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mjad Jun 2018
I want to write
But I don't know about what
Something about how they call me a ****
They think I sleep around and round
But my lifestyle isn't that profound
Is it right to shame me?
For exploring my sexuality?
I would say,
but they don't tend to hear that word
Mary-Eliz Apr 2017
I long to know what I'm up against,
my competition,
those who will win silver cups

while I sit longingly

those whose words will find
the ordered spaces
of a published piece
fall in place
as if meant to be.

At the selling table
I exchange dollars
for a glimpse
into their thoughts.

What I see does not
surprise me,
what I knew already.

Their words caress
the page
make it smile.

Their screams slash it
make a gaping hole
through which
pour their souls.

Sounding weak
my own words
in my head.

I want to take them back,
that I ever set them down
gave them to be judged.
Äŧül Feb 2015
I know of just too many Cyclopes,
Let me describe one of them better,
The one who preys on values of men.

So miniature he is - mere few inches,
So often in our pockets he is found,
So crooked he is with a single eye.

When among beautiful babes & gals,
He is active getting used in clicking,
Also used up is he sometimes by fishy men for fishier purposes.

This Cyclops was filming one such similar affair with a lady unaware,
Stripped naked was her body exposed to that bare,
Trick or truth, clothed or naked, she thought not about this cyborg Cyclops filming her **** ever in her wildest of fears.

The young lady is then blackmailed by the Cyclops's master,
"Be quiet about it and serve us in our industry,"
Threatened with publishing publicly of the moments - she gives in to this blackmail.
The old version developed some technical snag.

Cameras - often hidden - are instrumental in aiding the potentially harmful and ill-mannered people from the much controversial **** industry.

My advising people should not be taken lightly - **** industry has become a large entity with major collections from hidden cameras.

Check your hotel/other place of personal & private activities for hidden cameras if at all you are going to trust someone with all of your mind, body and soul.

My HP Poem #685
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —