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Aug 2017 · 569
She Stands
It's been an age and a day
Only to hear you say:
"I eve you long time to love me in my prime
my prevoius hurts a crime"
A dime to my cosmic mine you shine
So fine as I dreamt; your body laid supine after lime lives in lemon and spirit waters spring in your senses
Emotions awakened and futures are embraced
Your embrace is such grace and your face such a view to the pre of love I come uncove as I kiss this dove
Oh my What a time.

A moment has been paused
Memories of divinity spin in a dance
All that was frozen melts in a new day, we gaze at each other in a new way
We debut as a duet and Romeo finally finds his spine to Due Juliet her flower's bloom
Crimson and clover only feel pure when sober
Ebony and ivory a golden tapestry in the view of the hour glass
But you know this if you go to class and find the hidden rainbow in the jazzed spirals razzmatazz
So respecting time we glide after we gladiate into the new guide and it's a gig find after gregarious grind
So I'm bound to give thanks to the chance

How did I know that the moment would be a spinning memory in the akashic  spheres of time
Archiving beautiful rhyme and justly destined rhythm to flow the Conscious and Integrating Cause from the Source of Creation
Having been fully loved and having fully loved after incessant love wars
Masses did they the guy fighting for the law of one abhor
Now the old blunt saw is a see-saw as we can watch who we have been through the picture of love
And dear soldier of love I would like to say
You now stand as a Sol-Soul dioded through notes of justice and truth
Let your positioning be the start of great things to come
All things being a progress, life is in our hands
Learn to respect life and all souls... And you will be a happy person.
Eileening a new age, you are now gowned anew after the timeless chariot race of slave no•61
_She stands, so womanhood will no longer be the hub of the mess as an outlet amass
As you now know, show them how to dress.
Inviting the true to be good and the future.
Aug 2017 · 6.2k
What is Poverty?
Life is the treasure and knowledge is the fire to kindle and wisdom the outcome to distill it

Poverty is taking away food from a fellow human being
Poverty is not being grateful that you have slept having eaten a comfortable meal
Poverty is going out there with a poor self image and using the presence of others to mask your inadequacy
Poverty is not knowing how divine you are, your soul content

Poverty as a woman is not being able to say how you feel and what you feel because you are afraid of rejection or disappointment
Poverty is trying to make a guy feel insecure because you yourself are insecure
Poverty is trying to have multiple ****** relations to either draw a man or men towards you or simply for the sake of trying to fuel your self esteem
Poverty is dreaming and letting the birds talk about it as a could have been
Poverty is stabbing a person you love dearly in the back
Poverty is blaming society, culture and circumstances at home for not progressing forward
Poverty is killing because you are stuck in unorderly primitive and unruly state and you do not know tranquility

Poverty is wanting things to remain the same because it protects you from growth and the awe of advancement
Poverty is living in the past and endlessly trying to change the present
Poverty is not knowing what to say because you have forgotten how to compose yourself in the presence of others
Poverty is thinking for short term satisfaction breeding inevitable lack of long term contentedness

Wealth is inviting the future fearlessly
Wealth is loving abundantly
Wealth is joining the heart's dance by yielding to emotions of pure positive vibrations
Wealth is making the heart intelligent so your desires are not  of a marginal durability
Wealth is seeking the truth because it will wash away the lies and test your bravery as it opens up the wounds and the pain of reality
Wealth is knowing that in giving a lot and asking less more than half the time; you remain abundant
  Wealth is imagining what a future 'you' would be like and in pursuit you strive to make your future self proud
Wealth is having an open mind and seeking first to understand than to be understood
Wealth is trying to find better solutions for either parties, a higher way; which healthily benefits either parties

Wealth is having someone who will support you no matter what
Wealth is sticking to divine principles because they will stand no matter what
Wealth is treating another better than you treat yourself and in essence you treat yourself as the greatest being
Wealth is being patient and persevering for good things because you will honour them as you understand what it took to earn them
Wealth is making a promise and keeping it, it boosts the progress of the whole Universe; even the promises we make to ourselves
Wealth is cleaning up after ourselves and engineering our personhood to not rely on insubstantial and baseless objectives and mantras
Wealth is taking a stand for one's own life and not waiting for a hero to pull up the yardstick
Wealth is going to the dam with a  broken rod and teaching yourself how to fish until a master comes and philosophises your decorum, approach, conduct and credo on the whole process of being independent and going out into the world,
Wealth is unlearning all of the miseducation that we have been fed since the day we were born and relearning and rewiring our psyche to be conscious and cosmically aligned with our divine purposes and use the resources around us to make the raw a tangible gem and vice versa.

Say no to poverty.
Live a sincere life of truth and meaning, we only have so much time to pay off our debts until we're rich enough to give back to the world again.
Aug 2017 · 353
New Beginning
All that was lost opens opprtun
All that was lost opens opportunities for us to find ourselves; if at least for the first time ever
All that has been destroyed begs us to question why we came here
The grotesque nature we have allowed ourselves to fall in creates an endless state of amnesia so we forget about the time when we were once divine
The more we throw stones at each other the farther we are from marble halls
The more our women give into envy and jealousy, the more they are hindered to be the treasures of gold, diamonds and pearls - exuding ethereal beauty

The more we focus on material significance, the more our souls are left begging
The more we make rash decisions with an open mind, the more we are forced to live with those consequences
The choices you are making, the choices you have made, can you live with them for ten years to come or the rest of your life?
How rich are you to afford such a hefty debt?
But this is the rhyme, the rhythm that the kingdoms have sent
down to the material world...
A hefty heifer hole and a pole for prowl; oh goal
But what about our own goals
Are we cyborgs or are we souls?
Are we going to let the insecurities of one or a few compromise our own happiness?
Why are we so uneasy, we know only attacking the centredness of another
We are enemies of peace because we are not friends of love and yet we are quick to demand mercy

Such irresponsibility!
Not taking account for the things we've done
We are afraid of mirrors because we cannot face the demons we've gowned ourselves to inhabit
And yet we can proudly call ourselves princes and princesses
Or Kings and Queens
Leaders and representatives of State

But our objectives are the complete opposite
Our deeds are the complete opposite
Our thoughts and emotions tell a complete dark story

But if you can confess to yourself the things you've done wrong then you can confide them in another
If you can confess the things you aspire to be then you are ready to break out of your shell
Once again a pure chance for us to find ourselves; if at least for the first time ever
All that has been destroyed begs us to question why we came here
The grotesque nature we have allowed ourselves to fall in creates an endless state of amnesia so we forget about the time when we were once divine
The more we throw stones at each other the farther we are from marble halls
The more our women give into envy and jealousy the more they are hindered to be the treasures of gold, diamonds and pearls - exuding ethereal beauty

The more we focus on material significance, the more our souls are left begging
The more we make rash decisions with an ooen mind, the more we are forced to live with those consequences
The choices you are making, the choices you have made, can you live with them for ten years to come or the rest of your life?
How rich are you to afford such a hefty debt
But this is the rhyme, the rhythm that the kingdoms have sent
down to the material world...
A hefty heifer hole and a pole for prowl; oh goal
But what about our own goals
Are we cyborgs or are we souls?
Are we going to let the insecurities of or a few compromise our own happiness?
Why are we so uneasy, we know only attacking the centredness of another
We are enemies of peace beacuse we are not friends of love and yet we are wuick to run after mercy

Such irresponsibility
Not taking account of the things we've done
We are afraid of mirrors because we cannot face the demons we've gowned ourselves to inhabit
And yet we can proudly call ourselves princes and princesses
Or Kings and Queens
Leaders and representatives of state

But our objectives are the complete opposite
Our deeds are the complete opposite
Our thoughts and emotions tell a complete dark story

But if you can confess to yourself the things you've done wrong then you can confide them in another
If you can confess the things you aspire to be then you are ready to break out of your shell
Once again a pure soul.
Until you've accepted all you've lost you won't be able to have the wherewithal to dig deep within yourself to create a new world and a new you. Moving on allows new avenues to open up.


Listen to 01 Grateful For Africa by MOMEANT on #SoundCloud
Aug 2017 · 355
She evened
She whispers sweet I love you's without me having to be loud about 'attend me, I am here'
She sings softly that she misses me
She reaches out fearlessly and her ego or significance has nothing to do with it
It is just about how we can both coalesce in this soul consceince where hearts cohere to beat at one rhythm sincere

She evens because there are no silent replies, she understands the scribe because there are no hidden agenda's
It is not about what I have or what she has but what we both can make
Her third eye awakes and her halo crystallises; a new christening has been fated
She has flown into the rays of Haroon and shone pure light for Maroon so in marrying our creation objectives; the law of one is not forgotten too soon

We find each other through miles and kilomatters of distance
But in this instance we start a conversation and it's not that so the others can look at her as supercilious but because she exemplifies that the romantic bubble surreal is us
Orbs in an age of pages where the world reads again
For this she is a day anew in the evening
For this she shines the night sky with her longing for sensuality overshadowing lustful and baseless sexuality
In the morning she is the snow warm and golden
Her scent is my token and for this Fathers of yesteryear are awoken
  The fear to love is broken
   Sheaken by the *******, the dark is curled and the Doa has a do now
It feels right we go with it, seal it with a kiss
  Heavenly clouds, her ****** might just be the new symbol of how you clothe bliss
   For a time this emotion that has been poeted has found its moment that has awoken memories of a time when women loved
  A new shell beautufied, CalliaTee new you are a dove.
Song to track Transcendence: 'Blank and Jones - I Love You'
Aug 2017 · 2.1k
The Brown Couch
Father Moses it feels so good to be sitting right here listening to our classic jazz
The kind we listened to when we would do gardening
It is a pleasure to affirm that your son has finally found his memory,
Of how great he can be or how great he once was
It is strange that we meet here and it is just us men
What happened with our women?

What went wrong?
I guess they stopped caring about who says what to them
And eventually stopped caring about who touches them
And in reciprocation we stopped caring about who sleeps with them and touches them
Because it is only fair that if your woman does not care about who touches her then you wise up and realise that anyone can touch her
And you should do best and care more about how you put your hands onto the world
Then you care more about what you do for humanity

Then you care more about what The Creator has bestowed you with; your talents, skills and ambitions
Your endless longing for Knowledge, for wisdom
Then you know that if she knows you then she must know herself
And if she has herself together, she will respect you and be loyal
Then you know that if she loves you, she wars with you
She does not **** up your energy
And she will know when to be available and what to say
Because she is yours
It is a love you have been waiting for, a love you have worked for, earned and honored.

But if she doesn't know this she will think that by having herself passed over to different men she is somehow tainting your stature but no, don't you know that she is expressing a behaviour and attitude of no self-respect
She is not hurting you, she is only hurting herself because she is lost
She does not know what the Father's Love & Light is or what the guidance of a Mother is

But people fight this reality
They are scared, they are a lost breed and they will continue to be lost
A wise man said: if you are stealing from me and ruining my life because you are jealous of my success then don't be jealous of my death, deliver me gracefully to pastures of vanilla skies where all is well and peaceful
Where the truth does not have a stutter

Where people face themsleves for who they are and what they do and have done
Where they are held accountable for their deeds and when you
Hear all these truths and feel angry at yourself because you have been so lost then don't feel at a loss when I am gone, don't miss me
Live in the perfect and beautiful memories of the things you've done to me
Or the things you haven't done

Then you will begin to learn that there is another reality beyond this one
There are few wives if any because homes are broken
There are few fathers if any because principles are missing
Because of this; society will never grow..

Continents will remain children and those children will blow themsleves up because those who are supposed to adult them into the future are crying for lost time
When you've seen all the things I've done Father Moses you will support me and confirm that I need to rest in the airy sheets of peace

They, the oh so awesome fairies have yet to reach fruition for bedding and wedding
But they don't want this reality because it reveals the massive change that needs to occur and the responsibilty that people have to take to go on their own journies of self discovery
They are afraid to run their own race so they will always fail to conclude the last page.
Thank you for showing me you, I now know what if feels like to be a different person on the planet... You were conceived through prayer and for that you were different but you don't have to plant that into your egoic mind for it hinders your progress and you never reach your full potential because of the very fact. And yes like Grand Phil said: it was envy that caused a black man to stop a fellow balck man from going forward and it was the benefits of being wedded to a royal rather than the reagal responsibilty that caused the flower women to flock in like flies. It would be happy polygamy but most if not all, tell lies. And as such they live a life of lies. Thanking my coworkers for rescuing me when I was five, for that the truth will always survive and when justice is affrimed by a celestial female being, it will thrive.
Aug 2017 · 1.2k
This way that
Rat-tat-tat rizza rap
Humble claps for the fab
Here's a grab, take a jab
I story essay, a sore T ese
... A time without food
Those who eat all day will not understand
A year without ***
Those who always fuel a *** romp will not understand
A life without money
The excessively wealthy will not understand because it's all been inherited and not earned

This way that, check a glance
There is a chance amass
Some things that used to happen will never happen because of time
Some things that used to happen will happen again because of rare chance
Be wise and quick to grab

A time without material things
The materialistically endowed will just not understand
A series of lifetimes in the Light, darkness they just will not understand
A man goes to prison for something he has not done, the one who always gets away with crimes will never know what it means to pay the price

When position is more important than responsibility, honour they will not understand
When killing the egoic mind frees the carefree, life after death they will not understand
When sibling rivalry takes precedence over mediating a family in shambles, peace they will never speak

When the bible is the only book they have ever read, the other side of the story they will never seek
When greatness is all you know and not that your fellow man can also be great, you will never get over yourself
When your dreams overwhelm you because they are too big, you shall remain an almost-been

When you don't know when it's time to hand over power to a worthy candidate, justice and transcendence will never be
Unaware that you are sinking into being a has-been
When political muscle is more important than empowering the subjects of that power, freedom will never sing
And souls forget who they are because they've been trapped in a dome
They are living baseless lives and don't know their way home
They will still call out the tyrannical colonisers by name and be ovlivious to the fact that it has been consistently Rome

A time in the shadows, but all they see and want is glow
A time in silence, but all they know is talking about things that change nothing for the better
This way that, who has the tag?
Aug 2017 · 341
It was a quick setup, couldn't have been a huge mess up
When I start to speak to you, an evolution of fusion is at bay
And when you talk back the right way, good feelings are given way
And then you begin to open up to me and I to you

I have a responsibility to reflect the best version of myself
I have an uncontrollable inclination to divulge the worst version of myself
When the script was changed so were the norms
The royals did not know what it meant to live in the shadows anymore
Too good to believe in divinity
Too proud and glamorous to believe in a Divine Source

Then man and woman soon forgets what it means to earn one's keep
Quickly there would be thieves as the gap widens
So position will determine what you get and don't get, away with ethics

Imagine we all have roles to portray in this big stage we call the world
Then you forget about your significance, just for the role
You forget about your social class, just for the role
You forget about your achievements or failures, all for the role

Then you develop synergy
Then a male lover will have a female lover because the feeling is reciprocated
Nothing is forced or rigidly implanted
The heart is free to dance and the mind is surrendering to rhyme and reason

Then I begin to weigh the value of each word in every sentence
I develop a composition, an attunement
I awaken the music of the soul
And how I associate will reflect in my dialogue
The moving picture is dying
There are more emoticons and stills because people are not grounded to the immortal strands of creation
So they struggle with locomotion
It stretches into the mind and you see this as brain cells oscillate slower and slower
And the race becomes more and more robotic - static
Bye bye to the angels in adamic bodies

What I am saying is how can I impart parts of myself if you do not compliment my make up
Not because I am superior but because you have been indoctrinated to yield to an inferiority complex that has channeled you to believe that you are good for nothing
And this has garnered a fortress hollow inviting false gods and a negative attitude,
A laziness to believe in yourself and honour your ambition

... And worst of all you are not compelled to go on a journey of self discovery because you are waiting for someone else  to tell you to do so
Rustically I would be a hunter and you a gatherer, but you cannot contain my collections if you have no pots and if you're not ready for me to shelter your soul
So how do we conversate
More than a postulate I conclude you just have to expand your emotional vocabulary
Or I just have to get used to being quiet
And that's fine with me... Food for my peace of mind
But humbly deary, don't say I wasn't kind to rewind
How and what I did impart at the start of the box.
Aug 2017 · 348
In Seasons She
Flora Rose, the new garden hope
In seasons we are tested how much we can hold onto the truth
In reasons we are tested if we can be loyal to the Vedic tooth
It's been a testament how you could be sentimental to be fun to my mental and spend a night on my chest
Because you understand the scribe, others will ask why
Because you write your emotions on pages and care not what others might think
Because your heart is wise and you know how to say hello and follow and disregard your ego

You might wonder why I'm so far even though in spirit you can be next to me
I had to clear my karmatic cycles
Right and clear my wrongs
Refurbish my mistakes
I found the waters that ocean when I had finally paid the final penalty of being a scholar of life
I was held in perdition because I was eager to see another fall into trouble while I laugh
I paid the price and dove in those waters and was always under close investigation
An inhumane error here and there and I would be quickly whipped
Anything that opposed the conscience I was quickly persecuted

By the by I learned to honour and respect life
By the by I learned to honour and respect time
By the by I learned to honour and respect opportunities
By the by I learned that humility transcends pride and breeds higher learning and that's how I ended up being a defender of Cosmic Wisdom at some library of Golden Wisdom

This is how I got to temple 8
Now you probably ask me, since the previous flowers failed dismally because of giving into the material world and lascivious temptation, "how do I succeed?"
Well let me begin by imagining a future son or daughter
You know what has held light workers, care-givers and channelers back for so long?
They have been carrying the wages of their parents for too long a time and it became hereditary
A grandmother would do so much wrong in the world and instead of using the time she has left on Earth to fix her wrongs and clear her karmatic cycles so that the children of tomorrow don't bear the same wages ~ she inversely relaxes and relies on birthing a child who is destined to fix the errors that they should be fixing themselves
So the child is born into spiritual slavery, never mind what the FATHER of Creation had intended for that child's destiny and cause,
No they break Universal Laws and oppose the Cosmic Blueprint
So they get stuck in the Waiting Room until they can reincarnate to expand and stretch in dimensionality so that their soul can sphere at a more heightened divine level
But somebody has to open for them in order for them to incarnate and then you have generational spiritual debt

You know Flora Rose I wait for the day when the children tell the elders and forefathers; "***** you, this is my life, I have to secure and my own future, I am done being a slave to flaws and wages that you should be fixing yourself"
Because see FroRo we never reach the future if we're always waiting for someone to clean up after us
We stay jailed in the darkness of time
Time and time again we will repeat the same mistakes and keep on reincarnating until we get it right
But you can only have so many rewrites
When will you vow to become an eternal entirety?

Now to answer you:
When the man or male paramour is in the shadows she remians his branch
When the man or male paramour is in darkness she remains his hope of kindling light
When the male lover is the **** of the Earth she is the fancy shelter just by giving goodness and housing delight
When he is weak, she reminds him of his strength
When he is quiet she amuses him with conversational muse which if played right is sealed with a kiss of appreciation

She keeps the leaves of the yard at bay
She bathes in the waters he has ministered
She does not invite other men who have a craving for her to the house
She does not steal the wealth and hard works of her man, instead she defends them because it is a conquest and evidence of struggled victory
For this she is not an energy vampire but a coffer of endless treasure
Crystaling love, inviting the man into the love dance
She does not hesitate to follow the inclination that tells her to give him a call, or start a talk or respond to his messages
Because she is a soul Flora Rose
That's the emotion we've been moving and it will continue to pass unless someone grabs it
If you keep on missing this love, this yielding grace - then you will always count what could have been and should have been
And shoulda coulda will not suffice in heaven
It is about the now, are you ready to drive love now and see it through to the bitter end?

Well I ask you
  Many women are drawn to the crown of a Queen but they don't understand the responsibilty that comes with being a Queen
So for this they fail to move conversation, they don't know what to say so tell me how will they know what to do
I guess we're just then playing fool
  And it's the glow that's the rule and not the kindness to heart that is flow
They're all about the glow, just like Willie Hutch said
If they aspired to the duties of a princess or Queen beyond
Then they'd be ready for the sacrifices and leaps...
Until ego dies
They will always wonder how beautiful life can fly so young.
In seasons she doesn't betray her soul because she has already gone on a journey of self-disfovery and she has it love, in its divine state, she has it truth and loyalty and honour because she has soldiered, she has it all to give and she knows that to and for love's sake it matters, whether or not her lover or paramour sees that. Because she truly loved and never apoligised for standing by it, she is a better person. And their relationship can stand the test of time because it is not something borrowed. For this testimony and by it, she knows what it means to live and can indeed be the new evening to breathe sound life into the morning.
Jul 2017 · 267
Marvelling Joy
Dear a miss who longs for a boy
Longing for my heart and not to make my ***** a toy
  I suggest our minds have to be in sync
Like you'd blink as I wink and we'd clear our kinks...

So I watch you in your daily habits, longing to look better
The truth is at the turn of the age I became a fretter
If you can climb the cosmic ladder then you can find me

So a wish I send
Bathe in melting pearls
Let my love twirl your hair like ******* curls
And you grow to love your body more
Eat well and clear the baggage in your surroundings
So a portrait or two will do so you don't feel alone

I work far away from the world so past Peace avenue I am home
That's where I'll be looking at that tree and know I am free
But I am alone so maybe a worthy lover is comforting thee
Unless you've found the green field in which case you'll know that making love is not making love unless it's with me

So be an angel then loving yourself so a reciprocal counterpoint can magnetise with you, and in that Beautiful World maybe that's where we'll meet.

*Your joy is a marvel, not the fraud superhero characters but the warrior princesses who gladiate that the world does not hear about, to gain my credit has been a bout so there's a lot of nonsense I can live without, talk soon, trust and don't doubt
Jul 2017 · 225
Thanks for Grace.
In and out of thriving and chance into the heart's light I took a glance
And above the blood that drips from the sword there is a place to make amends
First we self-reflect and see the prospect of inspecting all that has left us infected
And the wisdom is that we were ignorant as we deflected what's best in us
So every minute begins to carry so much weight

And so we seek to get to the best of our potential
So we find some meaning and purpose and we're not existential
From effectiveness we reach a level of being positively influential
And that's when we stop competing and start completing our Earth assignments
We always fall back in time when we break the promises we have made to ourselves

So for everyone who has beared with you and endured your imperfections, forgiven your mistakes
Be thankful for Grace
I am thankful for the opportunity to be poetic
Whether I have been eccentric or inordinately enigmatic

Thanks for listening and thanks for reading
For everyone who has been patient to understand the overall cosmic vision
Thanks for harmony, thanks for Grace
And for finally giving an ear to where and when I have been speaking
As souls awake. Let there be love and so Divine beings can return to their divine nature. Let grace be the spirit and love the heartbeat... More than  words can say, thank you (consciousness) for the day. We are a race.

Honestly okay, a day has been made and a full night to be lived,
Winter passing has been summer glowing and the spring autumning in leaves of all knowing
Smiles by the file on bricks showing
In sparks the mirror shows the sharks as black snow meanders out of the spot that was accurately darted
And it's okay, all things merriment as paradise has started

And the Earth Queens can smile and chuckle again
Now happiness no longer having us wonder when
Happy as a baby taken care of with comfort wearing a cheap *****
Rich with soul and heart's vehement with a passion of gold
From the ashes we rise and glide after gladiating and spelling wise
Thanks be to time and a humble mind
Friends who paid in kind and unknown lovers who showed that their bodies are ripe
But I'll be patient and let love swipe So for Creation thankful as ever and I have lived and died and lived again and I am happy.

Here's to the Kingdom
Our words are potent magic
To heavenly glory, this is his story.
Jul 2017 · 182
In the trial of the tree that leaves a trail that uses fate as bait
We pledge to be all we can be in truth and divine wisdom
In the test that serves as an exemplary guiding game, we vow to be the testament
What is a sol-dier if he does not respect the children of the sun?
A lost being who will never know what it means to earn and pursue the value of life upheld by non-malicious merit
For this reason those who have not trailed the branches and webbing of the trail will be followed by peril and doom as they bow to the limited serpentine doctrine that is a thief of hope

What do we give to the world if all we do is **** it and be thankful of the plastic barbie dolls that are bred forth?
For this reason races will continue to perish because the crowner has constantly been about who makes it rain rather than who makes it snow in our hearts
They stand high on pulpits and altars but they imprison minds because it sustains their god-hood
They fear what the truth  can do
So they trap souls and colonise minds to perpetuate a self-serving dogma

War fills up their appetites, I vow to make them feel bloated until they cannot walk
Lust feeds their banal minds, I vow to starve myself until I find a deserved flower that has reached fruition
Chaos maintains the matrix they have orchestrated, I vow to be the music that corners them into destructive calmness
And when death finally stares at me I vow to laugh like I am about to take my first breath
For this reason we Sol dad to be daad so the child can know peace and not be raised in a house of wrath

Having found the pictures moving in and out of time in the heavens
I promise to deliver a system that will enable each man, woman  and child to be free and good because of the works they have put into the world and as the debate goes: so they are not taxed to death
With the elemental fusion from the twin sun I vow to break the prison of debt, but not before I break my own prisons

See we are all doing time, one way or another
Trading thoughts and emotions, deeds and manifestations
And in the end we transform into a creed
We decide what that creed is, not some superhero or some star from afar
It's a sacred choice we make, whether we are invited into it or forced into a corner to choose
As life is in our hands
Are we sincere and honest enough to first wipe off our own sediments before we point fingers and play the blame game
Perhaps once we are over our own faults and those of others then we can begin to learn the love language
Learn to forgive ourselves and others
Maybe then races from above and below, from afar and from close proximity; will begin to reign free in their utmost purity
Reigning as souls and then we can do the honour of planting the treasures back into the earth, when we live, when we love, when we garden.
And with this the sons hating their fathers and becoming enemies of themselves could highly possibly come to an end. So there are no more prodigal sons because we have shown dad that the war for manhood can be fought.
May 2017 · 244
A story that never happened
I had a ******* but woke up dry, feeling shy that my seed to the cosmos did fly, I sighed and tried to recollect what she said, and
She said:

He whispered in my ear
Spoke softly so a song I could  hear
His words meandered and manoevred jeers
He said I should face all my fears
Because there is a progress here
He dissected his message so I could read it clear
And all it read was: I love you dear.

His feelings seemed honestly sincere
I looked into his eyes and there was a friction of frequency as he grabbed me near
He said I didn't need to shed a tear
Because happiness is shaped like pear
A music note, a quaver played by snare
So we would dance to a rhythm of rhyming sheer

I calculate that our bodies will collocate as our bodies dare
I barely know him but such a strong bond we share
I close my eyes, dream of a future and it's him there
Before I could find my senses my feet were in the air
He pulsed with some Don Juan flair
But I felt like I was the only lady in his lair
There was some sensation of inculcating velocity as he was lactating and I formed coils with my hair
It was like private-part-hockey as he gave me an aimer's stare
Like feathers fair we climaxed to heaven's crescendo sphere

And he will wake up and not know where I did disappear.
I wish she could appear coz her image is rolling pixels that did endear my imagination gears.
May 2017 · 544
Her hair, her head
1 Corinthians 11:5
"But every woman that prays or prophesies with
her head uncovered dishonors her head: for that
is one and the same as if she were shaven."

As she prays her head's in praise
She meditates and her alignment is what has them prey
Her hair is worn in algorithms
So you see a circuit board or mother board  of a new age black unknowing
Algorithms aligning her soul with the spirit's accord - they will try to abort
So they make her wear hair of trimmings like when  lands split
So soon she'd forget the fist of her Alkebulan print
Her hat covers the map to the heavens where she'd captain, from braids to the afro we find terraces of the cosmos...
 I see the keys of the piano and then I know that music is the language in which the verses union the Source wrote

Woo a man with womb and bring man's seed forth to expand the clan
Conscentise the concave mind to open eye to the cosmic kind
Patterns of pathways a patent, paintings on hide of dinoaours latent
But her hair is worn high and that's not esteem, instead it's a yellow thigh
Stereo paging on the cell telephone to tell her she's a foe to sink all your woes and curb them with her ******* and wrap you in her steatopygia.
But in her hair her head they would embed things the black gods would dread and then a set for the silicon concept, a new tribe is bred
  And to be fair is the paler hue rather than the iridescent swarthy tune
And we're globed in a speherical rationale where a flat earth is irrational but the self as a governing god the logical equation
So then we're in a situation
Her hair cannot be antennae because they tan her and fan her to the popular grammar, sentenced to the prison cell of a hashtag. Her real hair is rags and her significance is concealed by an iPhone and a bag.
Apr 2017 · 265
Play it light
Who knows where the might?
Follow the beam that illuminates
The heart beats to rhythms that ignite
See it through the eyes of the soul

Play it light
Who knows where the might?
Follow the mellifluous tunes that shine the true light
There is power in sincerity so if consistently honest who knows what might come to light
So embrace it the feeling the feeling tight
Tilt it with your wit til you get it right

Play it light
Who knows where the might?
If the price is nice
Why play the cat to mice?
Just take a chance with humility and humanly roll the dice
You can only be a fool once and shy twice

Play it light
Who knows where the might?
Perform the music of your life and silence won't be rife
Set the stage with your might and shine your light then you'll thrive
Play it light
Who knows where the might?
Go on tour as you unravel your plight
Humans have no wings so fly your dream kite
And you may know what might be your might if you play the music right, only if you play it light.
The mute heard a melody that the deaf man sung
The blind man hummed it into harmony and that's how the first band begun.

So the mute wrote lyrics for new songs and the deaf man sang them and the blind man played the piano while harmonising and the first anthology of psalms came to be.

They recorded their first song when a crippled man with one eye heard them, who happened to own a recording studio.

They called themselves The Natal Trio.
The band broke up when the blind man tried to play along -- the mute heard their song but the deaf man couldn't -- as their song played on the radio.
A fable that hints at how radioactive waves are blocking humans from having certain psychic senses or extra-sensory perception
Jan 2017 · 1.2k
African Child
I wanted to head to the African Union to speak my mind
So I wrote a letter so they could respect my kind
Then I thought maybe if I go to the paper they'd hear me out
Seeing as the newspaper is the bastion of the spectacle
But I got hysterical, as they told me I should come back later
So I voiced my thoughts and pulled out a hailer

Here's the story, the revolution is in labour
Africa is a child who needs hospice, he needs to go to theatre
But many would turn a blind eye so maybe this is a show that should play out in theatre
But maybe that wouldn't be enough so a black story should be told on a white sheet called the cinematic theatre
African child get your 3D glasses and take a moment for some introspection
This is a dedication which needs intrinsic meditation
So instead of fainting, here's a painting
Do you still treasure your body like the gods said you should?
Do you remember the time when the San were working on wood?
Sailing the seas and they would later be called the Grimaldi
They could sail the seas don't believe the whitewashed folly

African Child do you remember your clesetial roots?
Or have you been embossed in the culture of Timberland boots?
Do you still grow your hair for your follicles are receptors like an antenna
Or has the weave been weaved into your scalp so much that you only see white tapestries
Your afro was your beauty and now all you have in your head are glued and knitted seams
Martin Luther had a dream but the only colour that succeeds seems to be the one that gleams

Are we to remain a colonised progeny and have amnesia when it comes to our galactic ancestry
Yet we're quick to receive European ideologies
Soon after that we earnestly accepted American anthologies
And yet we know little of our African anthropology
Have the forgotten ancestors ever received an apology?
For accepting foreign religions and capitalist industry

But no they have all been reduced to slaves, what of our chiefs and sages?
No a millennium African would be quick to skip those pages
Instead we find wisdom when we're in cages
Our ancestors we've put in a box and that's not our original coffin
Through the coffers of the soul you see them in your past lives and they have been trapped in an X-box
Yes they are animated and we are left mentally incarcerated in the television plasma box
You would remember that many who still held the truth were given small pox

So I say on this day, make things of clay
And stage your play of our beginnings - breathing in sun rays
Hold onto to your dread locks for some dread that that so many uneven black threads can lock
Made to believe that whiteness is intelligence and blackness pestilence
Well spell out your excellence in trance states and let them call it deliverance
African child, wake up, the planet needs you
You have been the seed Alkebulan
Way before Scipio Africanus canned us
Rid yourself of these heinous cancers
Hear them the Martian chanters
They are ululating calling out all ascended masters
We feel the sacrifices of the yajamantas
We are one with nature and we bleed with the sun
Rise and grow to unite the world for beyond complexion we are one.
Jan 2017 · 266
Wet Ink
I'm not hard, my pen-is
Erecting ideas hands free
Fluctuating thoughts up and down
Sweating emotions like my heart is on a marathon
Curving negativity directing it to positivity spots
Ideas crying out of my soul
So writing gives them holes
I point in metaphors
They pore out through my pores birthing hairy sentences
I brush them into verse
They grow teeming up like a curse
I act fulfilled but the fool of me feels empty, parched so I queench my thirst
Drinking my own excretions

Hoping for someone to take me to an ****
So I can shave some and that's the sum of how I can save the paper I write on
It told me stories of its native habitation
Beautiful barked tapestries called a tree
But I have to put it out of its misery with a fruitful full stop. So writers do like Adam and bite this
Jan 2017 · 334
Set Love Free
Exuding the beauty that can make Mona Lisa blink
Listening to my heart I'm thriving on instincts
My writing is so ill my ink stinks
got sleight of hand to make disease think...
So read and let it all sink.

See evey broken heart has a ** phase
So I sit back and watch as it all plays
And no I don't hang and blaze
Because I don't believe in anything that's not baked
And that doesn't mean I'm into *******
I would do space cookies and watch the world in a haze

Don't get me wrong I am a lover in my own right
I just need a companion who will will be bare and forthright
Acknowledge what I feel for her and never lose sight
Make love with me and caress me with all her might
Kiss me like we're playing tonsil hockey and let me lip-bite

My affections are a selection of my art dedications
Devoted to the truth and all his friends, that's my collection
If she is carefree then she can link with me, we might have a connection
Sparks do fly like a dust speck so let them not turn into thorns set ablaze to electrocute my fusion
My fusion being my feelings for you so its not an illusion let there be no confusion

I am a guy who likes to be behind the scenes, never causing a scene, just kneading tapestries and watch them meander your heart like streams
If you are feeling the seams then this could be what it seems
I just wanna get lost in your eyes as they gleam, retrace your face in my memory so it teems
I will open up my pores and they will be a fortress
We can think of the horizon and have you lie supine on my mattress

Exchanging fluids and fumes, take whiffs at your perfume
And remember always that you are my muse
Sing in the language of the ancients as you ******
Feel my heart skip a beat, that's a vibrational chasm
Your legs are locking me on my waist
Our lips are locked like we're creating paste
I love how my psyche you amaze
If I was psychic I would look into your soul and tell your forefathers that you haven't been a waste
In my heart you'll shine forever
This has been one hell of of an endeavour
I'm seeing multiple heavens and it's perfect cloudy azure weather
Love you like a dove, you are the bird of my feather
I see you through the eyes of my soul and you are whole
Igniting fire is what I want to do where you feel you have holes
I scored the jackpot with you, keeping rank with your emotions is my goal
Take my hand, you are my hope so let's do like voyagers and elope.
Jan 2017 · 776
The Preview
Universal Director: What is that you want?

Me: A life I can die enjoying knowing that I've lived in my existence

Universal Director: How does one achieve their dreams if they keep sleeping in the day and living their dreams in the night?

Me: I try to stay conscious of all that I have dreamt while my body slept so I can carry it through the day. But I am unsure of what is real and what is fantasy.

Universal Director: Life is but a dream, a dream you have to seize while the tick of time does sneeze. For with every breath you take it is an awakening moment

Me: So I have to grab the pendulum of chance and hope its o'clock for my time so I can be the poem of my life?

Universal Director: You have to keep an open mind and a vehement heart, that is when you catch the train of manifestation thoughts.

Me: So I have been loafing, thinking that the more pressure I put on myself just dreaming so I can attract my dreams into reality... Has all been a fallacious fantasy?

Universal Director: Understand that you have the hands to hand the future into your grasp if only you keep fists where you fight, leap where you might then in rumination at the palms of your rest station you will gain foresight. No longer hiding behind the hiding of hindsight. Only then will you be riding the steeds of success, to be quite forthright.

Me: In retrospection I make an inspection that I have neglected an election of eloquent selection to move forward in my perfection. Only an illusion in its protrusion would cause confusion to a longing soul trying to avoid societal pollution. So grabbing the moment at its most potent is the remedy for excellence?

Universal Director: You are quite right with a left mind of calculation. I can only admonish you to polish the parts that are left unattended so unnecessary mistakes do not have to be mended.

Me: Such evils have signs portended, I can rely on my wisdom to avoid my woes being extended. I should apologise to all those I have offended lest I be unfairly contended. Should I achieve my dreams will then I be most contented.

Universal Director: You are ambitious, your ideas are nascent but your soul is ancient. There are many obstacles so you have to be patient. One cannot be without knowing the self, the self cannot come into being without knowledge of the universe from whence it came and within which it resides. Just like an address cannot exist without a house stand and street name, and to which town or city would it claim its fame? So ride on in the ethereal and art thoughts surreal to actualize deeds every soul can feel.

Me: I do so agree with what you decree, how can I argue with thee? I have vision but you open my third eye so I can see. And you sharpen my cognition so I can conceive. Light and sensors from the ligaments of the Universe should I receive. I have been unkind to think I am a god in a world of giants who rule the world by being thieves. Wisdom begins in the heart and is discerned by the mind to be sustained by deeds that the future self is oft proud of.

Universal Director: Hah! Now only do you see that the heart has vision in a dark body that receives its fuel as blood. Let that be ink then to write you into existence so your immune system can fight off pestilence. From this scripture of live-and-defend ascend into tattooed immortality in the stones of time and be a rhyme like a spell of magic. Live on to be the truth of your entirety and cry out for eternity in your mortality.

Me: Like an art-er I should martyr my purpose to my very being. Quite a deal but better than to have  my soul loose for any to steal.

Universal Director: To you the truth I bring. Fly with wings for your weight lives not in your ego but in the mass that keeps you grounded. So fly at the speed of thought and hover over beautiful things to cover them with your wings so the covert can be overt and the dumb will think, the blind will blink, the deaf will listen and the mute blow the whistle. The Universe is ready for you

Me: I am humbled, my apathy has turned into symphony. All the melancholy have been composed into symphony. All my  maladies have played themselves out to be melodies. A picture now do I see of what movie life can be... If we find the right seat, a perfect view does yield. If we can learn to write the suitable script, better fates can we wield. And our friends can help us in production as crew, casting our multiple selves. If we're lucky we get a blockbuster and knock on the doors of life once more.

Universal Director:
If you should find the secret window of the preview, afterlife is yours to receive as due.
Dec 2016 · 441
These things I've seen
These things I've seen
A lover be unfaithful, allowing another man to boisterously indulge her...
The love of a 25 year life imprisonment sentence fall to pieces like the shackles at the end of slavery...
The characters of the bible being whitewashed and leaving the blacks in the dark, a black book with red sides and edging, resembling the sword that drips of blood --- Blood of the tribes fighting for their brown and green land but by way of religion fell into the enemy's hands...
Crimes of passion that claim to be unending and relentless symbolism of love and affection however psychotic...

These things I've seen

Drakes protecting the hidden treasures in the garden where the first temple was built --- I guess Adam had cousins but had no aunts or uncles...
Shapeshifting humans during intense low-level vibrational frequency ****** ******* - all ritualistic...
{In my dreams} Shapeshifting humans as they turn into star dust and crystal as they make love at high-level vibrational frequency - all electric...
Flying saucers that blip orange and red lights hovering about in circles...
Driving into the Neverland in the dark where the compass tilts clockwise then anti-clockwise...

These things I've seen

Tall Long haired pale ones looking down from a cliff in front of the greenest of trees through a mirror that connects the Universe...
A falling star descending as if it were directed or aimed with a cosmic bow and arrow...
Light elementals showing themselves through a register of time called the calendar...
Innocence fall as the heavens had color or people called the blacks such as the advanced humanoid-apes that fly spaceships...
Lion King being a true story of a faraway lost home called Avyon, where Cat People or the Felin live amongst the Bird People or the Carians...

These things I've seen

Starving children swell up and their heads being left huge on  slim a body signifying the aliens called the greys...
Aids killing brothers and sisters like they were not meant to have form, purpose and meaning...
Chemtrails arting toxic infections that cloud the nervous system with diseases...
Beggars begging for a penny and hobos pushing hope and home on a trolley...
Visions subliminal being told on tell-a-vision only to have the masses document orchestrated thought forms on social platforms...

These things I've seen, as I speak I hear them sing. As I listen I feel them breathe, as I gasp I smell their feet... and I am just below their toe nail. These things are real and the more I try to put on hope-headphones I realise there is a giant Zeitgeist being plotted against you and me, can't you see?
Dec 2016 · 270
Love in the Wild
The rock knocks and the waters embrace it with splashes
The ocean rushes to the shore like it's about to give the sand lashes
The sun sets as if to hide away from the azure clouds
It is a misty blue that is left in the atmosphere, this is a dream that could work

The clouds usher in the crescent moon,
it pierces through the sky as if the only element in the heavens
It shines ablaze and invites the stars
No electricity babe only the stars will light
No television, only the cosmic picture to ignite
No walls will house us, we'll camp in the wild with but a blanket

The crickets start making music and the mosquitoes start battle formations
The wind flicks the trees and the leaves dance at a rhythm
Now we can follow suit and collapse into ******
Kisses bellow and hands scale each other's body
The clothes are scattered and we're tightly close together
 I'm tumescent, I oblige you and align like an obelisk to a distant star

The oscilations tilt us into orgasmia
The swings invite a sing of cries and grunts and gasps
Toes curl and fingers twirl
Pores are open and the juices gush closing in
I look up and see you're supine eyes gazing wide open as if you're about to weep
I kiss you slowly and we disappear in time into countless "I love you's"

A night has been climaxed with ******* under the belly of nature
Dec 2016 · 266
Raw Days
Before I went digital, it was the pencil to paper lyrical

Before I went digital, it was the pencil that led through the led to find sense in the sentence

Before I went digital, my fingers went hysterical, it was an algorithm analogous to stay primitively liberal

Before I went digital, putting anything on screen was criminal - so the lens of my iris was the only visual

Before I went digital, the rush crucified the wood of my pencil like they would lynch blacks on trees for being cynical

Before I went digital, everything was a drawing of the critical - like mining coal my product had fruit and multiplied like the Adam and Eve spirituals

Before I went digital, I had literacy that took my literature to the actual cultural and literal.

Raw days were the utmost poetrical, all this before I went digital.
Nov 2016 · 373
Silent whisper
the truth falls on deaf ears
atrocities make mutes
the illusion blinds the faint hearted
putting your nose knee deep into reality might make you lose your mind
never forget who plays a hand in the steps you take so always hit rewind
remember every breath you take is a chance to touch a soul consciously
awake to the sleep that has many hypnotised
lies are told to keep the truth in the dark so open the book of secrets and be bright.
Nov 2016 · 237
Suddenly Left Me
For a moment we were a bond
For a moment we worth holding
For a moment we were a magic potent

In a flash we were broken
In an instant sparks were forsaken
In a bang opportunities were stolen

... Where a love could have been woven
Strong feelings could have flown like a raven
Now all are memories that I hold as a token

For a moment our hearts were set ablaze
For a moment to your desires I was a slave
For a moment a future we found urgent to contemplate

In a rush you were so harsh and gushed words so harsh
In a boom I was your worst enemy
In a long pause you forgot that you were more than a friend to me

... Where we flowed and soared like a phoenix raw we were no more
Where we had a vehement chemistry you left a smart sore
Where you laid beautiful tapestries you left a sheath of forlorn hope torn

And now we are no more
In a moment
In an instant
In a flash
Baby please come back
May 2016 · 427
We used to Be
we used to flow like the river
but now we're cold as ice

we used to feed on the fruits of romance
now we have dry pastures fielded with ignorance

we used to check each other coast to coast
now we barely see eye to eye
love was blind but gained sight
and it saw on the other side of loneliness strides
I used to write and you would ride
ride my words like a pony of beautiful thoughts

we used to send each other smiley faces and sweet nothings
now we're the image of people who used to know each other but just retire their memories on some couples' anthology
I write poetry to fit the gaps left by emotionless apologies
Were you sorry to leave or were you sore for being a thief?
the thief of my heart, a pioneer of love and its jeers
I would cry and cry a river of tears but that doesn't shake off the forthcoming fears
I thought we would last years and years but now all we have is a map of memories and ambitions lost in wonderland

We used to be the superheroes of love and affection,
now we're stripped off all its comic books
It was high and a frivolity when you shook me with your spark
Now I throw darts hoping it didn't leave too deep a mark
a game I play myself, to weigh how much you meant to me
it was quite a quilt our time together, a ballad crocheted by picturesque tapestries
oh my we used to be,
now seeing you is a trivial novelty
for I do not know the person you've become
I hope your new love does not come out undone
I will be waiting for my own new love, excreting the little passions that still remain in the coffers of my soul
We used to be but now there is no more you and me

just old pictures of fallen and abandoned leaves
may memory pick them up and blow them into the seasons that are the seams,
the seams of the strings of time.
May 2016 · 419
Reel's Real
The night is young, most lights are out. You're a sad one if at the end of the night you are without. You fail to flash flair if you dare have doubt. It's the nightlife and there are multiple exchanges. It's wild, the young are free and they don't fear the dangers.

The saaz hop pops and the syrups drop. Jack is swallowed, Daniel follows and sons feel like paps. The captain is shot down and Johnnie leads the way so even in the morning they'd keep walking. It's a feminine thing at the Red Square when joy and tears are shared. All feeling bubbly they smoke on hubbly. They reach their destination when the Three Ships land at the breeze of the Southern Comfort. The boys walking down the streets reeling say hi time and time again - but it sounds like Heineken. It is a thriller, she Miller, when she sinks and the body turns into an ocean.

These syrups, energizer potions, inspire wilderness. They get loud and walk proud as friend and he have fine girls for the night found. Scream "uhm-I'm still" for it is the beverage that tells - it is Amstel. High and drunk, in loose mode, the thought reeling in mind is "take off clothes" - play with pole. Sleep with the girl that he has stole. Stories of old, not for folks (only amongst peers are told). It is he weak a man, he who chokes. He who can't make it to the morning.

Drunk emotions are starting, it's time to head for the bed. And all the while, the thought reeling through their minds as they move side to side, is that it was no fantasy and conclusion that reel is real
*One from the 100 collection. If you're into making poetry with alcohol and the nightlife, you might enjoy this.*
May 2016 · 362
In it Again
Here's we are again, penning thoughts and emotions
Like soaking off the excess out our underarms where skin quaffs on the sweat and odour till the air sets in

EMOTIONS HAVE PASSED and EMOTIONS HAVE BEEN SAVORED, Quite an anthology. We keep each other alive and inspired as poets
Whether we are trending or sharing and adding to Collections; there is certainly a consciousness in there

What subject matter would make for this object's subjugation to sense and reason.
The object being the writing here present to play plaintiff against ignorance and iniquity
Idle-minds to their defence are short-sighted as they have whims whisked by the moment
So who can really blame the ignorant and uneducated for they long for the rush and excitement... raw passion like kissing bosoms for the first time and unfurling a woman's body as the clothes surrender into your hands and collapse on the floor

So the unintelligent are merely maniacs in their own right
So we leave this verdict to the jury
The neutral minds that neither vote for poetry nor prose
Never vouching for friend or foe
Dissecting potential among amateur and pros

A little diction to feed off an addiction of anecdotal fiction
In it Again, poised to put words to phrased tapestries

And I will resuscitate and alleviate as I heal from poetry hypochondria
Where I constantly play tricks on myself
After I read the product, the synthesis is simply: I've done it, I'm in it again.
Jan 2016 · 428
Emotions Savoured
Body and soul of me own
  you and I flames in twin-sewn
  loving for the sake of you and I, combed by divinity as we'd be naked
in a secret garden where we beautiful tapestries rake

In and out of time we have fought the space to be one
scrambling through this lover and that to end up heart undone
The best love-making is the rhapsody of you and I fusing to cosmic song
Emotions have flown and we have ignited as flames in a place we both belong
  in the heavens where we right our wrongs and ****** - to calm bring
Believing again has been the summit, that you and I can fly on these love-wings.

