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; )
; )
I cannot see the bottom and that makes me smile
You care enough to type for a while
and I thank you
Yesterday is as good as tomorrow
There will be words filled with love and sorrow
We talk, we chat, I am feeling where your at
That buzz is mine and you cannot borrow
If your part of it - flow- dance like Charro
Surrender to the feelings, breath, sigh
Get dizzah, let it flow
Energy Technician give it a go
Sway with the beat, feel the vibe
I reach out and tap your field
Fly the skies with me
Let yourself enter the energy Sea
Dip yourself in this bliss
All I can offer is an energy kiss~
draft..I never ******* draft ****..sorry
10 things I love about myself
1.My unending desire to express myself. I think self expression is key to sanity.
2.Related to 1, is my creativity as an artist. If we instilled the driving force of healthy self expression we would not have near the amount of violence, war, crime, psychotics, drug use etc that we do in society. As a whole the world seems to strive to stuff or hide feelings, I think that is harmful and denial of true self, or of wholeness. On a personal level this saves my very life.
3. My ability to use all negative,bad, traumatizing experiences as a tool of/as Understanding of Universal Human suffering. We are given experiences to understand our fellow man, I do my best to do so with my own experiences.
4. My Compassion, , nuff said
5. Eating my fears for breakfast..or trying to! Facing my fears, and challenging my fears..self quests.
6. Beginners Mindset, I am so very thankful I break for butterflies and pull over for cloud crossings, I near tear with joy at wet rainy sidewalks and the glow of stop lights on wet pavement, may I always honor this special aspect of who I am~ I see the world in a way I wish never to lose, only to expand.
7. Learning to honor my body~ Gaining self respect through self care! I love myself enough to care for myself now, far more than I ever did before!
8. Acceptance that all aspects of myself are pure. My self expression is not ****, and as I see it, I am simply unafraid to be me! My expression is pure! I shall accept no shame about it.
9. My ability to accept change with a laugh. I do not stress, stress just adds stress on top of other stuff that needs to be dealt with, it is a distraction!! laugh, move forward and know everything will work itself always does! My inner joy keeps me young.
10.My Energy-Body Consciousness, my ability to sense, to direct energy, to honor the tools that God gave everyone ; )
would drive me insane
but make me happy and
You do not know why
but you anticipate!
I want you to want me
let it swell
enjoy more n your plate!
Now you sit right there while I dance around you
Please let the scent created already surround you
Say nothing because I won't let you
You sit there and want
That is why right now you wait..
because Im ******* teasing you
Say it
I wish you would say it!
Those 3 little words I long to hear
Said loud or whispered in my ear
Words with power, making me weak
And helpless to do anything other than surrender.
I want to hear you say them
Even text them in a letter to me now
I will listen and respond
and How
Say them to me
Help me out
I want to surrender to you now
I do not want "I love you"
Too soon for that right now
All I want is 3 little words from you
To help me out
3 little powerful words

*** for!
It is now a 3 way dance
techn9ne blasting so fine
a spoon in right hand helps keep the time
dancing around with kung foo feats
left hand has the chill
ben and jerry
my after lunch thrill
we are dancing
this is true
cause these calories will not stick to me
like glue
I dance this cream off
so i do not **** up this body I dreamed of
I do squats while taking a bite
I am gonna make it inner thigh tight
You Can eat ice cream
really it is true
just eat it on the treadmill
or while dancing with the techn9ne crew~
I got 4 windows open
he is on every one of them
How can I look away
*** I melt in every way
I laugh a lot, you know why?
He is ******* hot!!!
I cannot look away~
He sends me photos
Eyes looking right at me
I told him if he sent him looking at me
I would look right back ; )
He knows what I am doing
While he is in my view
Putting on a happy face
A time or two!
I have 4 windows open
He is on every one of them
I actually blush just looking at him
; )
That is what I have got
This mileage leash pulled very tight
It is ok
I just won't come home tonight
I will save my mileage for a morning return trip
But then again you will be alone
I hope you enjoy all the Control
you think you have
Because if I really wanted to I could take a cab
Go ahead and take my keys
Nothing I ever do will ever please you
Everything I do ever do goes past your eyes
You see nothing good, you pick only negative
That is why today divorce is my objective
Setting my odometer back to zero
just made you my personal hero
Now I will drive straight to the court house
YOU pumpkin will turn right back into a mouse
Cinderella is leaving your castle
Living with you is too much hassle
In 55 miles I will be gone
leaving you nobody to pick on
Enjoy yourself defeating ways
Go on my way
almost a yawn
almost a sigh
a desire unspoken
a want to communicate
what I anticipate
what I ponder upon
wishing for words
shakes of my head
no words to explain
5th chakra itch
the openness I seek
something is coming..
I feel it creep
now I hear you speak!!! I know what I felt
awww I felt
Let me go shoot some Nuns
I know where they walk after lunch
White habits on the side of the road
Smiling innocent while the wind blows
Skirts up, yes I know...
so I want to shoot that Nun show
I will mount my steed, ride with speed
Up to where the Nuns live on the mountain side
Park my bike and try to hide
And secretly shoot their skirts in the wind..
because none of this is lust or sin
it is just photography
70 degrees below the skin
They feel it I KNOW
The leash gets shorter
The mileage checked
Eight bucks for gas this pay check
Yet you will ask me to drive to get many things
You have given me a sixty miles for 2 week string
I decline
My senses awaken
I start packing my stuff again and this time without shaking
8 bucks for gas won't get me out of hell
But it sure does make me want to scream
I will not dwell
No shouts to be heard
You gave me 8 bucks for gas you ******* ****
Do not ask me to pick up your dinners
Or expect me to be sitting here waiting for NOTHING
While you continue to ignore me
I will do my work and get my cheddar pay
But to expect me to stay here -just no way
You may have given me 8 bucks for gas
Checked my mileage, set my range
But you forgot my pocket full of change
I will go where ever I want to
Without any prompt from you
Get your own ******* dinner
Cause both my motor cycles are gas ******* winners
You stare at my car in the drive way
Watch that 8 bucks in gas sit all day
For the next 2 weeks while I go play
I got more wheels than that **** car
2 bucks in my scooter takes me pretty far
So dust gather on my windshield
Let the gas you gave me not be used
Leashes are for animals
To me that is abuse
Get over it
Cut me lose
I keep looking down at my phone
cause it has never been so not alone!
I find myself glancing down at it often
The messages just keep poppin
I wouldn't want to make you wait
As I see the screen light up again
I smile as the conversation picks up
I giggle each time I see the screen light
This smile I have
I am not gonna fight
I keep glancing down at my phone
Knowing I am not alone
No where to hide
The black hole has entered with swift stride
I speak my resistance with fury
But he comes closer
I worry
I go limp
Over soon do not fret
Think of somewhere beautiful
or better yet
Remember the butterfly
Remember the moth
Then get up
Wipe my tears
and wash that ******* off
That will be the last time the black hole pulls me in
takes me down
For right now I recover and lift my chin
remove my frown
I remember the gentleness of the moth
I sigh,  grab my blanket
and cocoon in cloth
remember the butterfly
remember the moth
A month ago I ran away
I left my life suddenly in ONE day
I took 7 hours to pack boxes and truck
I set off for a new state
Wish me luck
A month ago I ran away
The next day I told you I could not stay
That I needed to live my life a new way
I filed for divorce the very next day
Please no contest
Lets make a pack with love still in tact
Part with intentions to be friends
Have each others backs
A month ago I left you my husband...
And a day ago you became my ex
It happened so fast
How can we relax?
I thought there would be more time to process
Feelings I do not lack
It is sad all this-
But there is no going
a month ago when I ran away
A day ago when I was still your wife...
It is time to go on and life my life
With you by my side as my friend for the rest of my life
I have wings
I spread them often
Fluttering here and there
Living fully as I can
But I have no place to unfold
I have lost my cocoon
My safe place
The loving womb
Gone now
Grow up soon?
My place of gentle love has blown away
The wind changed and took it away
Now lost I struggle knowing
The place I felt so perfect
is gone
and my pain is showing
But I am not yours alone
I am not a painting that is up to you- to whom it is shown
I will never be your possession
Not your private show
Not part of any gallery display
But in the sun with the wind
Destination home
A living display of art itself but never meant to sit on YOUR shelf
I am a whimsical muse
It does not take much to light my creative fuse
I am for display at my time and my placement
I smile when I want for my own entertainment
I laugh right now with nothing to lose
At the idea of people as ART..
Myself, I am, always will be and display like a pro
But being a part of your collection is not my way , ya know?
Stomp it Out
Chant Deep
Shoulder Shimmy
Reach to the Sky
Pull down a High
Flick off Negatives
Water Water Water
Lay in a Cocoon
Rock the Body
Frankincense & Myrrh
Dance Dance
Breath Breath
Inhale Pant
Feel that Buzz
Smile at Will
It is Most Natural
I let go
I say yes
I give up the hold I have on keeping this mess
Universe take my plea
I will accept the new things you offer to me~
I say yes, I fought you-I confess
I did not listen, fighting to fix this love in any way
I tried to hard to make this place RIGHT
It is now time to give up this fruitless fight
I open, I flow
I let go of the fear
I am ok with what I know is very near
I pack my things, knowing it will be alright
I feel a new bounce in my dance
I breath with ease in this circumstance
I cheer
Universe give me more
I smile and open my doors
; )
I need a storage unit so I can move..Universe help me get one so I can move on~
I have been leaving everyone
Silently, slowly
Backing out of the frame
Not playing their games
Not calling, not texting
Slowly and silently retreating
As to not be missed
When I fully dismiss
This place you all been living in
I refuse to take root
Where no care takes place
How can I care for a place without love
Chaos takes all the space
So slowly I have been leaving you all
Soon forever more
New steps taken
Intentions not shaken
New life now
MY happiness not forsaken!
So Asta La Pasta *******!
moving on from a bad crowd lol
A Tale of Two
Her Story>>>>
Today was my free day and I longed for some soothing nature time. I had my picnic basket with some food and wine. I wanted to enjoy my afternoon alone. I was just standing there, waiting for the cars to pass me so I could cross the street to the park. He walked by me and the wind blew his scent right to me. He smelled like heaven on earth.
I am very familiar with many scents and this one was new to me. I watched him walk past me. He was hansom with dark hair are mysterious eyes. His hair blowing in the breeze just as mine was. I love that feeling, being caressed by the wind. Before I knew it he was out of sight. I did not see where he had gone, for I had been day dreaming of what he would be like to kiss.
I continued on my way to the park and found a nice quiet place to read my book. I laid out my blanket and flung off my shoes. I wanted to lay there under the fading sun and enjoy the wind flirting with my dress while I read. It’s a warm windy day and its perfect. I had been reading for 30 minutes before I was warmly surprised by the smell that came to me. It was the smell of the man who had passed me. I looked up and saw him; he was standing over me with a poetry book in his hand. I smiled and invited him to sit down.

He smiled and introduced himself as a fellow nature lover. He didn’t tell me his name and at this point I was so surprised by his presence that it didn’t matter. I sat up and I asked him if he would join me in a glass of wine. He comically answered that he is sorry but we both cannot fit in that glass! I laughed and poured two classes of BlackStone red. He accepted with a smile. I lay back down on my stomach with my book half-open. My heart was beating so fast, he was right here with me and I could smell him, it was wonderful. We were strangers and I had no idea how he found me or why.
"What brings you to the park today?" I asked. He didn’t answer me, he just looked into my eyes for the longest time and then slowly bent down and kissed me. I thought my heart was going to be heard for miles. Surely he could hear it! It was a very long sweet kiss, perfect in every way, as if we had been kissing each other for years. I broke my lips free reluctantly and asked him once again, "who are you?" He opened his mouth and he said, "I came to the park today because you are here" I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say.

I turned over and lay on my back ready to question him again. He was right next to me, a man out of a dream, just appearing from no where. My mouth opened to ask once again who he was and as soon as I did his lips fell to mine in a long wet kiss. He was pure heaven to touch tongues with. I was enjoying myself too much to ask him anything. I dropped my book and heard the pages flapping in the wind while we kissed. My hands made their way to his dark hair and I could not help myself, I pulled him closer to me. There was no one around; we were in no danger of being seen. He moved closer to me and held me tight. I could not brake away from his kiss, nor did I want to.
He left my lips on his own, kissing my neck. He whispered in my ear "I have been watching you for a while now". I suddenly felt a little frightened. I do not know this man at all and yet he is kissing me. He reached past me and into my picnic basket. He pulled out the strawberries and nibbled on one while staring at me. I couldn’t speak, I was staring right back and it was like he had my mind engulfed with thoughts.
He then fed me a strawberry very slowly; juice ran down the side of my mouth. He reached down and licked it off with his tongue. I whimpered, I wanted him so bad. He picked up another berry and took a big bite, the juice feel on my chest between my *******. I looked him in the eyes, smiled and closed my eyes and waited for him to lick it off me. And he did, very slowly lick it off and trailed his tongue down the length of the opening of my blouse.
He began unbuttoning me, my hand went to stop him, and he reached out and held my hand. He kissed my fingers and said, "abandon all fears". I let my hand fall to the grass and let him unbutton me. I was wearing nothing under my shirt, no bra. I felt his breath touch me on my ******, and I felt it rise to a stiff peak. He took a bite of a strawberry and left half of it on the stem. He kissed me once again, and at the same time I felt the chill of the cold half strawberry touching my ******.
This was heaven, my god I felt a trickle of my own juice run from my *****. I was whimpering while he was kissing me. He touched me so slowly and with such care. The cold berry circling my ****** and the kiss at the same time was driving me wild. He moved and began ******* the strawberry mess of my ******. I held his head to my ****** for a moment, it felt so good. I felt his hand reach for my thigh, soft and warm hand just caressing me. He found my wetness and was surprised by it.
I smiled and giggled, what could I say. He looked right in my eyes and told me I was about to get a licking I would never forget. He was very right! He knew what he was doing, and he made me *** so fast I couldn’t believe it. I was in heaven. Still quivering and whimpering I rolled over on top of him. I kissed him like he was my long lost love. I quickly unbuttoned his pants while a stared at him with glazed satisfied eyes. I moved lower and found his throbbing **** staring at me. I took him into my mouth while I stared into his eyes. I saw the thrill he was having as the moistness from my mouth mixed with the wind as I moved up and down. He tasted and felt wonderful and I couldn’t stop myself from wanting all of it for myself.
I heard the noise of pleasure comes from him and suddenly he stopped me and laid me down in the grass next to the blanket. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. He joined me and made love to me in the grass. The breeze blowing over our bodies, the currents within exploding. He stayed on top of me and started kissing me again.

I broke the kiss and I whispered to him, "Who are you?" He simply reached for the wine and smiled. He filled my glass and placed the cup in my hand while he buttoned my blouse and smiled. I sat up and looked into his eyes, why do I feel is if I know him! He bit my thigh and I jumped spilling the wine on my skirt. I ran to the water fountain to rinse it off and when I looked back he was gone. There was no way he could have left without passing me! I was stunned. I went back to my blanket and collected my things. My book was gone, he taken it. And he had also replaced it with the book of poetry he had brought with him. There was no name written in it, no sign of who he was. Just a book of poetry and a note slipped into a fitting page of love for a moment and it read ‘Meet me in the moon light tomorrow night, I will be waiting" and it was signed no longer a secret admirer.

His Story>>>>
I saw her again yesterday. This time when I went past, she seemed to notice me. Like so many days recently, she took my breath away. I remember the first time I saw her; she was wearing a **** black dressed that crossed at the front. Today, she was carrying a picnic basket.
I ducked behind a corner and watched. Who was this woman? And more important, whom is she going to have a picnic with? I followed at a safe distance and watched her unpack & prepare a picnic for one. She started reading a book and I knew she would be there for a while. I don’t know why, but I decided to backtrack and bought collection of Emily Dickinson poems before making my way back to the park. When I got back, my heart pumped hard in my chest. I could feel a throbbing in my head as the blood coursed through my brain.

Suddenly, I was only aware of our immediate surroundings. The sun caressing my face, the wind lapping at my hair. And her. She looked radiant in the dappled light of the afternoon, her hair flowing over her shoulders. Her sensuous mouth twitched every now and again as she read. Something caught her attention and she looked up at me. I was a mess. All I could come up with was that I was a fellow nature lover. I just stood there until she invited me to sit down.
Worse still, when she asked me to join her in a glass of wine, I blurted "I’m sorry, but we both cannot fit in that glass". At least she laughed and when she handed me the wine she asked why I was there. Having made a fool of myself already, I decided that actions would speak louder than words and surprised both of us by leaning forward and kissing her.
Her mouth was beautiful- soft, full lips. I could taste the wine on her lips and as my tongue gently parted them. Her mouth opened to greet mine and I took her lower lip between my lips.
She was reluctant at first but warmed to me and I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me to her. I was no longer aware of anything but her. Nothing else mattered.
At one point she asked me again why I was there. I couldn’t believe it when I heard myself say that I had been watching her. "Great", I thought. "Don’t worry about looking foolish because now you look like a psychopath". Deciding for the second time that silence was golden, I kissed her again. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths.
I could feel her warm breath on my face and I pressed my body firmly against hers. My leg found its way between her legs as I used it to press on her *****. Reaching for some of her strawberries, I took one in my mouth and fed her the rest. I put a strawberry half in my mouth and lent forward to give her the rest. She bit into it and our lips caressed as she swallowed it. When some juice escaped her mouth and ran down her cheek, I licked it off, running my ******* trail from the base of her neck up to her mouth.
She was now irresistible; I had to have her. I undid her dress button by button. I licked berry juice from her ****** as I felt it harden under my tongue. I ran my tongue around and around her ******, then from the base of it to the tip. I felt her back arch towards me as my hand wandered down her body. The leg, which had been pressing against her *****, was damp. Her ******* were completely soaked and I was astonished to find her completely shaven as my fingers slipped under the waistband.
She opened her legs as my fingers slipped inside her. As I let my fingers caress her ****, I kissed and nibbled my way down her body. The further I moved down, the stronger her scent became. It was intoxicating and I knew that I must have her juices flowing over my tongue. My fingers slipped under her ******* and I gently pulled them down, very slowly. She lifted herself off the ground, inviting me to take them off completely. It felt like I was 6 years old and opening a Christmas present. When they slipped off her ankles, I brought her ******* to my face and inhaled deeply.
The scent hit my nostrils and went straight to primitive parts of my brain. I dropped them and immediately ran my tongue up her inner thigh towards her *****. I stopped before my tongue reached there and let her feel my breath. I enjoyed the smell while I could as I plunged my tongue between her lips and straight into her *****, the sharp tang of her juice stimulating my taste buds.
She tasted as good as she smelled. I made my tongue rigid and slid the tip of it along her ***** up to her ****. My tongue broadened as I delicately licked her **** like it was a melting ice cream. My wet fingers found her ****** and I caressed it to the same rhythm as my tongue on her ****. I felt her ****** build up and a gush of her *** soaked my chin and my chest.
I was aroused to the point of unconsciousness when she suddenly pushed me on my back and straddled me. She was quick to free my **** and took it in her mouth and looked up at me. Our eyes met in a moment that I will never forget. We both knew what was to come. Releasing my ****, she straddled me and lowered herself onto my ****. We both gasped as she opened up and slipped over my head and down the shaft, her **** grinding against my ***** bone. We kissed deeply as our bodies united and we tasted each other’s juices. When I first saw her, I thought how much I would love to **** this angel. But we were not *******, we were making love.
At last, our bodies climaxed as we ****** hard at each other, my **** slamming hard, my ***** slapping against her *******.
We lay on the soft grass in ******* bliss and she asked me again "Who are you?". I avoided the question by biting her thigh, which made her spill her wine. I took my opportunity and left, but not before swapping books with her. I left a note for her asking her to meet me tonight. Such unimaginable beauty and sensuality can only be enhanced by the moons pale light.
a situation told by male and female perspectives
I move away
But not just away
So far away you will never find me
So far away I can only pack for one trip
I am thinking of moving away..AWAY away
So I do not see you with another
So I do not feel the hurt
I will move away..away away
Back Burner Girl I am not
My fire is always burning
You cannot place me on the back burner and tend to the others
Forget about me
That **** no longer works for me

This is not all about you
I know you have things to do
but you can't just leave me to stew
I am not a good back burner girl

Being placed on the back burner scorches!
It destroys good french steel pans like me
You cannot ignore something on fire
Unattended flames rage without reason
You ain't here to stir the *** or season!
Bad chef, bad on you...
you left this *** on the back burner to stew
I am not a good back burner girl
I am being baited-heavily baited.
I have so long awaited
Hard to resist bait.
I said no, we are a no go
I wish to be in my own private Idaho
He flashes twinkling eyes
I find that shocking, sad
I empathize
Here comes the big show
I realize
It is sad because I wish it was real
Heart felt wishes
Intent with feel?
I already left you
Half baked efforts wasted
I won't fall for your spiel
I know better now
Hard to do but I chill
I walk no more on eggshells
I have a new deal
Yes, so slowly comes out of the mouth is is almost sentence length.  Yes, he says as I snarl and bare my teeth. "Yes,yes!" he says as my mouth gets very hard looking.  My eyes sharpen and I greowl and hiss.  YES yes he says.  Gee encourage me ?  Now I feel like my eye teeth are the biggest in the wolf pack.  I take my claws and rip across my ribs so hard the skin remains under my nails as I type now. GGGmmmm heated breath, vibrating lips up and down.  Gives you a ***** look.  You reading my *** life I see you, you aint no angel..far from it GGGGGGGrrrrrr
My dress is ripped to shreds and it feels as good as it looks.  I teased him for an hour before I gave into the skype calls.  I have to keep him hungry..he must want me so bad it screams in his veins.
We are heat, very very wet heat.  My skin sizzles, little rough patches all over.  Inner thighs burning, burning for more.
I told you i was going to go *** one more time while you rested.  It was so hard and long and loud.  Makes me greowl..I feel my teeth..and they want to rip your ******* clothes off..come get me
Heart beating on my finger tip
Covered in new dew
Body thrusts Moans of lust
Laying here feeling you
Words held, silent in a spell
Suspended energy yells
My body quakes anew
Body slams quick thrusts quake
All it takes is thoughts of you
I come alive through and though
Emotional body unit partake
Here comes our next quake ; )
I, swinging high into the sky
On the swing set at the park
I have to twist and spin
I must swing and sway and play all day
Love the feeling of the wind past my ears
My hair blowing in the breeze
I love to play even with skinned knees
"You should roller skate." He said
I looked at him like I did not have a clue
"I used to love skating, what fun!"
And so I asked why he thought I should skate
and he said with a smile
"That is what little girls do!"
I smiled so wide
my eyes watered
my face feels dimples
my body relaxed
my breath lightened
lighted up
my soul
I hope I don't need you
I refuse to feed you
Your hunger for me
I do not want to want you
Get out of my head,
Stay away from my heart.
This was a tease from the start
and that is where we part
There must be more
to get through my door
so much more to explore
but *** talk is all you know
such a ******* bore
You just made my block list
oh yes, I insist
because all your *** talk
I can resist!
When we connected he was in Peru
He was there to get an Aborigine tongue tattoo
It was his mission in life and dream to make come true
Instead he spent 10 days in a prison and took 10 days to come down a mountain by mule.
When he came down the first message on his phone was from me.
The one he had followed secretly
For me to speak directly to him by name
Blew his mind because hiding his name was part of his game
I knew his name and that he was coming.
It came in a vision days before I felt his humming.
Our connection I told him was seen in a keen sweat lodge night vision
He did not question what I said to be true.
I knew his name, as did very few
Now he calls me often and has lessons to teach
And I listen, take it in and with it I REACH
The news and understanding spreads
The relationships with our young gets fed
The mission and higher goals are seen
Because the man with the blue swan on his neck is very keen
*I love your pep talks and everything you say is true
I cannot believe we started talking right out out of Peru into Mexico City and now in here in America.  I know your a ******* rock star in your world and all but to me your always going to be the one who came to me in a vision..foretold by the Universe to help me on my path and so it has been and shall be ; )  Thank you Blue Swan
Life in Breath
Changing pace
Taking flight
Sounds emerge
Sometimes fire

Relief in sighs
Sounds of cries
panic, fear, disgraces and despair
All things within our breath
things that do not always show on our faces

Even the sounds of little deaths
Within our breath
All flow releases
Surrender can happen in the release of one breath

Growls, groans, moans and snarls
Huffs and pants, ahhh & squeals
Laughs, giggles, mmmms
Sounds that show what appeals
Desires surely lives within our breath

Breath tells all as I sigh and hum a yum
Breathing is not so calm
Sometimes it is like a song
Excitement hits
Breath gets quick
I meow, I CHA
I make sounds of skin touching Awe
Tickles cause little skips
a gasp for air as I think of you grabbing my hips

All these things
do not compare to a kiss
that..which charges and changes
and shares a breath
that is when whimpering comes out with a little death
I am amazed at your view
You see nothing that is right in front of you
They reach out but you refuse
Your kids, your wife, anything new
How many marriages does this make for you?
You may have another before your through
Because you refuse to change your attitude
Your point of view, open up a feeling or two? NO

Once upon a time I had faith in you
But that is no longer true
All that grows is my disappointment in you
To refuse to change your bubble boy views

Once upon a time I wrote a term paper called
"The Bubble theory of Personality"
Every breaking bubble adds to our understanding
All the airs come together and become one
Nothing separate left unsung
It was all about incorporating all that one is

But your bubble refuses to fuse
You will not break down and be yourself
Instead your like a glass bubble sitting on a shelf
I cannot get in, you will not come out
Stuck in your bubble will always work for you
I find that very sad and have sympathy for you
But I cannot be in company with such a limited view of the world
I am challenging the Universe to place me somewhere new
Somewhere without bubbles that refuse to pop
A place with sunshine and lollipops
No more of your negativity
No more broken bubble boy who can't show love
I talk to the sky and rise above
fly across the floor once more once more
clocks fast and slow I beat you..your scheme is a bore
I beat I beat you stop without your batteries
I a flow with poetic flattery
You know what Mr get a video ?
after I attend to this musing
as my alarm is about to go off
**** thats not the poem I started..but **** man lol
Destroyed in seconds
Cremation of Creation.
So many cuts
so many stitches
Wee hours of my life
down the drain
I aM ****** up
I hurt bad
My ******* iron
burned insane
killed my new creation
now it is lame
fuckity **** ****
my return to the sewing world
needs some luck
I killed my best art quilt with the iron. so sad.  not my best poetry but its just off the top of my head
They all respond the same.  "Wow your skin feels like butter!".  Yes, yes it does.  Hours of caressing, kindness to the skin.  Touch is my ally, touch is my friend.
As I shower I cover my body in almond oil once again.  My skin receives.  Skin receives love and constant attention it has been missing  my entire life.  This is all new, constant attention, constant love.
This is the opposite of the picking war of old.  The search and destroy is over.
Skin so soft, so very soft.
Beautiful me~  Softer than better ; )
Pangs of excitement grow
He is on his way here
Take it slow, I know
Pangs..for what is to come
Practically voiceless from laughter
I know I will smile, laugh and breath fast
This butterfly has butterflies at last~
Never laughed so much I lost my voice before
Shoulders bold
Strong pushing away anything old
Shoulder shimmies shoulder checks
Attitude -behold
Toe tops scrape the planks,
flesh warm with drawn out wanks
Dragging toe tops with swag in the hips
Like a cat walk back and forth I dance
Toe tips getting worn
Burn burn begin the trance
Chants, heel stomps and continue..prance
Hair flips and wet lips
War paints on face found in a moment of warrior grace within my bliss
Shoulder reach forward with attitude
There is nothing burdening them OWHH OWHH
I dance around all day and you know it cause I sent proof your way ; )
I laugh now..and stick out my tongue..then turn my *** around and run
Techn9ne will never leave the drive..whatever cd ..I keep the crew alive.  That would be the CHA and OWHH
I pick up the two kicked clocks off the floor
The time keeper will soon walk through my door
Questions of my time he will try to explore
But anything I say would simply be ignored
Control of time is his key
That is why he will never dance with me
Hours fly as he clicks stumble..why
real life is what time is about
You never spend it wise
You cannot get your time back..wasted
So while you are gone I pick up your clocks and I place them on the planks I find myself pacing
I gave up your nervousness and found my own beat
So I swipe your clocks across the floor with my feet
I dance around them in a figure 8
I spend all day just dancing and exploring intimate
Your time will never dive into an emotion that is not anger or hate
Your life is almost over yet your children you have never explored
You waste your time..watching the clock, clicking the stumble
Missing this amazing dancing lady right in front of you
The time is over, your time is up
But still I will cook your dinner and fill your coffee cup
We will never kick it together..that time has past
But til I kick your *** out..kicking your clocks is a ******* blast!
Black Swans
Gem Stones
4AD Music
Exoctic Teas
Cuckoo Clock Parts
Ink Tones
Plier Queen
Drill bits
Blow Torches
Tango Shoes
Feather Wigs
Silver Plates
Sail Boats
Old Books
Paint Sticks
Zumbar Soaps
Essential Oils
Color Pencils
Books of Zen
Painted Pictures
Make up Colors
Art of Olivia
Playful Friends
Yesterday I heard more reasons why I didn't get a response in a proper time frame.  I was shocked as this is not a relationship more like a game.  I found the reasons not to be excuses.  I liked hearing why I was put off, which I am not used to.  I am very used to be put off and set aside without a word to help guide my mind as to why.  I hate that it leaves me wondering WHY???
Yesterday helped me see clear what it is I have to do here.
You showed me more consideration in one day than he did for his entire stay!
I wonder now how the **** I could chase someone down who has no interest when I am around.  I have been left to wonder, to wander around town.  I am rather seething that I was not even told you were leaving notice I am not receiving much consideration..not found
So I want to take the time to thank you.  I saw what it is I need, so thank you.  I now see a flaw in his perfection.  And now I do not feel so much rejection ; )
0My God are you serious? I roll over laughing because I know very well he is very serious.  "I expect you to carve my name in it".  That was the last I heard from him on the subject but not the last he heard from me on it.
