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8.0k · Nov 2013
A Tale OF Two
A Tale of Two
Her Story>>>>
Today was my free day and I longed for some soothing nature time. I had my picnic basket with some food and wine. I wanted to enjoy my afternoon alone. I was just standing there, waiting for the cars to pass me so I could cross the street to the park. He walked by me and the wind blew his scent right to me. He smelled like heaven on earth.
I am very familiar with many scents and this one was new to me. I watched him walk past me. He was hansom with dark hair are mysterious eyes. His hair blowing in the breeze just as mine was. I love that feeling, being caressed by the wind. Before I knew it he was out of sight. I did not see where he had gone, for I had been day dreaming of what he would be like to kiss.
I continued on my way to the park and found a nice quiet place to read my book. I laid out my blanket and flung off my shoes. I wanted to lay there under the fading sun and enjoy the wind flirting with my dress while I read. It’s a warm windy day and its perfect. I had been reading for 30 minutes before I was warmly surprised by the smell that came to me. It was the smell of the man who had passed me. I looked up and saw him; he was standing over me with a poetry book in his hand. I smiled and invited him to sit down.

He smiled and introduced himself as a fellow nature lover. He didn’t tell me his name and at this point I was so surprised by his presence that it didn’t matter. I sat up and I asked him if he would join me in a glass of wine. He comically answered that he is sorry but we both cannot fit in that glass! I laughed and poured two classes of BlackStone red. He accepted with a smile. I lay back down on my stomach with my book half-open. My heart was beating so fast, he was right here with me and I could smell him, it was wonderful. We were strangers and I had no idea how he found me or why.
"What brings you to the park today?" I asked. He didn’t answer me, he just looked into my eyes for the longest time and then slowly bent down and kissed me. I thought my heart was going to be heard for miles. Surely he could hear it! It was a very long sweet kiss, perfect in every way, as if we had been kissing each other for years. I broke my lips free reluctantly and asked him once again, "who are you?" He opened his mouth and he said, "I came to the park today because you are here" I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say.

I turned over and lay on my back ready to question him again. He was right next to me, a man out of a dream, just appearing from no where. My mouth opened to ask once again who he was and as soon as I did his lips fell to mine in a long wet kiss. He was pure heaven to touch tongues with. I was enjoying myself too much to ask him anything. I dropped my book and heard the pages flapping in the wind while we kissed. My hands made their way to his dark hair and I could not help myself, I pulled him closer to me. There was no one around; we were in no danger of being seen. He moved closer to me and held me tight. I could not brake away from his kiss, nor did I want to.
He left my lips on his own, kissing my neck. He whispered in my ear "I have been watching you for a while now". I suddenly felt a little frightened. I do not know this man at all and yet he is kissing me. He reached past me and into my picnic basket. He pulled out the strawberries and nibbled on one while staring at me. I couldn’t speak, I was staring right back and it was like he had my mind engulfed with thoughts.
He then fed me a strawberry very slowly; juice ran down the side of my mouth. He reached down and licked it off with his tongue. I whimpered, I wanted him so bad. He picked up another berry and took a big bite, the juice feel on my chest between my *******. I looked him in the eyes, smiled and closed my eyes and waited for him to lick it off me. And he did, very slowly lick it off and trailed his tongue down the length of the opening of my blouse.
He began unbuttoning me, my hand went to stop him, and he reached out and held my hand. He kissed my fingers and said, "abandon all fears". I let my hand fall to the grass and let him unbutton me. I was wearing nothing under my shirt, no bra. I felt his breath touch me on my ******, and I felt it rise to a stiff peak. He took a bite of a strawberry and left half of it on the stem. He kissed me once again, and at the same time I felt the chill of the cold half strawberry touching my ******.
This was heaven, my god I felt a trickle of my own juice run from my *****. I was whimpering while he was kissing me. He touched me so slowly and with such care. The cold berry circling my ****** and the kiss at the same time was driving me wild. He moved and began ******* the strawberry mess of my ******. I held his head to my ****** for a moment, it felt so good. I felt his hand reach for my thigh, soft and warm hand just caressing me. He found my wetness and was surprised by it.
I smiled and giggled, what could I say. He looked right in my eyes and told me I was about to get a licking I would never forget. He was very right! He knew what he was doing, and he made me *** so fast I couldn’t believe it. I was in heaven. Still quivering and whimpering I rolled over on top of him. I kissed him like he was my long lost love. I quickly unbuttoned his pants while a stared at him with glazed satisfied eyes. I moved lower and found his throbbing **** staring at me. I took him into my mouth while I stared into his eyes. I saw the thrill he was having as the moistness from my mouth mixed with the wind as I moved up and down. He tasted and felt wonderful and I couldn’t stop myself from wanting all of it for myself.