Whatever happens know that in life, and afterlife of moments relived to signify precious memories, emotions have been savoured so we pass into the neverland and play music with the ferries.
the quenched thirst of the first
Jan 2016 · 2.8k
Posted from Truth Seeking
Speak the truth and the lies burn out of your life, termites and dust mites shout screaming out because of the fumed existence and pandemonium of the right accord of good things coming into your life

From the time the Creator Parents disobeyed the Law of One, The Father of the Universe has set out to create an Army or Allegiance to help Him polarize back to other Creator Parents, His Brothers, so to return to the Sound and True Light of  FATHER, to be embraced in the arms of Mother, HAROON, to trade tricks with the Priest Son, RAJ.   Many efforts have been made throughout the aeons to achieve this.

This Army then, some might call the Justice League, The Thunder Tribe, The Eliminators, The Time-Travelling Angels, and so on, have been going out to galaxies incarnating as the most common life-form there. On Earth, the conditions have been symbolic with many imbalances, lies, evils, greed and corruption.

Now because these beings or soldiers had given up their own will, what is called freewill, to serve a Higher Purpose; their assignments or missions on the planets they incarnate make for a refined and rapid understnading of life and thus at most, they die very young. They return to a more spiritual state than when they had first incarnated.
There is a story about such an angel who was a reverand who incarnated into a rich human family that owned trucks. So as he grew up he had lessons learned from his home planet ringing at the back of his head, he taught humans humanistic values, to turn the other cheek which means enduring circumstances really, being selfless, earning an honest living, reaching out to higher levels of vibration through doing good deeds one day at a time and treating the body as a temple.

Now because not all humans are the same or at the same dimension and process of spiritual evolution, some students who had been respecting these teachings that stem from the Law of One were progressing in spirituality and were basically living their dreams, it was then up to them to warn about disregarding those laws. Because humans have flaws, some members of this Higher Learning were growing jealous and some dropped out and stopped attending, resorting to having money to salvage their insecurities, having lustful engagements with multiple women to avoid loneliness and the worship of materials to absolve their incompleteness.  

Others were unfair such that they suggested that learners who had earned their colours or accolades be stripped off or not duly compensated and recognized and instead work for them so they can complete their own missions with which they were struggling. See it is important to stress that while these angels were selfless and generous they did not come to wipe the buttocks of impatient, foolish, selfish, irresponsible and greedy men. Those who were done, it was good for them they moved closer to the heavens and experienced the paradise the best parts of their hearts had always dreamt.

It was not a competition of sorts but for like of understanding, it can be seen as a race, drivers, runners or combatants on a track to reach the eternal lap where they live their destinies and eat from the fruits of immortality in the secret garden of heaven. In a prospect it can be seen as an attempt to find Eden. Because it is not a competition, merely a progress taking place at different paces, places, phases and environments. Those who had done well and were competent to ride at the next wave and dimension simply went there to continue in their learning, a cascading journey of life, on Earth or in the Afterlife, once they were done they became immortal and lived outside of time which meant they then waited for those who were still coming.  Oracles have it that this angel-soldier, Julo, chose a truck family because this family had an influence to change the way cars would drive, ~cars being the wings of angels in reality~, not only that but roads would be preserved so the riders would see clearly where they were going and how much length or path and time they had left; the awareness of this creates an urgency to learn about important principles and values in life, so then creating gates to divinity and pathways for the life-forms of that realm to live out their purpose and find refuge which is the home in heaven.

With this understanding it was acknowledged that when lovers become parents, the children weren't obliged to be the replay of their parents' lives, in other words props for their parents to act out a story until they could find perfection. It was a wave or energy field that would allow humans to experience divinity throughout all 14 dimensions, transforming into angelic beings once they reach 15, this was a re-Genesis of Heaven. To finally find the Resort and learn the mistakes that occured when Cosmic Mother, Callia was preganant with Artola. It was about the Ark of the Covenant, The Challice, The Holy Grail... Divinity, Beauty, Love. Liberty of Lifelihood
The Order of Life.

Musical Inspiration: _ Patrick 'O Hearn - Beyond This Moment
Jan 2016 · 987
A Call From the Pleiadians
Since I identified myself as more than a number
I have been remembered by Orbs, Walk-Ins, channelers and elementals
  with all the work that has been carried out by Light-workers and care-givers, the Justice League if you will
  much attention has been drawn by the Pleiadians
  So at this time one wonders why things aren't coming alright instantly
   Besides wars and organized crime and famine
the touble has been food and birth control

The messages that come from the Dream School reveal that the Pleiadians as well as Carians, (the Parents of Reptillians) once helped mankind with planning pregnancy and avoiding dysfunctional births to breed a creed of children who didn't live according to a political plan, occult plan or a religious sacrifice
   They came to help man so balance can be restored because the problems that were found here were not found on other planets at the time
    there was a prophecy from time-travellers that scientists would one day awaken hormones of humans before they had spiritual identity and knowledge about the Universe and Creation
  --- with this generation upon generation it would be hereditary for children to birth children so then there would be no parents, hence no direction

but you see to get to pregnancy one has to understand ****** ******* or fusion first
  once a soul comes into awakening and knowing that it exists in a realm beyond the physical,
parents in Atlantis and Lemuria would then teach them about astronomy, astrology, history, sacred geometry, the arts, philosophy and generally galactic anthropology
with this evolution man was able to do what we'd call prayer and meditation today
   this connection with the Divine was man experiencing the Universe with the Father of this Universe, God, Enjilou, first, before journeying spiritually with anyone else
  Upon full growth, integration, upgrade and completion, only then would man, male or female seek a partner replicating his or her vibration, complementing his or her resonant frequency
  at this time both partners were evolved spiritually, etherically, mentally, physically and emotionally. From this bandwidth comes the coalescent enregy we call love
    with this energy both partners could explore the Universe, connect with the Divine and travel astrally or physically, mentally or psychically; finding ways to be together because they were sharing love

it was from these stellar travels that the couple would find a place to house their love, growing in understanding of each other
  -- they then made love, this was before marriage was created, for they were both married or bonded with God first and had understood and identified their place in the Universe
   from frequent love-making, clusters would be created from the third-energy that comes from the fusion of the two souls
the more this happened the couple would want to find a soul that represents them both best through the eyes of Divinity
then they would search for a star or a star system that complements both their energies (one that would allow them to fuse) then they can create a new star, what we can call a baby
    being birthed like a bang or a clash landing by an astronaut; which is why new-borns are clothed in space-suits to this day
     following the guidelines of the Law of One which govern creation: the lives of new-borns of babies are not compromised

Secondly the problem was that of food,
avatars have been sent to Earth throughout the ages to teach humans about harnessing the energy of Sun Food through manufacturing and farming
there has been a teacher in the Hindu religion, a prophet in the Islam religion, doctors from the Celtic Faith... All abjudicating the importance of harnessing the energy we receive, including rain, to produce food that is healthy for our bodies
   it is needless to say that there was no junk food then or many meals in a day, a bowl of leaves could last a child for weeks
   this information would be distorted and destroyed as many trees have been destroyed and mines have been opened to further eradicate the evidence
   it shouldn't be farfetched that man has a sacred and real connection to divinity, man is able to engage in ******* with angels, angels who will then cleanse his or her chakras, all this through a diet of mind, body, heart and soul
   cleaning out negative energies and inviting in healing positive energy
but how? Well if the body is a temple then your house that you live in should be a megastructure, how you take care, maintain that megastructure will have an impact on your body which is a temple
likewise how you take care of your body which is a temple will make you aware of the dysfunction and disturbance going on in your megastructure
  so you plant a tree and learn if you are responsible enough to sustain it
  then you will know that you can be responsible for yourself and become a watchdog being careful of how you eat, then you jog and swim. Pray.
These healthy habits have been disturbed by malicious doctrines of religion that promote animal and child sacrifice. Where problems should be sacrificed so we can emerge victorious as humans, achieving our goals getting closer to our dreams. These disturbances have been getting in the way of how we eat, what we eat, disturbing how we connect as souls resonating in the tender vibrations of love. Not the malignant greedy ambitions of tenders stemming from governing bodies high above. These disturbances have manifested the births of children  who are lost, don't stay in school, engage in drugs, early pregnancy and monopolizing the destinies of those children for selfish agendas. This then makes a dumbed-down and misguided race that keeps on forgetting where it comes from and thus constantly questions where it is going. It is with one's own discretion and will to choose to be better and connect with the divine to make one's path and journey here on Earth clearer so we can fulfill our purpose. The Pleiadeans love you all. Namaste
Dec 2015 · 464
Floral Beauty
The elements that wrestle inside
The beauty that hides, so shy
Stimulated by the grass moving to the rhythm of the clouds
How can you congest the beauty inside?

But for the tears, a song is sour
in poverty you express your power
Folly embraces those who left after they did devour
But always remember that your beauty is a flower.

Nhlanhla Moment
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Weeping eyes
Father do you see your children?
They are searching for promised Eden
leaders where are our answers?
We lie sleeping in the illusion of justice
We wake and search for our liberties
but our youth is poisoned with ill ideas

The mother cries that she cannot feed her daughter
The provider worries about health as clone animals are slaughtered
We worry about dehydration as chemicals leave our waters doctored
Drugs and guns create a society that is insecure and faltered
Young brothers who have received little education and truth are martyred
Institutions limit us to transparent information about how it all started

The Weeping Eye reveals the hurt and all that leaves us ill
The Weeping Eye divulges elements that disturb our free will
  The Weeping Eye unmasks the men in suits who freedoms steal
The Weeping Eye opens the mind to the wars that leave us imprisoned
The Weeping Eye shakes us as our innocence dies
How this eye frustrates ambition as you find it hard to fly

hard to fly in a world that leaves you mostly to cry
Cry for you have no one by your side to help the pain subside
which side to reside as the colours of flags leave us blind
Nowhere to hide as our homes are surveilled and we're made to bow or they'll have us tied
tied and locked in that place which is of darkness inside

The Weeping Eye will change your mind
When we're left to pick cults and sides
When the big picture is not seen of divide
Divide and keep the hate alive
These tears should uplift your consciousness
these tears drop to ground and form into a mark of sound
a sound which is a voice
     the voice that compels you to make a choice
to be the rhythm of the Light and not of the Darkness noise

The Weeping Eye is a window and a reveltion of you and I. That soul is eternal and freedom bound.
Dec 2015 · 1.6k
Truth To Reconcile
It is the day I have been waiting for.
To meet my maker in human form, after delivering human uniforms
I have so much to tell you God
Ten years ago I lost my grandfather
so Creator Son Enjilou and now is it CALIEFAH, Can I call you Granfather?
I come from a world where I have contributed to the human consciousness and development
It was said when the angels took me in and declared me their soldier that the holders of money and big media and mining would not pay money to people like me who do good
It was said that people like me are  hardly ever acknowledged

I have so many friends back where I come from
they tell they love me
it's funny that on many ocassions they are the very ones who have been plotting to have me killed, working together with my family

They tell me I'm a star back on Earth, that I have so much money and that I have composed so much music and helped so many people
I have never seen my name on television but they tell me I've written stories
They tell me that when I turn 25 I will receive my wealth and be deemed Royal
However I was never too young to be stolen from
never too young to carry the baggage of the world
never too young to be killed
never too young to have my identity stolen
never too young to watch other men take credit for my work
never too young to watch my beloved's die
never too young to be lied to
or too old to be made the fool

In that world ruled by Darkness, wars are manufactured so the greedy can be richer and the wealthy more comfortable,
this pressure causes a strain and kills the human consciousness as a whole, when an elite group of individuals monopolize their sustenance through drinking the blood and energy of good and hard-working men and women
They tell you you're a hero there but no-one cares if you have bread on the day, a place to sleep, an income or money to get to a certain place
just as long as the aristocrats are comfortable in their seats, spreading ***, running drug cartels and destroying feminine energy through lust and abuse
through human trafficking and ***-slavery
If people felt the urge that is felt by the martyrs, the yajamanta, the  gladiators, the pilgrims and sages; then the world would change instantly

The selfishness of the leaders is unbelievable, the present progress of this makes many humans toddlers because they are constantly needing help more than helping themselves
it makes them parasites because they will sit down and wait for someone else to clean up their garbage
"I'll just keep ******* up and garbage boy will clean it up for me, anyway I'm late for Satan's church"
that's the reality
People fight for bonds and inheritance, killing and lying to each other to attain these material goods
They never find happiness because of this, they feed on the flesh so that them energy vampires
  they are burnt by the truth because they bathe in blood baths and still feel the injuries of the desolation of Mars
In this world, there are few people you can really and truly trust if any
because once they realize that there's someone you can trust; they go after him and bribe him or manipulate him
Truth be told if people were extremely hungry for Heaven they would probably find it in an hour
If they gave praise or directed their frequency of vibration embodied in Soul to God just as they do to their Lord Lucifer; the world would change in a day
   But people love Lucifer, they love being victims, staying on the ground after you've fallen, never learning from your mistakes
waking up after you realise that you've been sleeping
so and so on
At this, people then don't become soldiers and then fail to change their lives around
it starts with admitting that you've messed up doesn't it God?

