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6d · 78
i can cut you out
like a cancer
consuming my heart

but that doesn't mean
i'll forget you
and everything you are
6d · 204
in my time away
i've been thinking
if love is love
why am i sinking
under the weight
of loving him
or am i dragging myself under the waves of pain, helpless

if i didn't i would float up and away, alone
Feb 4 · 123
it's kinda sad now really,
that such a fleeting feeling,
can mean so much the moment that it fades

and i'm really quite agreeing,
to the words that could be meaning,
that it's up to me whether I choose to go or stay
i choose to stay
Jan 22 · 164
in the loudest moments my truth whispers
to silence the noise of a voice
that only does me harm
i wont listen
i'm okay
Jan 22 · 149
and in the quiet i hear him
mumbling his truth

i don't love you
but i love him
Jan 20 · 116
milk & honey
soft off-white pages,
velvet leather spine,
wrapped in cloths of silk,
with edges, gold inlined
i want to publish just one book,
a book of poems; a really *fine* book of poems

'milk and honey' by rupi kuar is a good poetry book btw check it out
Jan 20 · 93
winter sisters
its the lightening strikes in the dead of winter
snaking down my spine

its every blistering wind howling in the night
there's still one and a half months left
Jan 19 · 217
my dominos are all lined up
and waiting for the drop
always the drop
Jan 17 · 69
its those cutesy rhymes
always in time
to shred my shriveled soul

all those pretty words
left unheard
may as well rake me through the coals
title unrelated
Jan 17 · 67
so might make a second account that's anon and just write the most foul **** in my mind there? is that better than posting it here-- not even up for debate actually my friends and s.o. read this **** from time to time so even though i'm pretty good at subtle imagery the most ****** up thoughts i have just can't be twisted into blooming flowers and ocean waves so.. you'll never know if its me or not but i'll definitely know if you find me.
putting this out there
Jan 17 · 143
mascara running like painted lines down my face
almost like i did it on purpose
almost because i did
i keep it short even though i have a lot more to say

lowkey because i actually **** at poetry and this enables me to mask that factiod
Jan 9 · 266
the sun does rise every morning,
just as it sets every night
the bad times have passed me by, and now
the sun ushers in the light
goodnigh t
Jan 8 · 86
dreams are just dreams
until they mean something
promises are just words
until they're broken
your heart is just an *****
beating inside your chest
until one day you find it's left
behind a gaping hole
your dream the night before
now foreboding
i'm tired, but dreaming has become less fun
Jan 4 · 67
I didn't use to get the expression
I have functioning depression
because I never use to do anything
i love a lot. i still want to die.
Jan 4 · 195
I know the moments fleeting
this sick and awful feeling..
I know, but it still makes it hard to breathe
Jan 3 · 125
eyes half shut and
lips parted
his sweet loving
my tongue

my lips are numb
someone remind me to not die
Jan 3 · 151
I was wrong
love has conditions
one of them is to please
not tease

can breathe
I'm doing it wrong
its like he /hates/ me when my mouth is full of words instead of ***
Dec 2018 · 324
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
I tell myself I'm better, the best I've ever been!
then why do I still feel the same?
a stranger in my skin,

I've lost all will live, deserted my wishes to the wind.
I know in ways it's not so bad,
but who am I to win?

I tell myself I'm better, at least the best I'll ever get.
because when things go up,
they come back down,

and by then I'll be dead I bet.
not worried about it
Dec 2018 · 164
its late isnt it
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
I feel alone in my sorrows
like no matter how many times,
you can't possibly understand
because you're too good at being you,
while I'm stuck being me
and the unfairness of it leaves me feeling lost
I don't want to make you feel as I do,
no I just wish there was a way I could show you
help you see clearly inside my heart
I know it can be dark in there but
who else can I show myself to if not you?
I need help
I feel sick

are you?
hmm.. trauma is a good word for it, no?
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
close your eyes and dream a dream
a dream of all the pretty things

