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1d · 195
church bells
it has been years
you didn't write nor call
i slithered from the church
for reach out to you
my savior, my redeemer
like an evangelist
im waiting for you
to come in a beautiful dress
and baptise me with your luscious kiss
so that under my spell
you can tell me im the chosen one
i can tell you you are the one i've been waiting for
Mar 9 · 1.3k
the ballad
Luna Pan Mar 9
he talks different
but the words he said were mine
he lives abroad
but the soul of him was once mine
he lives different
but i thought his future would be mine
Mar 4 · 1.0k
siren song
Luna Pan Mar 4
he is smarter than everyone even though he is not odin
as charming as loki along with the mischief-makin'
in despite of all
he does not run nine realms
he only runs one in my heart
he could be thor, god of the worlds
but he chose to stay with a dökkálfar
Feb 26 · 1.5k
Luna Pan Feb 26
gods will never forgive us
the two misfits
like adam and eve
kicked out from the worlds

gods will chain us
they turned you into hades
banned you from me
you said your last adieu

gods will put a spell on us
neptune came to me today
he said your hades is coming
just listen the sea shells
hades, zeus, achi, patro they all you
Feb 19 · 1.6k
Luna Pan Feb 19
achilles can you explain
why i care about a stranger more than my friends?

aphrodite can you explain
how can i love someone more than anyone that i've ever talked?

dionysus can you explain
do i seem delusional moreover if i am why i want to lose my sanity for him?
Feb 18 · 1.0k
Luna Pan Feb 18
you are not in my life but you are in my words, in my art, in my poetry, in my letters
you are not here but your soul is
you are my muse, my anchor
you are me, i'm you
we are the reflection of each other on my words, on my paper
Feb 15 · 135
Luna Pan Feb 15
three weeks ago i was reading colleen hoover with you. i was challenging you to finish it before me, we were analysing the chapters and talking about the characters. it was snowing, we stayed in bed all day and it gave me that "sleep in half the day" feeling. three weeks past now i'm reading colleen hoover without you and i'm trying to feel the same way as i did when i'd read three weeks ago with you but it was never about the book; a book is just a paperback with pages and sentences, it was you and the feelings came along with it, it was our reactions, my challenges and your jokes
Aug 2021 · 1.1k
summer lines
Luna Pan Aug 2021
it was one windy but hot june night
when you saw me for the first time
we were two kids
and i knew we were meant to be just friends at the beach house
but that didn't stop you nor your feelings

eight years passed
now it's even a more windy and hotter august night
we are something unnamed at the beach house
and i realized we were never meant to be just friends, we only meant to be parallel lines
May 2021 · 1.4k
that summer
Luna Pan May 2021
when you look at through your window in that summer house do you remember me?
we were a troublesome

do you remember how you used to use that window to connect with me?
i was your little madame

do you remember our adventures?
our wines and sprites

do you remember that night?
we were dancing through twilight

do you remember me or did i become a memory?
Jan 2021 · 1.2k
can we work this out?
Luna Pan Jan 2021
i drank too much champagne and think of you in a place where reality doesn't exist and i'm afraid because you are something fragile yet wonderful and i'm scared to let you down again
Oct 2020 · 1.1k
Luna Pan Oct 2020
tell me lies under the moonlight
just for a night make up
we are sinners
under this moonlight you look like a saint
god won't forgive us
you are mine tonight under the moonlight
your sweet lies
Oct 2020 · 822
Luna Pan Oct 2020
maybe we all don't need a word perhaps we are just a people who are searching for a home
Oct 2020 · 744
Luna Pan Oct 2020
falling for him was like smoking a cigarette.

i was enjoying it while it was taking my everything from me.

i knew if i could give up i would miss it.

i went along with the tide 'till i lose my everything.
Oct 2020 · 955
Luna Pan Oct 2020
she blushes like an angel to devil's gustos
Sep 2020 · 865
Luna Pan Sep 2020
your eyes are as sweet as cinnamon including as naïve as a summer love
and i can't wait to drown in them
Sep 2020 · 452
Luna Pan Sep 2020
london in a foggy air
it's not same withour our souvenir

italy in a sunny season
it's not same without your imagination

france in a fall
it's not same without my existential downfall
Sep 2020 · 893
Luna Pan Sep 2020
your words are a pampered art; combination of an italian riviera tide along with french reverie aura
Sep 2020 · 514
Luna Pan Sep 2020
you used to always talk about how complicated i'm but
i'm not
i like waking up to bird songs at 6am
i like unmade beds and sleepy voice calls
i like looking at the stars and murmur a sweet lullaby
i like deep conversations and streets at 3am
i like collecting things
i like night swimming
i'm not complicated
i'm my friend
i've got an universe in me that you didn't want to see
Sep 2020 · 357
Luna Pan Sep 2020
i wrote romantic lines about you
i loved you like a religion
i cancelled my plans for you
i glorified you like a god
i crossed the lines to be with you
i worshipped you like a false god
i ripped every edge of me to give you
still you couldn't find a place in your heart to love me
Sep 2020 · 504
no.1 sadness anthem
Luna Pan Sep 2020
in days i'm so happy and full of live
at nights i can't stop thinking about the things i would say to you
if you were here but you never
Sep 2020 · 501
Luna Pan Sep 2020
kissing at the street lights
going to bars
dancing in underground bands

screaming to recover
fighting with eachother
crying for another chapter

looking hangover
saying this is forever
telling me i'm your wildflower

flirting with girls
taking me for granteds
making me a new notch in your belts

running to last trains
making dins
laughing our grins
i knew you were a trouble from the beginning
Aug 2020 · 403
old ways a.k.a you
Luna Pan Aug 2020
one cigarette
and all of the times i thought i was clear is gone
one beer
and i'm back to my old ways
one drug
and i'm hooked
a piece of you
and i'm back to where i'm left
Jul 2020 · 1.1k
Luna Pan Jul 2020
you said you were an addict
i thought you are addicted to
joie de vivre, happiness or maybe smoking

you were an addict
but you were addicted to
sadness, drugs and pain

you were an addict
and i was ready to drown with you
untill you said you love drugs more than me
Jul 2020 · 968
Luna Pan Jul 2020
i'd rather be kissing in summer
so innocent and so naïve
you can taste the strawberries right off my lips

i'd rather be cuddling in winter
so cozy and so soft
in my mouth, i can taste your past
that's what i want and that's where i am
Jun 2020 · 860
Luna Pan Jun 2020
Three songs and one unfinished poem.
I was in your arms, singing to ed sheeran at the moment, in between all of the dramas, chaotic nights and nightmares, i found a peace and a quite moment in your arms, i didn't care about the world at all i only cared our little wonderland.
Jun 2020 · 666
Luna Pan Jun 2020
he smells like a vintage petit café from 40s; fresh coffes, cigarettes and pavlova
Jun 2020 · 444
Luna Pan Jun 2020
dawn turns to day
when stars are started to wander
whatever i'm doing or wherever i'm lying
you are the only thing on my mind
the sun rise
when sky turns from black to pink
i listen the city
even the city sings for you
sunset turns to night
and you are the only one closest to my heart
i still write poems about you
Jun 2020 · 398
Luna Pan Jun 2020
your heart the one used to belong to me now will be belong to a girl with a black hair and bangs

your hands the ones you used to use to play with my hair now will be the reason of her late night moans

your parfum the one used to we bought together now will be her new favorite scent

your polaroid the one i still keep in my wallet now will be her favorite bed side photo

and i will be wearing your sweatshirt looking at the stars trying to remember the last time that we kissed under the moonlight while wishing that i was her
Apr 2020 · 531
about to lose him
Luna Pan Apr 2020
our story made in winter but as the summer came we became more colder than the winter
Mar 2020 · 310
Luna Pan Mar 2020
Our petit house will smell of fresh lavenders of French. And before you came i would spend my whole day eating framboises at the beach and putting la mer on my skin in the sunlight. And when you came my lips and my skin will be ready for your witchcrafted kiss. And those are will be the most enchanting things that you've ever kissed.
Mar 2020 · 321
Luna Pan Mar 2020
she was the artist
that admiring his enchanting laugh
he was the muse of her inspiration
with high hopes and never ending love
Mar 2020 · 313
he she
Luna Pan Mar 2020
he kept his distance all the time
because he was scared of breaking her with his fragile mind and sweet lies