So you ask me, do I have a bank account? Sure, but here they clone and sample everything so that way you never get to receive what you deserve
If these Fraternal members or tyrants really believed in god, every genius who dies protecting an idea would be compensated immediately, if they can access your personal data that quickly
   but that doesn't happen, you speak the truth and fight for your money consequent of the hard you've been doing, you get crucified
it seems to me, if they cannot pay these inventors their dues then they are more uncomfortable with watching these geniuses live and enjoy their money which they deserve
  So the real prisoners are the Emperors you see, they are not free from themselves
  and if supporters they are and truly love you then they'd appreciate what you stand for and they wouldn't love money more than they love what they stand for

So there is a huge pool of insecurity, and once ego dies then a long list of addictions and confusions also die
Humility is born, new worlds are discovered, old systems are replaced and there is a new meaning of life
Then perhaps artists will have a chance
their work won't be abused or spoiled and compromised
Then the Truth would Reconcile

Individuals would confess what they have been doing because they don't want to do it anymore
Artists would be allowed to die and rest if they have been sole-bearers of responsibilty for too long a time, as with Abrahamic faiths
Then when people say they need you, they will mean, they need you to live the life that has been divinely intended for you to manifest-purpose
  they wouldn't want you around solely because of how much it benefits them -- deeper level of selfishness
  then people learn to be selfless, peoples begin to grow and evolve
   becoming the masters of their own lives in a world that allows them to carry out their assignments here, without the unnecessary systems of false doctrines, indebting banking, crime, manufacturing of diseases, unplanned births, ill broken realtionships, cliques and gangs, drugs, vanity, lust, idoletry, supression of the truth-(thus)transparency
then the needs of the good working man are considered, if an artist contributes to a project, he/she receives his/her earning
then karmic cycles can engage and people stand and think for themselves, in other words spirit returns to soul and the human is more psychic than physical
  then you have a community
the leaders are then not commiting genocide
no leader will claim something that which does not belong to him/her
capability and competence complements position or rank

Dimensionality and Integration of Male/Female levels become the bestowing powers of these positions
There was a story that humans came through a tree and humans flourishing in through that tree until a pregnant woman tried to pass and everyone behind her got stuck and there were no more people passing through

With this, not one person will carry the burdens of many for information or knowledge will be out there for people to learn how to clean up after themselves, no more crucifix of one person

in overview the Christ gates or portals are open for poeple to pass for themselves
With this there are fewer to none unplanned births because ***, recreation or Creation will have reached a deeper level of Understanding among the Humans
Once a human has understood the laws of the Universe, the dynamics of life and a sense of the Ocean of Love and Mercy, thus being a soul in its understanding, will it then engage in these creations
so paedophillia dies, hypersexuality and ******* dies, souls being attracted to each other because of vibrational and resonant frequency is born

Then we are stars again, we return to the Divine Source, learning how to drive or traverse spaces,-- returning to FATHER.
Nov 2015 · 1.0k
We Gladiate
Long ago, when soldiers were soldiers
the world was in balance
an artist, craftsman or engineer earned a living and got paid his dues
It was with wars in Atlantis and Lemuria down to Shumer, Babylon and Rome that regimes changed and thus so too with economies

Soon the world stopped reading and learning
So the aristocrats could profit from this
A lazy and unthinking society meant that they the gods would pay themselves for doing nothing but holding seats and positions

However it was not all dark for there were still Guardians of the Divine Truth
These Guarduians would travel through time, incarnating when the world was facing doom
They were soldiers who had given up their own will for the divination or channeling of the Divine Plan by FATHER
Now they were geared and strong and bold but victories would never come easy in a world where there were still blood oaths, worship of idols and evil indoctrinations
so the principles of these cults would be carried out by a grand master from time to time through the intelligence of crystal skulls
these principles would take precedence over a soul's conscience and Universal Morals
there would be vortices or channels that would have to be created by these soldiers but because of corruption and greed they would not be paid for doing so

it was only after they had left or died that the world realized the worth and value they were adding to the world
The more good deeds were punished rather than rewarded the less God of the Universe Enjilou grew tired and impatient and thus took his Good souls to reside back home in Heaven
it was so bad that even when the evil tyrants would come back from the dead to address their followers of evil, the followers did not listen
the evil 'ethics' were so infested and embedded in their psyche that it was hereditary

So when these soldiers came to reactivate the DNA areas of conscience, compassion, love, peace, happiness and kindness they would be ranked as anarchists or terrorists
this was because memory was lost of human beginnings and our galactic heritage
the Jehova uprising and the Ceasars that followed him under the guise of Lucifer  were controlling planets using obelisks and sonic beams emitting negative frequencies to sustain war, division, classisism, greed and mass ******
this was so they can induce an energy that would sustain them in 3D form, so animals were sacrificed in their name in a hope for spiritual awakening which was in actual fact leading to doom
   the destruction of conscience in each of us meant that the world was filled with zombies automated under the orders of the Unholy martix and its drivers
This war would dtem deeply in the heart of the Universe in Jerusalem
there bases in Syria that were being fought for still
This made the job of these soldiers very difficult but each Guardian would meet from time to time with the Divine Creator for reports and a status update
For as long as the soldiers weren't being paid their dues, and these were huge sums!
It signified the level of spiritual evolution and the progress of the revolution

Becuase of the decay of the planets, temples being destroyed and lies spreading
many soldiers turned against the truth and sold their souls for monetary gain
but this meant that to make money you have to ****, a lot of blood had to be spilled and there was a huge regulation on how you spent your money
basically you were now a slave because the money you had would be spent at the places owned by the aristocrats or gods of old
if you were making an honest living, you were paid very little and life was made tough for you
  So on his last day a gladiator is intructed to reveal the truths of the world and speak on behalf of all soldiers who weren't being paid for the good they were doing:
and his employer in Heaven told him that, "today you return home, the people there will not pay you and even if they do, a good soul will cry for you with 4 pounds and a note, the point is you will not be allowed to enjoy your wealth because it has been hard very hard up to this long to pay you your dues, you win a league they tell about marketing and the old systems of malls in Ur.... You win another marathon they tell you about licenses, you win a trophy after that and they tell about age or christmas, IT SEEMS TO ME THEY ALWAYS HAVE AN EXCUSE TO NOT REWARD YOU BUT ARE QUICK TO PERSECUTE YOU FOR NOT PERFORMING A TASK"...

SO you see this soldier would have to die broke, following the script of many geniuses and cardinals
in refelection it meant that there was a new consciousness which was stealing money, being selfish
   there was urgency for making a quick large buck than an urgency for doing good and awakening souls and improving the planet
  there were very few soldiers who would surrender their own will that they 'can' do something for the greater good (which was allowing the Divine Plan to manifest)
  We Gladiate
Law Of One

It would be that when the masters of ceremonies and performers would want to return to the temples of Pleasure where happiness was, most had to be rebuilt for many had been destroyed
Upon this awakening new soldiers would come, the attachment however would be hard to eradicate between the former soldiers and humans
   but you see the development and growth of the new Spiritual Consciousness was not for the former soldiers to oversee for they had planted
   the responsibilty was for the receivers or recipients to dissect and harness the knowledge for their awakening
    this was not because the old soldiers were bitter and miserable but rather that their time was over and many had grown tired and worn out from wounds and injuries, scars and conditions consequent of wars

However Promise Land would be seen and experienced again
and then maybe the honour of soldiers would return and they would be paid their dues, not stolen from
greed replaced with generosity
  bitterness with kindness
hate with Love
Division with Unity
Lust with Sensuality
Mind-Control with divine discernment
Slavery with Justice
Lies with Uninterrupted Education
  Inferiority with freedom and self-worth

and then just maybe the Guardians will be housed again
Oct 2015 · 671
The in - between
Caught in the middle
the centre septre stream
... genesis;  a moment the tendency for an object to twist, aligning in congruence with memory cells or a harbour memory cell hub a channel is created.  

So thought - forms can relive themselves time after time
I read an anthropological script one time and it suggested that we are souls if not stars or orbs of lights stuck in a single episode of a drama that is cosmic
So God, His Wife and their Son/s are reliving themselves through time and space ever expanding to find order
In retrospect that would explain why Showbiz is so big
For the First Fruits long for their story to be portrayed so to find justice, freedom and order
So then here I am, having incarnated for the enth time

In this world they rarely raise souls
a boy is raised to be a man
a man to serve the Man or to pay for the debts of the other man
normally to replace his Father or right the wrongs of his forefather
so there you have it, a script is ready for you to act out and your opinion is yet to matter as a soul

And Gaia suffering from the pains of the past and she grew cold, evil and bitter; worse than her perpetrators
then the middle you see Thor and his dysfunction and thence comes Lucifer and he contends with his father and seeks to oppress mother to take over the galaxies
hmmm and Him Thor in the thin of the divide
in the brink of chaos
assigned to create order

Earth then, working and cleaning out the emotional scars and mistakes of past - lives
incarnating again and again until we raise our consciousness to Higher Dimemsions
So we look to heroes you see to motivate our vision
You  contend as a gladiator and the Powers will reward you as far as your success makes them comfortable and no further
It is a danger to stand up to the gods and confess that you serve God
So maybe a nobel prize you get when you're older and you've sold so much of yourself in the process
Your victory over problems and exhibitions or sporty knockouts intimidate those who are assumed to be the limit
so this makes them insecure
these problems started before our parents and grandparents Im sure
Lands we fight and commodities we strive for only to have a say about the Word
the word that flowed through sound as it fused with light
So who with clear audibility to decipher the root code?
Her earrings Pandora we'd search for
His Heart Artola we'd contest for
Her beauty Hirana we'd aspire to behold as we become grand

The glitch in her consciousness or the filling of the void creates a monster that is a vacuum for the hollow negative consuming dark light changing names Alycza to Cleopatra but what happened to her best mantra Callia
And we live in the play
affected if not convicted of her hurt
so we long to heal

And the union again takes us to the  unnoticed spaces of creation
half the time we feel marooned
yes it is the fusion completing HAROON So we understand time better and reach RAJUN
A place of the utter Integration

So many roles in the middle I tell you there are many things with which you wouldn't want to fiddle
Excuse the so's; this is not a riddle
a puzzle we'd fit so pieces we do not belittle to conjoin the twigs and winds to find a fig we'd rig to our humane config.