I heard the noise of pleasure comes from him and suddenly he stopped me and laid me down in the grass next to the blanket. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. He joined me and made love to me in the grass. The breeze blowing over our bodies, the currents within exploding. He stayed on top of me and started kissing me again.

I broke the kiss and I whispered to him, "Who are you?" He simply reached for the wine and smiled. He filled my glass and placed the cup in my hand while he buttoned my blouse and smiled. I sat up and looked into his eyes, why do I feel is if I know him! He bit my thigh and I jumped spilling the wine on my skirt. I ran to the water fountain to rinse it off and when I looked back he was gone. There was no way he could have left without passing me! I was stunned. I went back to my blanket and collected my things. My book was gone, he taken it. And he had also replaced it with the book of poetry he had brought with him. There was no name written in it, no sign of who he was. Just a book of poetry and a note slipped into a fitting page of love for a moment and it read ‘Meet me in the moon light tomorrow night, I will be waiting" and it was signed no longer a secret admirer.

His Story>>>>
I saw her again yesterday. This time when I went past, she seemed to notice me. Like so many days recently, she took my breath away. I remember the first time I saw her; she was wearing a **** black dressed that crossed at the front. Today, she was carrying a picnic basket.
I ducked behind a corner and watched. Who was this woman? And more important, whom is she going to have a picnic with? I followed at a safe distance and watched her unpack & prepare a picnic for one. She started reading a book and I knew she would be there for a while. I don’t know why, but I decided to backtrack and bought collection of Emily Dickinson poems before making my way back to the park. When I got back, my heart pumped hard in my chest. I could feel a throbbing in my head as the blood coursed through my brain.

Suddenly, I was only aware of our immediate surroundings. The sun caressing my face, the wind lapping at my hair. And her. She looked radiant in the dappled light of the afternoon, her hair flowing over her shoulders. Her sensuous mouth twitched every now and again as she read. Something caught her attention and she looked up at me. I was a mess. All I could come up with was that I was a fellow nature lover. I just stood there until she invited me to sit down.
Worse still, when she asked me to join her in a glass of wine, I blurted "I’m sorry, but we both cannot fit in that glass". At least she laughed and when she handed me the wine she asked why I was there. Having made a fool of myself already, I decided that actions would speak louder than words and surprised both of us by leaning forward and kissing her.
Her mouth was beautiful- soft, full lips. I could taste the wine on her lips and as my tongue gently parted them. Her mouth opened to greet mine and I took her lower lip between my lips.
She was reluctant at first but warmed to me and I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me to her. I was no longer aware of anything but her. Nothing else mattered.
At one point she asked me again why I was there. I couldn’t believe it when I heard myself say that I had been watching her. "Great", I thought. "Don’t worry about looking foolish because now you look like a psychopath". Deciding for the second time that silence was golden, I kissed her again. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths.
I could feel her warm breath on my face and I pressed my body firmly against hers. My leg found its way between her legs as I used it to press on her *****. Reaching for some of her strawberries, I took one in my mouth and fed her the rest. I put a strawberry half in my mouth and lent forward to give her the rest. She bit into it and our lips caressed as she swallowed it. When some juice escaped her mouth and ran down her cheek, I licked it off, running my ******* trail from the base of her neck up to her mouth.
She was now irresistible; I had to have her. I undid her dress button by button. I licked berry juice from her ****** as I felt it harden under my tongue. I ran my tongue around and around her ******, then from the base of it to the tip. I felt her back arch towards me as my hand wandered down her body. The leg, which had been pressing against her *****, was damp. Her ******* were completely soaked and I was astonished to find her completely shaven as my fingers slipped under the waistband.
She opened her legs as my fingers slipped inside her. As I let my fingers caress her ****, I kissed and nibbled my way down her body. The further I moved down, the stronger her scent became. It was intoxicating and I knew that I must have her juices flowing over my tongue. My fingers slipped under her ******* and I gently pulled them down, very slowly. She lifted herself off the ground, inviting me to take them off completely. It felt like I was 6 years old and opening a Christmas present. When they slipped off her ankles, I brought her ******* to my face and inhaled deeply.
The scent hit my nostrils and went straight to primitive parts of my brain. I dropped them and immediately ran my tongue up her inner thigh towards her *****. I stopped before my tongue reached there and let her feel my breath. I enjoyed the smell while I could as I plunged my tongue between her lips and straight into her *****, the sharp tang of her juice stimulating my taste buds.