a dream of hope and revelry
a dream for you and your fantasies
shadows dancing in the dark
Dec 2018 · 318
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
things may come and go but one thing stays the same
your love as constant as my own
growing stronger every day
written in grey
Dec 2018 · 78
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
it tells me no one loves me
that they wish i would go home
it tells me home is no where
and i'm better off alone
freezing in a alley
lost somewhere out there
away from all the people that
lie when they say they care
it tells me that im ****
the reason for their stares
it tells me i'll amount to nothing
and dont i ever dare
dream of some day leaving
the voices far behind
because they're the only ones
who will never tell me lies
i do my best not to listen
Dec 2018 · 74
have i told you
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
have I told you how it hurts
how the pain never fades
how every remark from your lips
keeps adding to my shame
have I told you how I hate
every word from your tongue
that whipsers her name
and every her to come
have I told you I'm broken
every day a new repair
how I'm trying to fix me
how its impossible with her there
Dec 2018 · 72
close call
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
this life is fleeting,
this is know
life is short
and goes by slow
in the moments when
your life's at stake
it's shorter still,
make no mistake
so cherish each breathe,
take it all in
feel every moment,
every smile, every kiss
because no matter how careful,
no matter how good
everyone is the same
in that anything could..

I think something bad could have happened last night, thank god it didn't but it was close..
Dec 2018 · 247
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
i'm flying free
from your suffocating grasp
finally free at last
Dec 2018 · 102
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
i'm too young to be old, yet too old for this ****,
try me at a later date and we'll see what you get,
a smile and a good word, or an insult and the bird,
i'm tired of these silly games, now **** outta here girl
off to bed and mildly still upset

already over it
Dec 2018 · 104
its new to me
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
how can I be angry;
who is there

to blame?
Dec 2018 · 484
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
i write sins not tragedies, i'm a sinner not a masterpiece
it's funnier in my head
Dec 2018 · 89
off to work
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
a lot of ****
has me ****** up
rn but

steadily I'm
getting through
should i go anon?
Dec 2018 · 143
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
a friend I cannot hug, hold, or comfort much in any way
she's been hurting for so long and I'm really quite afraid
that the pain will be too much and soon there will come a day
I log in and see my friend is gone, lost to all her pain..
she says she's strong, she's been through so much..
she's been wearing out, crumbles at any touch..
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
You're nice,
Not just nice, but really caring,
Risky of me to say, but I'm daring,
Cause no boy,
Not just a boy,
No man wants to hear that he's nice.

You're giving,
Not just rarely, but always giving,
Even without thinking, just always willing,
To me,
Not just to me,
But everyone we know.

Your diplomatic,
Not just fair, but really clever,
Easily bringing people back together,
With reason,
Not just what you say,
But your whole attitude.

Your understanding,
Not just patient, but calming and gentle,
Even when everyones going a bit mental,
Not just everyone,
But mainly me.

I'm selfish,
Spoilt and moody and causing trouble,
Been living in my own little bubble,
For long,
Not just long,
But forever before I met you.

But you're nice
So perfect, it makes me look at me,
And re-evaluate the way I want to be,
Not just better,
But more like you.
I saved this at some point like five years ago but didn't write down who wrote it, still love it though
Dec 2018 · 251
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
out there in the crisp winter cold
growing old are the couples too young to be told
love is dying
wish it were you with me today
Dec 2018 · 200
completely yours
Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
it use to be me rattling those closed doors
the fear of losing you, the suffering through
of everything; drowning me until there was nothing
more than a shell of who I use to be left

now it's you with a stone in your chest
that quickness of breath, when you think about me
gone; walking away and leaving you behind
nothing more than a shell of the boy you use to be
i'm not going anywhere..
Nov 2018 · 121
night walks
Danielle L Cook Nov 2018
the sky overhead
inky and star-filled
my soul on star fuel
freedom in a star field
Nov 2018 · 181
Danielle L Cook Nov 2018
I use to write about her,
and how his hands
felt on my skin..

my past, I now spurn,
and I wear my scars
proudly; I win
letting go, s o  g o
Nov 2018 · 614
Danielle L Cook Nov 2018
it's when the hour's late
and my thoughts become hazy
my resolve, it breaks
and my promise stays empty
I keep going back
Nov 2018 · 106
Danielle L Cook Nov 2018
growling stomachs and weary bones..
my strength is always on loan
Nov 2018 · 682
a text goodnight
Danielle L Cook Nov 2018
close your eyes and imagine me
lying next to you
our hands are intertwined,
your heart and mine
Danielle L Cook Nov 2018
if only God can judge me,
then let Him do so.
but if mercy is a given,
and I'm already forgiven,
where is the lesson I should know?