When we last spoke I said my hands were tired and sore.  He asked me why.
"Carving" I said very gently as I hugged myself and sighed as he replied with GOOD GIRL.
Funny thing that.  I have spent time carving his name in the back of my wood handled brush every day.  He does not ask me to.  He does not talk about it.  He listens when I talk aboat it heh  He always responds to my words, always.
"Now the smooth surface is gone." smile and pull my blankets up over my body.  "Good Girl' Beautiful You".
"Yes" I say as I relax and pull my blanket back down to my hip bone.
"I love your hips" sigh "I love all of you" he says
I growl back, I bare my teeth toss my head back and whimper.
I know the next time I get spanked his name will be in my skin..WRITTEN ON MY HOT OTT OTT SKIN
Oh my
My lips tremble with the emotion of missing you
I go wordless waiting for a response from you
My phone rings and it is never you
The cookies wait, no address from you to send them to
How am I to know your point of view if I only get one liners
I will support you in all you do, as I said with follow through!
But my cookie is still so much wanting you
So I sigh, stay calm and I wait for you
I miss the buzz  I share with you
Buzz me BB
**** it Bill I miss you!!!
Bare the Feet
Hit the wood
Step it out
Step it Up
Lift that Spirit up
Move those hips
Express some Love
Raise those Arms
Clap those hands
Shimmy those shoulders
Do a hand stand!
lead like a cheerleader
Trust your inner beat,
your special meter
Trust those feet
Feel the groove
Rock that Body
Make it Move
Free that Mind
Step it up
step it out
Hold that frame
Play with that beat
Go insane
Bang that head
Feel no shame
At this moment you must sit knowing
I have a big smile and it is showing
Long letters make my day
I love hearing what you think and hows your day
Writing on the fly as I always do
I just wanted to pop on and tell you a thing or two
First of all I like your style!
You have great flow, and are able to say-
what your thinking and feeling- all I say is YAY
Now sit there and know one thing
Your number is in my phone now you have to wait
for it to ding ; )
Enjoy that feeling..just for a few
Smile for me
Good Morning to you!
; )
Depression lies to you.
If I had only knew years ago
what I now know
I would surely tell all those around me-
Depression lies to keep the ties that bound me.
If I break free into myself blissfully
And surround myself with those with joy around me-
That little voice has no choice-
But sit in the back of my mind,
Silent at times-
While I enjoy things about me.
So please my dear
Let me make it clear-
Depression lies
And constantly tries to bind thee.
I sometimes tell that voice to go to hell,
And smile profoundly ; )
Clearly on the wrong track
I have told you before
This place your going is not for me
Derail me!
I do not want to go down that path with you
Although it is a path for two
I am not ready to go there with you~
Derail your train!
All this talk so serious is a strain
It causes me pain
Derail this insane idea
We do not belong together
Good friends maybe better
I am not ready to wear your sweater
Derail this pain
Get the hints and bold statements I declare
I am not riding this train with you
It is driving me insane
From fear
Where your going is a dead end dear
You wont find me there
The Fire
which must be Fed
Fall back
rest my head
let go
go ahead
go deep
breath my very own heat
quake and quiver
touch the place desire delivers
on the spot
take me in
watch my face
sense my giving in
take my offering
say the words
pull my strings
feed my desire
such a playful thing
hear me purr
watch me gasp
close my legs
as I reach happy town at last
my desire for you
want you
and it shows
Now I am not sure
Because this morning is slightly a blurr
So many words all such goodness
I kinda got lost in all the worth and bliss
How can a girl like me resist?
I am dealing with seasonal allergies
And I will call that the cause
But if I stop and let myself pause
I am wondering
wondering the cause of this dizziness
Feels like something else
is not that from which I sneeze
This kind brings me to my knees
That which I want more and more
That tingle on top of my head
relaxation of body, and mind
that special kind of dizziness
The dizziness which makes me smile
Have not felt that in awhile
I smile and shake my head
I might be in trouble-over my head
Vertigo or you instead?
I swear he flirts back with me
More than anyone ever has
But does he like me like that?
I do not know, I am such a spaz
How do I know if he LIKES ME likes me?
I am in trouble because he excites me
I hope he LIKES ME likes me
Do not Hunny Bunny Me
Do not "Oh My Pretty" me
By any means find a genuine thought
a compliment that is not
words spat out to satisfy me
Where is the meaning
wheres the heart?
Do not hunny bunny me!
ranting- I dislike auto responses from bots posing as humans-husbands
It is funny that I am drawn to the photos he Favorited after he is gone
I see his name everywhere Mr deleted
Flickr friend to flickr what?  all the net doors you have shut
I miss your words and commentary..memory will not serve me memory
Mr deleted is the only sentiment left on pages we shared
You deleted yourself how dare you
no comments left just I stare at you
Mr Deleted..your commentary is still needed
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