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 Apr 2020 phoebe
He keeps her
safe by day
and warm by night
his hands travels
on her bare skin
one hand on her neck
the other holding her face
she pulls her hair back
so it won’t disturb
his kisses
 Mar 2020 phoebe
Julia Brennan
i bathe in serene
sleepy mountainside ledges
kissed by lips of fall
 Mar 2020 phoebe
 Mar 2020 phoebe
i've been living in the future
hoping i would get to see you sooner
 Mar 2020 phoebe
Carol Danso
I have tried to write
But nothing comes to mind
Is it procrastination on my part
Or numbness in my wrist
It is true, very true that
You start from nothing and
Learn as you go
Writing is indeed an exploration
Try to write something even if
Nothing comes to mind
Focus on what you intend to write
You will definitely fill your bookshelf,
If you avoid procrastination
And put quill to parchment
It is your aptitude
Grab it with attitude
And climb many altitudes
To all poet out there who fill they can't write anything even if they tried hard.... I love you all if you read this❤💋💖
 Mar 2020 phoebe
my gel
 Mar 2020 phoebe
i bleed for you,
to express you.

i hurt and scratch paper skins,
for you to express you.

i have a short life for you,
to express you.

but i do not last long,
to express you.
pens and poets entry no. 1
what pens says to poets
brand name: "my gel"
 Mar 2020 phoebe
Lipstick butterflies float on the mirror’s heavy condensation
She is a vermillion explosion
Heavy colored lids and
Winged eyeliner as if
She too
Could fly
This is the glitz and glamour
of how to disappear
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