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Henley Jun 29
Let down so many times
I've finally turnt into soil
Out of my ashes rises another
Fruit with no toil
No sacrifice, no bad advice
To lead it astray
While it of my merits,
I see no advance or gain

I've had to learn to not be betrayed

I gaze upon its splendor
Smile, and remember:
That I am, as a matter of fact,

Henley Jun 2022
I used to pray for water,
Now I thirst for the wine
My father foraged in the mud—
The grapes don't fall from the vine

I want it all.

Everything's that's owed to me.

What goes around,
Comes around

At least that's how it's supposed to be.
Henley Sep 2020
I still listen to the playlist you sent me

I hate that I love it
I hate I've still got it
I hate I'm not wanted
by You.

Boys don't cry
So I die to these songs—
Numbers don't lie
So I'll write to my wrongs

And every time I start to feel
the "Woe is me's" strong,
I'll reflect instead

Upon all the times
I was the one devoid of respect

I know better
but I'm no better,
I don't deserve to be bitter

I deserve to be sorry.
Henley Jul 2020
I spend my downtime digging holes
that five fifths couldn't fill
Snakes and serpents in my grass don't hisssss
But they ****

Still digging, digging
To find how deep the self-hatred goes
When I finally reach the bottom of the pit,
I'll let you know

But you'll never really know.
Not unless you're down here with me—

And you're not.

It's me verse the world.
I rehearse my curses
And inverse my pearls
I clam up, clamp shut
And let darkness unfurl

so dark, So Dark
But I can still see the stars
I also see that they're all yours
And not ours

I don't see the light nor do I feel the guilt
I hark the barters of midnight
And watch the eyes in the hills;
Geminis cry for more heighth
While my wrists mine for stilts
We pray and prey in the forest
for more, and more, and more mills

But the trees don't fall.
Henley May 2020
I used to be Sisyphus—
but now I'm the rock.
I go where the tide goes,
and I'll stop when it stops

I promise.

I remember when prayers were short
and the wish lists were long
When the world told me I was null
And it used to be wrong
Henley Apr 2020
Who knew this would be 22?

2 haunted by the past 2 look forward
They told me I just needed some more,
But I disagree

I sprained my ankle in forest;
I saw the fallen trees
Running from the shadows
'Til I found out they were me

I'm never free.

I'm never me.
Henley Apr 2020
i'd jump every moon,
and wrap their heads with stars for You
**** on their tombs,
spread their ashes on mars for You
tend to every papercut and scar for You;
then make paper regret the day
he tried to spar with You

if You were mine
and i were Yours,
i'd need no out or space
unfortunate for me,
unrequited love becomes so commonplace
when you need more than mirrors
to put a smile on your face

i bring You flowers,
You ask me: "where's the vase?"

what a shame.
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