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I am
                             A dancer
                             A writer
                             An artist
                             A musician
A creator
                             But if you
                             To see
What I create
                             A dance
                             A story
                             A painting
                             A song
I would
                             Turn Red
                             and Deflect
Your attention
                             I am
                            My creations
Will let you
                            Judge me
                            Criticize me
                            Hate me
                            Mock me
They are
                            A piece of me
                            A thought
                            An emotion
                            A fleeting moment
And they are
So if I show you
                            I trust you
Please don’t betray my trust
Repost if this is you.
Has black wings,
and dusty feathers.
Brings dire winds
and awful weather.

Flies in packs,
dark news wearer.
The skies rats,
heavens tearers.

The grim  shadow,
Morrigan's arrows.
With greed they'll shallow,
and feast on the gallows.
My soul is in angst,
craves writing desperate poerty.
To be ruled by chance,
love is hearts in anarchy.

I lust after a life that's full.
Emotion and mystery.
I'd hate it if it was dull
or ruled by destiny
To be locked in a room.
Just me and just you.
To make the whole world bloom,
only for us two.

Drinking words from your voice,
being satiated by your sight.
A glorious rejoice,
that could last the whole short night.

And then, maybe, along the hours
my skin could feast with yours.
If we where in the same room.
patterns in the stars
describe all knowledge of man
just look up above
November 27, 2014

I should've guessed, I should've known.
If there's a lightning, thunder will come.

That I was a guest, this wasn't my home,
but I was just too afraid to be alone.

Winds might change after tomorrow
and the sea my pain could somehow swallow.

But today there's this mountain of sorrow,
that blocks the sun, and makes me feel hollow.
He didn't live in darkness
It was the light he couldn't bear
Illuminating the futility
Exposing the reality
A world full of selfish people
A trait of the species
Darkness would have been his friend
To hide the truth he could not deny
Obfuscate lust, greed and pride
Survival of the fittest, hey that's alright
Instead he proclaimed humanity's state
Without the hope of even temporary escape
Grim as the Reaper knocking at your door

A car crash aftermath
You can't help but slow down
Turn to see what's there to see
But not for long
The guy in front of you slowed down too
(We've all the same hard wired brain)
Lest you find more than you thought
Not turn back in time
And rear end the other guy

He found ways to sing of loneliness
Despair given a melody
Between the look in his eyes and
The tremble in his voice
He could sell it to a poor man
He was no faker
As real as the sun
That will burn out the eyes of the one
Who gazes too long
At it's blazing light
From light years away
Giving decieving darkness
For the moments you bask in it's glow

The burden was too much for his skinny back
More than the weight of many worlds
He fell beneath his own weight
To him the logical response
But not to me
And not to you
Regardless the empathy and solidarity
How he seemed to have read our mind
Known our story, all our years to now
But he never knew the ending
How I wish it would have been his too
From the blinding darkness and the piercing light
My third eye has been blind
Open it,  Lord
Show me the reason
And I will sing your song
I like a man with fire in his bones
And where his head should be,
There is a home.

And I wax and wane like the moon
If you turn away you might miss me,
I'll be gone soon.
© Amara Pendergraft

I'm gone with the morning.
(S)ometimes i say i love you
(I) dont really know if i do
(T)o be honest i want more from you

(O)ther things on my mind
(N)ow i think is the right time

(M)any positions spiral in my brain
(Y)ou should be scared

(F)or i intend to get freaky in your bed
(A)rroused by the thoughts in my head
(C)ome let's play and you'll feel
(E)ndless ******* ahead...

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