And disease release, pains appease so we please the free and each soul turns on their stellar switch
After war, soldiers we have died so many times
I have tried to resign too many times only to be assigned
Exits I've tried as I was entirely tired
but soon darkness was fired and the good hired so our psyche was wired and the psychics reeling their powers
a new kind of life
life never. feeling sorry for a person
why do we feel sorry for ourselves
seen my father's tears so many times no more emotional games could be played
boom; the wake "I don't want to be in the muck and mire of evil anymore but a process of admission and confession awaits before I can experience cathartic filth induction"
So guilt free the they can forgive and be forgiven
for do we know for sure how much time we've been given
many exist, those standing virtuous long have they been living
Can we live to seize the moment of deep sleep in a state lucid free from the matrix
and please not enriching the chemist; this can be done without psychedelics
Uniforms bossing hasn't this been the battle of shem to drug tossing so we can be one like tether Higher - dimension flossing
getting nearer to the Divine Source, how is meditation and prayer for glossing?
So costumes - they give us flesh, this animal and that to Adam a bone to string to sand, beat and wing
a flying structure human being
or humans being
what a fashion show for genetic engineers
And stars we remember
once we escape the material and return to the ether

the middle; you experience the in-between
the good and the bad
peace and war
love and lust
lies and truth
virtue and vice
greed and generosity
satiation and addiction
theft and earning
possession and sharing
Burning and cooling
destruction and creation
I am tired before my time.
Oct 2015 · 1.3k
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry that I am inadequate
I am sorry that I am absolutely confident
I'm sorry that I'm happy
I'm sorry that you're miserable more than half the time
I'm sorry that you only start loving me once you've broken my heart and I have left

I am sorry that I am not rich or possess glamorous material
I am sorry that these are the type of people that you would settle for
I am sorry that where I come from there is no ego, smallness or bigotry
or watch dogs to keep stars in check so they're humble for there is no extreme self-ansorbtion
I'm am sorry that you cannot feel and I am not there to heal once your conscience starts to breathe
I am sorry that I have failures and dysfunctions
I am sorry that you feel small and inadequate when I achieve
I am sorry that when you are angry; everyone around you must be just as angry
I am sorry for the weakness in you to hurt others because you are constantly hurting and cannot contain it

I am sorry that I am not perfect and may not be everything you have ever dreamed
I am sorry that I have to be crucified for the mistakes and faults of previous lovers
I am sorry that I don't have a *** appetite when I am feeling down and low
I am sorry for being direct and sincere
I am sorry that there are certain things that I do not feel anymore, pains that just cut the broken pieces of my heart
I am sorry that wars have turned me into a recluse and gave me no choice but to grow
I am sorry that I resonate to vibrations that radiate positive energy
I am sorry that I found solace in solitude and understanding myself

I am sorry that womankind has been scarred by men who had failed to understand the feminine energy within themselves
I am sorry that I am to blame for your emotional instabilities
I am sorry that you cannot run as fast as the best athlete
I am sorry that I cannot drive as fast as the best Nascar driver for I do not have a car
I apologize for low tolerance for *******, lies and fakeness
I am sorry for my emotional scars
I am sorry for  intelligence when it cannot reach you
I am sorry that you cannot understand how wounded I am, if you did you'd stop trying to hurt me for you'd only be hurting yourself
And lastly I apologize that you lack self esteem to realize the magnanimous potential within you
but see it is self-esteem, work that you do on yourself with the support of those who serve goodness and your best interests

I am sorry that the world is filled with the filth of hell
but what the heck I cannot be sorry for searching for heaven in the circumstance.... So I'm not sorry for divinity.
Do to ti
you take me through re melancholy
to mi harmony
send me through fah epiphanies
it is sincere and sure it soh to me

do to ti
a singing lover lives in thee
not so many rhymes would reel
these words into a curled rhythm
but so many curls would twirl a verb into
a metaphor so that my cognition cogs conviction and spreads emotive revisions

do to ti
I see you I see me
a living and loving lover vivified in you
lives intelligently I am stupefied
So high on notes of riffs and motif glitches I am hi-fied on grammaphonic signals I'm vibrating on love cloud nine
in ten we circle the spheres of a star, a world and a mega sector lined
In 2-d visions we live in the pictures of a binary mind until in 3-d a prospect sticks and we are multi-divine

do to ti
i find melody kissing harmony as I sing a love to thee
A lover surely lives in thee.
Fray has been and days have gone away
a youth denied his chance to find the glory of the hours
choked to no breath and succumbing to the evil undress
how wicked they are those who attack the innocent because it makes them feel better about themselves

A day denied as talent is under fire but gone the fry so they invite the dark cloud
a sound is denied and letters are hidden
but all the rays of sunshine can find time in the healing forgiving
So in death the young child is made to feel to free his will so love becomes the only deal

Caught in between the chaos of parents squabbling; it is so sad to be growing old only to be one's young recovery
A futuristic history as much mystery is open for uncovering - such clear discovery
A knit tapestry with divine wit and masterful chivalry
But by and by they try prevent this innocent light of truth and purity  from hovering

Visiting the graveyard once more where the corpse still cries where there are places sore from being bitten by the sour jaws of lost hopes and broken doors
Dead at age 6, at 9 losing a wing can an angel fix to solace bring to the fair flings of sages and Elementals sing
King and King, they bout and down each one to the ground he brings
Such a trill thrill when many are killed to subdue evil will
But please live soul to bring home to a family where faith was stolen and mischief chosen where dire indoctrination was woven

Oh child we and I self in him us we weep
part of me slice of a creed,  seed of the strong where many were weak and hearts meek
We I in him self of me us must weep
Talent the gift of the few gists or righteous fists that we keep
Please sing on in the clear skies
wail on in the mists
March in the desert sands and swim in the celestial seas
Free yourself of your own now
old soul dead so young
Whipped and crucified, wounded voice so loud
live again and heal in the numb, to rejoice in juices of the revival folk... In planes where time is none but eternity the sum.
many counts and strokes
life is a joke.
Aug 2015 · 361
The Count of a Person
Scarred and thrown into ruin where the hooligans fly in
Hurt to the swells of the most troubling and aching smarts
Spurting heartbreak and all the weaving of all that is hollow and dark
When I was a slave I guess I had no DNA or human mark
But in the eyes of the spotlight,  you're a star and now your attention is what keeps focus on par

Endure then the hells and swings so bitter as if you had no showings of a human better
The obsequious gods expelling only supercilious attitudes; then it's right
when the deed is done by the one high on the steeds of time it is no crime
But a common man doing harm will be thrown to the wolves like he is not worth a dime
It's okay when the master whips and steals bonds but the lower man trying to thread his life and bond with a love will be manipulated into despair and forms concocting separation will be effected on the pair
after all tears and inhumanities;  NOW YOU CAN BE COUNTED AS A PERSON
After eating their excretions and being made to feel as less than a thing - now you matter

Where feminism would be on a high but with much oblige,
She hurts others and steals and lies and cheats on her lover but granted, pardon your highness, she has done no wrong She is The victim
Oh dear oh dear;  where is justice - it a force so fair
dear oh dear, where is love? it a feeling so clear so cheer
---- Man hurts others and steals and lies and cheats on his lover, oh grant not such nonsense your honour for he is no different to a murderer or a ******* or ******
oh tear oh tear this man can only read about justice in his jail cell on his long walk to mobility
Oh sail oh sail, tears fountain his face and drain his heart of sensitivity -- love rots with the amount of his teeth cavity
where push-ups and mopping the floors gives him levity

But woman or man; shouldn't we be counted human all the same?
Once you undermine the divine feeling that can be expressed by another;  respect, love, empathy, trust, honesty, appreciation - then you have begun a war against your own liberty, dignity and humanity... But if you free these feelings or angelic gems then we open up the gates for the sacred and heavenly divine
and then perhaps each person can be counted before they are classified.
Jul 2015 · 332
The Starring Season
what west and whirling winds
of the tale in this frill fits it all
Shire a shrine to shy away from
it all but all ways facing Thor
True to heart for like of conscience we fend for the worth
where Divinity follows the awake and it all
Prince Innanr show them the truths and lead them out of condemnation so they find their stars in all of Nebadon.
Jul 2015 · 439
Where Do We Go
Magicians say that there is a third energy created by the connection of two souls
Tell me then with the high rate of lust, where does this energy go?
As ******-seman I sour seed, tell me where does it go when it is freed?
Who collects all the third energies?
I want to know what the souvenirs are of my wet dreams
I wish to know where these drips flow
I wish to know who those people in my wet dreams are
I want to know Where we go when we lose ourselves in orgasma
Are people in our wet dreams a cast for a theatre screened in higher dimensions

Are our specimens being collected to genetically engineer other beings?
Where do we go when we ******?
What do we see as we shut our eyes?
Who collects the ***** and vaginal fluids knotted in condoms?
Who receives all these used condoms?
Are we still sacrificing gods of the old?
Are they out there those who steal souls?
Are they still out there those who steal souls of unborn babies resulting miscarriage?

Where is the hub where all these energies are administered?
I want to know where to go when we get lost in the ecstacy of ***
Is it a track to keep us imprisoned, another way to keep us low?
Tell me do we sell our souls every time we are not having ***?  Should we see each other through the third eye first?
Should we be of the same frequency band or blood type?
Should we marry first, but what is marriage?
Is it the ******* through a court or the ******* of mind-body-soul-heart through love?
Where are going, should we start asking and the answers will start showing.
Jul 2015 · 644
When Women Loved
mourning in our mornings of the sickness of lack of love which has dawned upon us
So dark a world, the angels would frown busking at the thorns of dusk to awaken us
How women loved when they vowed to die for love
how much more when they lived to love and lived by way of loving

oh but material, this fake monster that dares go to war with the ethereal
succumbing norms embrace the watmth of the hug of the surreal
and it keeps on knocking and knocking but the ears of the people were shut and soon they would forget what it felt like to love
and man or wounders of earth would rip the purity once more overwhelmed by the magnitude and magnificence of woman
helpless and bewildered, man he turns to violence to fight for his own right

but in these bouts all these fights; they leave scars so deep that they become  orifices
and the essence of woman is darkened to sin and repels all things good
becoming a vacuum that ***** out the purity and well intentions of kind men
birthing underdeveloped zygotes that populate the thinking in society
these halflings tattooed with stereotypes and false beliefs impinging a doctrine that overthrows the goodness of the male gender

so all she will know women are the evil deeds of men and the good becomes illusive
somebody rigged this program , new versions and updates are slow to process
so the image woman has of herself is low
an image of weakness, inferiority and inadequacy
the few men who do come to love, barely make it beyond the firewall of servitude of self-righteous gods and and immortal godesses but what does this have to do with love?

How is it building up the image of the possibility of good men and the freeing of violent and dysfunctional men?
How do these systems and rituals build and culminate once more the image of divine woman?
where man was and is and shall be maleandfemale integrated

There are many religions and sacred beliefs but if God or Divine Source does indeed exist then we as descendants of It/He/She/Them; should have their encoding in our DNA and that is the scribe within our conscience
our hearts
our sincere feelings
our authentic being
our celestial roots

when women loved; men went to space during *******
men built houses as fit as temples
love and marriage were separate entities
children never left home
self was fulfilled because of the freed feminine energy of creativity and spirituality within each of us
before patriarchal systems and woman-oppressing religions
when women loved men forgot about war because to their women they were equal and complete

so now relationships fake and dysfunctional
angry men and vindictive women
children at the helm of injustice
some spend time in the garden to restore
some are in the park not to look for a parking for they have found their place on the bench
they warm the bench not to get fired up before getting onto the field but to keep warm from the coldness all around:
the lack of love and sincerity or refining tranquility

Many have forgotten how to feel for many things are manufactured like products
and people engineered like parts sold off into the market
each business protecting its culture and creed no matter who bleeds
what would Mother nature say if woman still loved?

probably cry that love is being aborted and darkness recycled so material continues to industrialize.

When women loved
love was the only deal and righteous will
Jun 2015 · 605
LOVE and its Antonyms
The body for fool's folly or the emotions embodied

what love is it when she breaks your spirit?
how can it be hate if she uplifts your vision and clears your intuition
what love is it when she sleeps with your friends?
how can it be infatuation if she wants to be a lover and a friend?