if only God can cleanse me,
then let Him purge my soul.
but if sin is driven,
by my own faith in religion,
will I ever be whole?
and what of God do I know?
Oct 2018 · 340
Danielle L Cook Oct 2018
Steal my breath
and heal my heart

From you, my love
I will not part
I'm feeling melancholy
Oct 2018 · 383
old fashioned
Danielle L Cook Oct 2018
I once knew this boy
who would walk miles and miles
just to understand
the reason she'd smile.

She thought long and hard
about being his girl,
but decided that he
just wasn't made for her world.
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
I got a new job this weekend and it's going really well,
if by well I mean I haven't cried at work yet.

I came pretty close though when a lady asked to do a return for her
see, I've never done a return,
let alone touch a register before noon,
and now there's a line of people all waiting with their dog food and tiny overpriced sweaters,
all waiting for me to get my **** together and figure this out
figure this out. figure this out. figure this out.

but I don't figure it out, and this lady is so patient it almost makes it worse,
and I can feel a swarm of bees building in my throat,
threatening to spill forth from my lips and even though I try to hold them in
with a pleasant smile and clenched teeth, it's not enough
it's not enough. it's not enough. it's not enough.

it was my coworker that saved me from the bubbling panic attack,
when she swooped in like superman, but with ******* instead of bullet proof skin,
then the lady left with a smile of her face, a few dollars richer,
while mine burned with shame and my coworker, bless her soul, told me it's okay to ask for help

I got a new job this weekend and it's going really well
if by well I mean I didn't completely lose my **** yet
Sep 2018 · 484
heart sick i
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
inside I fight a battle
every day with my own heart
it screams at me to listen
begs me to fall apart
my heart has become a plauge
feasting on my soul
darkened with sin
it thirsts for control
lowkey inspired
Sep 2018 · 108
interpret it
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
I make poor ******* decisions
and I can never follow through
I'm sick of the divisions
and how I'm always doubting you
I do things out of spite
to not just hurt him, but me, too
I'm done hiding from the light
my soul and heart, I give back to you
considered referencing a bible quote
Sep 2018 · 141
well i'll be damned
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
that moment when you realize
too many of your poems
share the same title
because you are
oops too late now
Sep 2018 · 695
for him
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
shh and allow me
to find the words

there aren't any;
just know I would
live through it all
to be here with you, I suppose it was worth it in the end
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
I don't know if I ever want to have my poems
immortalized in a book, to sit on some shelf untouched
a reminder printed on blank pages; my love, and my pain
organized into pretty poetic arrangements for other's viewing pleasure
for strangers to know me that intimately on a level I barely understand
I can't comprehend--

my love, and my pain, indeed
the love I have is beautiful, and worth sharing with the world
but I dont know if I could immortalize the pain it has caused me to love so throughly
so completely have I given myself over to everything
followed the winding paths through heartache and back;
I would much rather forget them here, forget the past
cross the road when I get there I suppose
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
a new idea
Danielle L Cook Aug 2018
believing a lie almost always feels better
than believing the truth

is that why when I tell myself he hasn't really changed,
I feel better then when I wonder if he had?
its scarier to put your trust into someone who hurt you once before, easier to believe they will do it again then to hope they wont and have your heart break when it didn't deserve to.
Aug 2018 · 2.0k
Danielle L Cook Aug 2018
and as the paranoia creeps in
settling between my *******
the hollow of my throat tightens
with weak and shallowed breaths
my legs, they shake and shiver
under the extreme duress
of not knowing if again his love will wander
leaving me a foolish mess
its the swirling in my stomach, and the familiar ache when you go..
Aug 2018 · 1.8k
Danielle L Cook Aug 2018
his hands sketch my edges, down
tracing the dips and curves and swells
his fingers curl into my skin, soft
where ever skin is found

burning with every seconds past
longing for his touch to last

his hands feel through me
reaching soul deep, he breaths
in holy serenity, feeding me solely;
his masterpiece
what it feels like
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