She tasted as good as she smelled. I made my tongue rigid and slid the tip of it along her ***** up to her ****. My tongue broadened as I delicately licked her **** like it was a melting ice cream. My wet fingers found her ****** and I caressed it to the same rhythm as my tongue on her ****. I felt her ****** build up and a gush of her *** soaked my chin and my chest.
I was aroused to the point of unconsciousness when she suddenly pushed me on my back and straddled me. She was quick to free my **** and took it in her mouth and looked up at me. Our eyes met in a moment that I will never forget. We both knew what was to come. Releasing my ****, she straddled me and lowered herself onto my ****. We both gasped as she opened up and slipped over my head and down the shaft, her **** grinding against my ***** bone. We kissed deeply as our bodies united and we tasted each other’s juices. When I first saw her, I thought how much I would love to **** this angel. But we were not *******, we were making love.
At last, our bodies climaxed as we ****** hard at each other, my **** slamming hard, my ***** slapping against her *******.
We lay on the soft grass in ******* bliss and she asked me again "Who are you?". I avoided the question by biting her thigh, which made her spill her wine. I took my opportunity and left, but not before swapping books with her. I left a note for her asking her to meet me tonight. Such unimaginable beauty and sensuality can only be enhanced by the moons pale light.
a situation told by male and female perspectives
6.5k · May 2014
Your Smile
The way your lips move
The little twitches in your dimples
The sounds you make when you smile make me wake
I wanna stare at your face and watch you smile
Watching those lips all the while
Thinking what I'd like to do to them
That smile has me fixed
I find myself licking my lips
Wanting you to push me up against the wall
And take that kiss I have kept from all!
Your smile really makes me want to kiss you
It is a good feeling, enjoying so much
The want and wait for that touch
Your smile makes me want to kiss you
For now I sit and simply miss you
Recalling your smile
I close my eyes
and mentally kiss you
; )
5.4k · May 2014
That Kiss
I choose,I wait
I wait to choose
These lips are mine
Shall not be kissed
By just anyone
I dream the kiss
I wake and smile
Full of bliss
This quest of mine
Waiting for the right moment
To unfold myself
Such a reactive emotional unit
I hide this kiss from all
Knowing the parts of me it will bring out
I protect it without a doubt
I save it for the one who answers my inner call
That kiss I save...
Yet hide from all~
5.3k · Dec 2013
5/6/00 3:49 PM
I am transcribing this mornings’ writings.
It is 11 a.m. I have been naked all day.  So many windows to look through, both physically and in the mind.  
I have been near silent the whole time I have been in this house.  I find it so strangely familiar here.  It fits; it all fits in the mysterious cosmic way I have yet to discover.
*I am a person who visits ‘his house when he is on trips.  And here I find myself on a trip or two indeedy.  The house, thought 1, I love his style.
It makes me think of what I want for myself.  There is fantasy and reality to indulge in here.
Reality is the space and freedom.  Space for all things special and ordinary.  I miss space and order.  He has all the thought provoking areas of interest of a real home.  The colors are rich, deep blue, burgundy, and browns, all used in an artful mix of styles.  Oddly pondering here because I would choose many of the same pieces myself.  Every room has space for dancing, which I have done naked a few times here now.
Everyone else is watching big screen movies.  I am in the other living room on a big brown leather couch; still naked, touching all of ‘his things with my body.  
I awoke this morning to the sound of the modem.  I swear it is the perfect alarm clock for me!  You know I get excited every time I here the perfect connection.  
My dreams were vivid awake and asleep because ‘he is on a trip and I am sleeping naked in the master bedroom.  There is the possibility he could have come home at anytime.  I had spent 6 hours already that night naked in his home without his knowledge.  Everyone is used to me being naked when we come stay here.  I don’t want to put clothes on here, in this house.
It is not the people around seeing me naked in the yard sunbathing, or running around the big house with big windows which have no coverings btw.
It is the space and atmosphere that draws out my facets.  This space sparks my exhibitionist in a feisty way. * All the ***** massages for me to relax and enjoy, just being papered to highs. *  
The white leather couch and a 60-inch screen for movies- others are sitting in the chairs and on the floor.
One joins me on the sofa.  Everyone is watching a movie, so am I when my eyes are open.  I am on the couch on my stomach, with a pillow under my hips and my head.  My legs spread wide, there I am being touched inside and out constantly.  I moan, open my eyes and see the many eyes on me and the ’s.  I close my eyes and smile and say “watch the movie you guys geez”, giggle, wiggle and moan again.  The surround sound covers some of my whimpers.  
