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Feb 2
Stand up
Look him in the eyes
Make him bow down
Don't be afraid to fight back
He can't handle the power of God
Crush all of his plans
Beat him down
Let the sunshine above his head
Lost the battle, but win the war
walk away, and don't look back
The devil can't stand to be mocked
Don't distance yourself from what's yours
Show him who you are, Gods Child
Beat him down
Take back your peace of mind
Show him who's stronger
Make him disappear, so you can be found
The stones his throwing, throw them back
Climb over all struggles Queen
You’re a fighter, so fight back
Beat him down
Use your strength to rebuild what's been broken
Start praying, and releasing the worries
Do something he hates, start praising the lord
Make him cry, make him feel pain
Rest queen, and let God take over
He wants you to regret your choices, don't
Beat him down
You have a purpose, so don’t quiet
When he claps, you clap-back
Take a stand, and realize who got your back
Make a hole so that he can fall in it
Tell him who team you're on
**** him with your confessions

Rachel Gosby
Written by
Rachel Gosby  34/F/Chicago
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