The gift of the presence or the present material fiscal absence

what love is it when she spends more time counting her wish list rather than counting on both of your dreams to come true?
how can it not be love when hours spent with you frees her from her insecurity bars and stares in your eyes sees nothing but stars
What love is it when all she sees herself as is an accessory and a money vacuum?
how can it not be love when all she births is a carefree environment for creativity and harmony?
can she tolerate broke spells or is she constantly thinking bells?

Altar for the ascent of stars or the attire for escape from insecurity and dive into unreal fallacy

Does she live what she says she does before she says 'I do'?
Is it the beginning of a voyage for two souls on a cosmic multi vibrationional eacapade fusing as one to experience the Divine Creator?
Does she swear to take a bullet for you or will she be the first to stab your heart from the back?
Are these two souls ready for love in a metaphorical and astrological sense?
Before the slippery wonder of incense, candles, chocolate and wine
all memories for nostalgic rewind
Is it just the wedding and not the marriage, the thorns of the rose after the dessert flower?

beyond these worldly doctrines may doctors and scientists iron
Dig and seep through to find the wisdom iron
the true meaning of love beyond what the gods of culture and age-old beliefs have wired
so we don't worry and struggle to find our spiritual ties that keep us aware and alive time and time again.
Jun 2015 · 433
Something happened

something happened I don't know what
A child was robbed a life to hijack the death of a dying old soul
Something happened I don't know what, a child lost battles but won his own war
a eye was tainted but a bright vision was cosmically painted

Something happened, I don't know what
Luck was exchanged for apologies of a hand laid for nostalgic cries that scream for youth rewind
A ball at the berth was crush to thrash the emotions of a fanatic misunderstood

Something happened, I don't know what
A family was torn apart slowly by the throws of evil darts
So strange the mystery leaving dark and dysfunctional parts
When a heart was broken, a child's chest got spasms

Something happened, a dream was chased but motives were replaced
a child's life was sacrificed because of the faults and duels of adults
A planned program of a series of events

Something happened, what was it?
Someone lied somewhere
the truth was shut down
and when it awoke souls broke out of hell
something happened if we can recapture
Something happened
led to a lot of injustice but trust this it was the birth of judicious virtues and vices.
There is a tragic reverb that creates dividing dissonance
Do be careful, the lepers of society are the ones who know hell best
so people try and say: "I know what you've been through".
And the reality is they don't know; yes they can empathise but the victim knows the pain most intimately and those who have suffered similar turmoils, ordeals or tragedies

The monstrosity of bitter hearts will reel you into a pit where you no longer have contact with your inner child. **** the hunger and enthusiasm so much that you don't want to play the music of your soul any longer. You just want no more songs because you are fed up and drained.
This is a danger that many people take for granted; you hurt someone so much that they only wait for their death-day.
Something really bad happens and the masses remain silent. So where are the voices and once they sound, to whose tune are they singing?
Jun 2015 · 563
Prison Bars
The stars I cannot reach, they're as far as the pastor on the pulpit as he'd preach. They're as vague as mother's speech when she'd teach
Prison walls concealing me. High walls confining me
Caged in a cubicle, I'm a boisterous being
I'm at a den
I'm the lion and the prey
Words slap me back as I pray
It's a wrestling match between myself and my demons

Where if higher I'd have  undeniable intellect and reason
I am a slave of hope and a sorry case for dreams
When will I leave this place where they took my life away
Was it so horrible that crime that with my life I had to pay?

Prison bars I draw the energy and strength of the steels as I hold
I am getting out of this place wise and bold
Sunrise reminds me of regret, how I let them take my life away,
How I had to be militant,
unyielding and fight on the day
Prison bars fade so I can see the way
Rain or shine I have only pain and sorrow to claim as mine

It's a dark place in which cries echo and songs of weeping are sung
There was a number of men singing songs of sore souls and I heard the heartbeat of a woman

Moments still live and I levitate, my heart cascades and the memory remains firm and thorough,
the memory of love, the unity of family, the memory of amiability and brotherhood
The memory of the forgotten wars and the terror of crippled minds
What weapons have I to save a dying legacy?

Prison bars acknowledge the vocal emotion that is within me and free me
Yield as you realise they can't take my soul
Yield as you notice that a home could heal
Surrender for I have a worldly good in store
Shake and dither as the beating of my heart makes you uneasy
Break down as I refuse to stay down
Melt as I cry out tears as hot as lava
Give me a chance to find a lover
Prison bars give me chance to create another

I hear the wings of a bird flapping and I remember the breath of life
The song that faith inspires lives again
I sound deafening noises that eradicate the constriction
I hold it firmly til it comes crumbling down
It is an army of a new generation
Soldiers who have souls
Prison bars fall down to the floor
It is a tale it is folklore
There's more to life than death; I die no more
In a confinement concentration the first time you see somebody stabbed, *****, guards attacking the captives, blood sports: you lose yourself
The fifth time, seventeenth time you see it you just spit
Over time certain tortures and inflictions of pain
Violent acts that you witness  make you lose emotional response
You feel so much pain that many things don't hurt anymore
You become numb

They make you a monster and then they blame you for revolting
They take you through  malevolent thought-forms that they orchestrate consciously and blame you for becoming a monster
Who is the real monster?
The wise will tell you; the boys in the kitchen-the chemists
Rehabilitation centres? More like dehumanization camps for creating mind-controlled slaves and social vegetables
Jail desensitizes.
Jun 2015 · 559
The divide
Father, Mother, Brother
how can you watch me burn and do nothing
why do I have to be something when you'll just sit there and do nothing
Could you wait just two years or 25 months
before I form and become a someone
even though I'll have to wait another 16 years for you to sell me into hell

Oh guitars, strings, beautiful women, burnt wings
Palpilated lungs, gross strings
5000 thousand punches for Memory
here you are, take your  guitar back
Without you Memory I am just a Moment and no one remembers me
Fly Memory, be the star of the show
Some things you cannot erase unfortunately
especially if past the times of threes

So a new chapter has to unfold naturally
Soon we go into old age and the occult evils **** our inner child
But Mother at 16; this feels like 1976
You couldn't wait until you were 18
And now a programmed memory has to take your punches just to have the momentous opportunity to be young again
So scarred and ***** - loose you regret the decision that you took

so from an artist here is then live tragic drama, we die because you fail to brace yourselves and lose the war against lust and its evil friends
why am I born Memory  to be abused and take the fall of the irresponsibility of others?
Whose Life is it anyway?
Why am I born to wipe the buttocks of other men and on retirement have them wondering where I have gone
Is it not their own filth anyway?
Are they so crippled that they cannot clean up after themselves?
To the crippled I aplogize that some mock you

It is out of the disrespect of Divinity
Out of the disrespect of Life
A spit on humanity
A shame to soul for those who do these evils have sold their souls
Much to the unfair despair of innocent children
I will tell you this from a child just born or 3 months old: "Why do they bring me into an evil world when they have not even bothered fighting and wrestling against these evils. for every child born how many souls are saved or the world changed?"

Poor child many of the poeple here don't live to fight evil.
They live to sustain it
They hold up its pillars and cast black magic like a futuristic video game
They cannot care sincerely and deeply enough for the scarred, the martyrs, those who die for their Nation
They serve self and ego and an age old reptile livelihood of feeding on negative energy
Without murders, evil rituals and sacrifices: they starve to death
You and I both on Deathrow, I don't know why you'd even bother coming here
What's sad is that the truth seekers and soldiers of Light have done all they had to do
it's a matter of the children of all nations to choose Heaven over Hell
But heaven does not beg for occupants
the Light is
not maybe, not predicted
Just is. like Justice
If that's anything, I have earned my Freedom
It's up to every soul to search within itself the voice and will to stand against the shoulders of evil
Memory I have taken all these punches for you and fought for you, time to get off the wheelchair and stand on your own
Memory take your guitar of burdens now, I have proved my point as a passing Moment.
Happiness was on my side but really symbols of Luck got me this far and my dead grandmother knew it before me.
Jun 2015 · 3.5k
a hustler's prayer
may the way that gives way to this accord of may be in awe of truth and not the fruits of disarray

I shall be meditating upon the roads travelled and many discoveries gather that I have unravelled

I shall curl my high excitements and misguided ambitions to unfurl what the calls of the wise unfurl and admonish

In the mist amidst the tricking twists of fits and false gists, may I hold up fists that will seize to desist and delete the disease of fallacy in curtailed wit

In the shadows dark, some pale
may I not fade into the tales of lies and manipulative games

In the guise of dames so modern and fabulously inclined to fame,
may I guage and carry my animosity into the mystery of my identity where only the genuine and real can relate

In the encounters with material and all that deters from the mystic and ethereal,
I hope to remember the real surreal to surmise the reels of fantasy thrills in graphic frills and euphonic trills

However the gigantic systems of the world in money, greed, vanity or lust, may doctor sickness into the souls of the lost and weak:
may my heart remain meek and my vision bright and led by the lens of the soul....

With or without I pray not as a religious pilgrim but a sage seeking neverending Light... ever the more grateful, harnessing the grapes of creation, worshiping a servant's code in humility.

hustling about this rash hassle of life overshadowed by pyramids and castles
remaining true to the cause even when temptation is endlessly bustling about
remember remember the hustle when you were down and out without
I pray
I meditate
I search
I question
May 2015 · 383
slip a stream
slegde home the edge of reason
I am living in the live elements vivified
calling on psalms a bang a ****
play a song by the resuscitations of Ong
Overwhelmed  by the awe of past life sores so

I will die one day but days will still be days
I speak truth and I'm crucified but the truth is still the truth
I will martyr my wisdom to call back ancestors from the Orbs of the Seven Sisters homes
Harbor my dreams to sail onto the pilgrimage of distant seas

Darkness is consistent in a world that doesn't calm and listen
Confused and conflicted the world is blinded by lies so masses pick pistols
Serving not ego, reputation or title
but living in the truth in forbidden scriptures of the Law-of-One Bible
Sages page the mystery concaves of Andro-Adam slaves
but human  we be  at the false matter image we see
but for truths ethereal we seek for in Light as souls we gleam
Transcending the send-in of the soldier that is, more than publicly king
So gods of old purge with indignation as the clarity you've seen

In quiet and peace of mind seas you swim
So much you'd dream and life begins
birthing a generation of free - thinkers and artistic beings
Colour in darker shades where you'd save the ink on paper to post the message
So many travels you're willing to envisage
pictures or stars, sculptures or music bars
taking our souls that far.  

I slip a stream
curl the dark into a bright dream
So many scenes of souls out of the love and mercy sea.
Apr 2015 · 445
smile it's fine
Climb come limbs lime
They bout without a doubt
Rise and glide, rise and glide

Climb come limbs lime
Shrine in time for the nine
Heartbreaks 09 for a golden tide

50 shatters and pieces that shackle the bulb of a heart
What a wreck I beg I beg
But be thankful for beats I said
Watch for beasts in hidden lairs

What a heart, a wreck unsaid, words I beg I beg

Climb come limbs lime
Shrines on time for nine
Rise and glide
And know who you are, no one can take your shine.
Mar 2015 · 402
Look of Brass
the first
the fists
the twists
In the misses of the mist
landing of the gists
how innocent the lips
and forming ****

A poet getting on her lists
was a mission getting her digits
So many awesome fits
With absence and being a delinquent
but thanx to lit
I would deliver an eloquent writ
her splendour had her brightly lit
Shaded by shades of the soldiers' sit
it was more than swagger, more than wit

to have her fall to bits

You'd need a magician's tricks
To score a perfect fix
If lucky to clinch an ***** kiss
to have many diss and jealousy spit
so mystery had to be involved to keep it cryptic
in and out of time vibes did tick
romance in chaos did chance flick
Left the dark ill jadedly sick
But where the wall to make the picture stick?

*** how much fun
I had been a  bun
Had to make a run
To leave the gun
And free from triggering confining puns
solve unsolvable sums
Read unwritten psalms
Savour mystic and golden palms

the first
the fists
the twists
misses in the mist
Missing on the list
shining glit
a player's kit
To keep a number hit
Save her from darker smits
and all you wanted was to love and transform her like a smith.
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