As soon as the movie was over I walked to the master bedroom and turned on the light.  HIS clothes, files, and suitcases were still on the bed.  WoW he really could come home.  I wanted that bed!
-We- cleared the bed and I jumped in the middle and put ‘his pillow under my ***.  I don’t know ‘him, but I love his style and I wanted to *** on his bed and pillows.  The fact that I come here and stay naked all over his things excites me, and he has no idea.  And yes, I came all over the master bed, we ****** madly!  I know the others heard my bells and chains clinking at a feverish pace.  I listened to the sounds ‘his bed made.  I fully enjoyed his headboard, grabbing his oak poles, feeling each one up and down, as I was getting closer to coming.  Ahhh my hand finds a broken bar, I think how it must have been broken by ‘him doing what I was at that moment.  That moment I came.
My mind was so in this “space”, that after we were spent I jumped up and ran to the pool.  Everyone else was still wake and followed me outside.  Skinny-dipping after hours of pleasure is the best recovery!  Wooo Hooo!  
I was the only one naked – still, I didn’t mind and neither did anyone else.  They were announcing to me when the pool jets came on, giggles, they wanted me sitting on them.  A wind picked up and I went inside, everyone followed me in.  
We all watched Eyes Wide Shut, and then everyone went to his or her separate rooms.  
I took ‘his room, I love the big space, the many doors and windows all left open, so nice and free.  I stood beside ‘his bed and slowly dropped my chains and bells beside his slippers on the floor.  I sprawled about on his sheet and fell into a light sleep.
I was dreaming that there was a camera taking pictures of me, while I was replaying in my dream the real conversation I had with ‘him the night before.  He was asleep on the phone, I called and he never fully woke up to give my message to his roommate.  I listened to him breath, and I spoke quietly to him, softly and sweetly, he spoke back a few times and then I hung up.  But in the dream I was having it was *******, and I was talking in my sleep, in ‘his bed.  What a twist of cosmic ways.  With all the dreams: of the snap shots and the discovery of me in his bed, ****, alone and moaning **** me.   In my dream I was saying it, and I know the other people in the other rooms could hear me speaking my mind in my sleep.  The rooms are close by indeed.
Awoke by the modem with 5 hours of sleep, I was stiff bodied, yet excited to wake up in ‘his bed.  It was 8:30 a.m. I rolled over and moaned loud enough to draw attention to myself, knowing it would work .
I kept my eyes closed and softly said how sore my ribs and back were.  The hands of the night before returned to rub my body once again.  After a few minutes of morning massage, I smiled, giggled and rolled off the bed and darted to the pool.
Naked morning sunshine, I love it, jump in the pool and by the time I got fully wet the coffee came to me.  Everyone was eating breakfast poolside while I skinny-dipped my body into a limber state.  After breakfast everyone jumped in the pool with me, but I was the only one naked.  We all swam for 30 minutes or so.  I spotted the lounge chair and decided to sunbathe Seconds after my body reclined, the hands and oil came to pamper me once again.  I was spread out in full view of all in the pool, getting slicked up al over, with oil and such.  It felt great inside and out, I didn’t care that everyone was watching me get my ***** satisfied.  I was vividly aware of where I was, out in the open space and the freedom of space, as I thought my *** rose in the air and my body twitched repeatedly.  I heard the voices in the pool, and felt the sun on me as I came hard, right there in front of everyone.  Hell, I needed help getting up off that chair, and an oiled hand took mine, and led me to the master bedroom.
The master’s bed now has oil on the sheets and the headboard, and the wall.  I left myself all over his things.  He will know some of my essence whether he knows it or not, I will.  Here I sit naked in his den loving every naked minute of it.
I am back from being oil girl.  Being bent over people spreading glistening oil on nakedness, my *** got a lil bit to much sun!  I go to the master bedroom again, everyone is still poolside.  I try on things, because they are left out on the bed.  You know how I always ask what a mans' favorite pair of pants are?  Well there was 501’s in my size, I couldn’t resist sliding him on me, loving how they fit my ***.  I went back outside and paraded around showing how good ‘his pants fit me.  “Do you have underwear on?” I was asked, I laughed and said no.  I got an odd look from the people.  I danced off to the bedroom and put them back, knowing how he fit was enough.
Right now I am sitting outside writing and a camera is pointed right at my *****.  So I shall stand up for a few shots.  I got up and stood on the table and spread for some close ups, ****, ok enough sun, my **** are red.
