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mugdha bhagya Mar 2019
Only Friday makes me shudder again with life
Awakens my spirit yet only for a brief time
It comes, a brink of hope onto desires
Of beautiful possibilities
Only now have I settled into someone’s arms
And Friday is the safe day
Of falling in that place again
It seems a meeting point of time now
When the lovers reunite again
Separated by the week long
It is where the wait ends
Longing for the cover, shed of human heart
Being drenched with insecurities
It is time to fill it with warmth
mugdha bhagya Feb 2017
Random memories of old times
resurface, like broken images
a family dinner, vastly spread garden,
a chat with my mom at kitchen table,
or just a day in school

These reminisces are fulfilling in itself
yet one feels an ache
of how you once existed in that time
and yet it doesn't seem to be real

I remember my mother getting ready
and how I used to watch her
wishing her not to go, for I would be alone again
oh the love I feel for her, haven't felt for anyone else

And through time
I have grown fond of those memories
wondering why, at the time
it din't seem so beautiful

These flashbacks of milliosns of tiny moments
are made up of all feelings we once felt
It is like stardust, with each particle a picture
we accumulate and blow it away
once the show is over.

— The End —