she tried to feed him with beautiful words
because she knows that he was an angel

both of them were fake prophets
with complicated minds and beautiful souls
Mar 2020 · 254
Luna Pan Mar 2020
He was calm, he had an unique face. You couldn't tell if he was happy or not only thing you could tell he had some terrible suffering.
Mar 2020 · 338
Luna Pan Mar 2020
you blew a smoke
and said that you love me
you kissed me
and told me your past while putting me in your future plans
at the concert
and you showed me your dance moves
in your smile
and i saw the real you
if i give you my heart
would i lose?
or maybe you can stay a little bit longer
Mar 2020 · 289
Luna Pan Mar 2020
i'm a dizzy person
i don't know if i'm living or not
i don't know who i am or who i was
i don't know if i'm remembering or forgetting
i don't know if i'll ever be get rid of this
all i know is something hazily flows between my mind and my soul
Feb 2020 · 1.1k
(s)he 2
Luna Pan Feb 2020
She never felt like she belonged to anyone or anywhere. She is like a wild thing. Even she is lying on her own bed she dreams to be someone else in some far away place.
Feb 2020 · 442
Luna Pan Feb 2020
if you were me where or who would you run?
is there anyone or anywhere?
Feb 2020 · 334
Luna Pan Feb 2020
she has got demons and art in her mind
Feb 2020 · 307
Luna Pan Feb 2020
Hell is something that you live with it not carry with it. The hell in me is all made from you, my devil is you. I'll worship you even if it's a false god.
Feb 2020 · 544
Luna Pan Feb 2020
i'm black or white
either i love too much or hate till my last breath
either i talk too much or don't say a word for days
either i take things so seriously or don't care at all
there is no gray for me
i live at the edges
Jan 2020 · 259
Luna Pan Jan 2020
days are ending
seasons are changing
hours are clocking
years are growing
and somehow i'm never healing
and somehow i still don't feel at home in life
Jan 2020 · 436
Luna Pan Jan 2020
i think of you
i think of your kiss half cigarette, half peachy

i think of you
i think of your touch half soft like a cotton candy, half flowing like an ocean

i think of you
i think of your words half drunk, half heavenly
Jan 2020 · 252
Luna Pan Jan 2020
You are my favorite song the one that i always listen and never tired of. I'm stucked in your melody, even though you are gone your music still plays in my head and the worst thing is even though you are gone i don't want this melody to stop.
Jan 2020 · 747
last letter
Luna Pan Jan 2020
i was 13 when i first met you
we were just two kids trying to survive

i was 14 when i fell in love with you
on those sleepless night while watching movies

i was 15 when you left me for her
and broke my heart for thousands times

i was 16 when you came back
and tried to vacation on me

i was 17 when i tried to forget you
and fooled myself saying that i'm better without you

i was 18 when you ruined my life completely
and lost all my hope for love

now i'm 19 and i'm totally over you
and i've got someone who makes me believe in love
and for the first time i feel free
Jan 2020 · 451
Luna Pan Jan 2020
he was intelligent
but he was a damaged one

she was kind
but she was a complicated one

they were almost in love
but their story wasn't made for this life
Dec 2019 · 464
Luna Pan Dec 2019
almost is the saddest word in the world
i was almost happy
he was almost made it
and you were almost loved me
Dec 2019 · 413
Luna Pan Dec 2019
You loved her, you loved her so much that you wasted me.
You thought that i was her, but i'm not her.
I'm much more than her.
I'm a combination of twisted mind and a beautiful heart.
Dec 2019 · 447
Luna Pan Dec 2019
i enjoyed losing myself, always putting you first, because i know that the more i was further from myself i was getting more close to you
Dec 2019 · 215
Luna Pan Dec 2019
i want someone whom i can have deep conversations
i want someone who's gonna read poetry to me at 4am
i want someone who's poetic
i know it's hard to find someone like this but i don't want any less
Nov 2019 · 678
Luna Pan Nov 2019
He loves to go out, partying and gets high with his friends
I love to stay inside, read a book and listen to old french
We are like black and white
But along all these reverses he still loves me
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