the wind
with petals dancing on the breeze,
everything is him,
and through him i can be me.
Feb 2020 · 323
arctic block
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
i'm tongue tied and pretty out of it
i wish i could care even a little bit
my heart feels like northern nunavut
it's like frozen for the fun of it
there's no flow, just frozen words i chip into again and again
Feb 2020 · 334
starlit daydreams
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
starlight dimensions
shine brilliantly tonight
but they're not alright
even starlight needs time to shut off
Feb 2020 · 413
melt down
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
words barely flow, the rivers of my mind are dry
my heart has too many emotions all vying to die
on a page in my notebook, or as code on your screens
but the drought is severe so they stay put in my dreams
this was a different poem with the same title but I didn't like it so it'll live in my head instead. what even are words, structure who? ugh.
Feb 2020 · 161
time is moving too fast
Danielle L Cook Feb 2020
to the girl who still hasn't taken a shower
because it hurts to be clean and still feel so ***** inside

who spends all her money on the things she hates about herself
and wonders why she can't stop

i wonder why i can't stop
i feel like a broken clock.
Jan 2020 · 563
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
your eyes lock on hers, her sparkle fades the grey
bringing back the colors that were stolen yesterday
her laugh is really nice, so you think of things to say
all the while praying that she might feel the same
that new type of feeling
Jan 2020 · 150
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
the burdens weigh heavy,
and women cry in the streets,
this is a world broken by many,
one where children don't eat.
the downtrodden are giving up,
men dream of war in their sleep,
the one percent are ******,
and it all weighs on me.
i'm in my feelings tonight
going to a club for the first time
hope i don't die

update; anxiety got the better of me
didn't go and look, i'm still alive
Jan 2020 · 286
cloudy winter mornings
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
i want him like i want the sun; mornings are better when i wake up with him.
Jan 2020 · 189
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
my brain feels like a weight is slowly crunching me within
my outsides are getting louder
i can hear my heartbeat above the din
freaking out isn't fun, especially alone.

i tend to bottle up my needs until i explode.
Jan 2020 · 103
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
this morning was a cold one
it seeped into my bones
my heart is numb
i'm nearly done
the winds echo in my soul
i'm disappointed this morning
Jan 2020 · 611
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
the way that the sun
sets the world a-fire,

it's my only desire,
to be touched by his light
sun so hot it'll melt your popsicles
Jan 2020 · 377
modern love
Danielle L Cook Jan 2020
modern and clean-
a minimalists approach
He nods in agree-
ment and takes off his coat
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
loneliness is a drug best taken in the company of others
when love is felt with numb hearts and laughter reaches the ears of the deaf
take it slow over the course of many days so as to not alert your sisters and brothers
until finally one day there's nothing left
if a young woman screams her anguish in a forest and no one is around to hear it was she ever really in pain
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
she's done so many things she never thought she could do. she's loved herself more than ever before, and yet, the revulsion when she looks in the mirror has never felt so true.
2019 has been a ride i never want to go on again.
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
he said to the girl,
you're all that i need
just get down on your knees
he said,
pretty, please
Dec 2019 · 284
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
look within yourself
you'll be surprised
at what you find
with clearer eyes
you'll see the truth
of who's inside
that precious soul
you'll no longer hide
my horoscope said to do some introspection, that a positive change is underway, and i believe it, so i will.
Dec 2019 · 349
nights lost
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
losing sleep to the skies at night
i whisper wishes on the winds to the moons light
tired x
Dec 2019 · 266
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
happiness is
a heartbeat away
don't let simple minds
lead you astray
live in your moments
smile through the day
you are something special
God's gift to this place
law of attraction
Nov 2019 · 301
sea shells
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
sea shell girl lost in the waves
she went out to play and was missing for days
no one really noticed her where she was laid
a little sea shell crack littered her face
feeling lost myself
Nov 2019 · 729
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
he said it was lust
that took over his brain
he said he was sorry
for causing me pain
he said that hes done
and it wont happen again
he said this all last time
its just part of a game
darker side of my thoughts warn me not to believe him, to fear and feel insecure, but thats not love.. and i want to believe him.
Nov 2019 · 239
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
he doesnt get it, how do i tell him i think about if hes talking to her specifically at least once a day, if not more, knowing full well he will in fact talk to her at least one of those days, and knowing that he will try to ignore the excitement but ultimately it would fill him and he will again wonder how far he can take it? i'm laying in his arms but hes not holding me, a star fish sleeper, the best time to confirm every voice screaming in my head is right, and theyre right, and i can feel the distance between us like a sickness in my veins, and he can feel it too but he wont open his eyes to the truth of why this distance keeps us at odds. i'm ******* tired. so is he. the difference is, i dont sleep.
*** k

read it fast
Nov 2019 · 261
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
he doesnt seem to get it
how every letter cuts too deep
the timestamps tell the story
his heart is on his sleeve
he reaches out in isolation
he fears one day i'll leave
while all the while it is he
pulling further away from me
is it love if i'm ready for heartbreak everyday?
Nov 2019 · 236
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
the voices keep getting louder
the wall comes up too slow
there is no divison between us
her words are now my own
fighting yourself is tiring. i just want peace.
Nov 2019 · 596
no one
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
there's no one quite like it
the voice in your head
it tells you you're pretty
than tells you you're dead
there for you in silence
there for all the pain
it picks up the pieces
it cut out of your brain
sick with the flu and gotta wake up at 6 am.
Nov 2019 · 143
Danielle L Cook Nov 2019
my body shivers from the pleasure
my heart breaks at the thought
my sin takes me whenever
my morals shot
i use to believe
i was dancing on a thin rope
now i know i was only ever ensnared
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