After delivering a few drinks poolside, I return to ‘his bed, laying on my belly, thinking, pen in hand.
I hear the shower turn off and I close my legs, I feel the wet drops hit my back, as he sits on my legs.  He is holding them together with his weight.  I feel the oil hit my back, sliding down the crack of my ***.
The lower back massage becomes two bodies sliding against each other.  At first his hands slide between my tightly pressed thighs.  My hips grabbed and lightly lifted, raising my *** in the air, yet tightly holding my legs together.
A breath on my neck touched me at the same time he entered my ***** once again.  My pen never left my hand.  I was focused.
I go for a smoke and jump back into the pool, knowing its time for me to leave soon.  As I enter the main room, in just *******, I pick up my lotion and start putting it on my arms.  Hands from behind gently take the lotion and begin putting it on my sunburned back.  I defiantly feel the fact that I have ******* on as the hands reach my lower back and slowly pull them off……
This was my first husbands last attempt to keep me as his wife by taking me on a weekend to his friends house with a pool.
The story is very telling that my mind is truly not on present, but on what is not there. By saying this I almost ruin the erotica of it..but the psychology of the the story is rich too..
I wrote that day and the next paragraph by paragraph, each hour or so.
Who else was present is everyone who always saw me naked and saw it as no big deal. I was a nudist, they knew it. Its all very true...
4.8k · Nov 2014
The Fixed Compass
Waves ran wild across vibrations of metal
Like a guitar playing under an ocean wave
Carrying the purpose and dream of one man
A piece of metal of a surgery gone wrong
Saved, an outer symbol, the only one
I dreamed about it last night
This man, his piece of metal
As I am a water creature, a fish very true
I picked up the symbol and attached it to a compass
This compass does not move, mixed in place forever
A symbol of his attitude
His direction will not waiver, this is his truth
I handed it back to him as a gift of gratitude
An example he is of strength and determination
And for that I have admiration~
3.8k · Aug 2014
Honeymoon Sex
Oh the JOY of that first few months of Honeymoon ***
How blessed
Wild wanting with no holds barred
Biting and ******* leaving the skin marred
No thought of time or things to do
All I could think of was more *** with you
But when the honeymoon is over
The *** feels a bit boring and that bore takes over
leaving me wanting the next honey to moon and have fun with now that you..I am over
2.5k · Apr 2014
Say yes to my cookies
Cookies are powerful things.
Spun of sugar and creams
Passions and dreams
Say yes to the cookie    
I offered t bake them for you
bait - sweet minty chew
Say YES to the cookie
You know I will bring it by
leave the door open like before
I can find you on either floor
Let me know if we need milk
But you must say yes to the cookies
Cause the  Dragon will give you hella munchies!
So please ..say yes to the cookies wink
2.4k · Apr 2014
I have started my Monday!
Like I would wait for the wake
The strike of midnight for ***** sake
Why wait?  Mondays are GREAT!
I love Mondays, Everyone can go to hell for all I care
Do not disturb me don't you ******* dare
I look forward to ME TIME with anticipation and great desire
Current thoughts are of the dance floor
Mondays music is loud and proud
I dance my with myself
Full disclosure
I will move the furniture and make more room for sure
I need room to growl and leap and kick
Mondays are for FREEDOM
Time for Self reflection
**** with my Monday you face only rejection ; )
I want my Monday I want my Monday
I don't wait I didn't wait
The first Monday hour has been great!
yes I said no to the calls..sorry mates
My Monday
This is mIne
2.3k · Apr 2014
my broom
The Broom
A work out stick
Above the head
with a kick
Not pom poms
but even better
I dance with this
and make it much sweatEur ; )
Waist twists
firm swift shifts
shooBdoo with the techn9ne crew
fast stepping
twirling and bending
tap that tip to the floor
point it at the ceiling once more
sweep dirt? no way
personal cob webs go away
My broom is a tool
I twirl like a martial arts fool
Upper body exercise
with some attitude
a quickness
and now I smile
2.2k · May 2014
HEAR Me Walk Away
I step silently
All sounds kept inside
My very breath I have to hide
The tread spinning round
I sigh and try my best not to cry
I am working so ******* my health
All he sees is the tv and only hears my noise
"2 1/2 more minutes and you could have said CONGRATULATIONS ON SELF CARE"
But no that would be FAIR
You do not play fair
SO I am not ALLOWED to use my treadmill now?
I am a horse and what the **** are you the plow?
MY work for you is DONE
I will walk away
Leave you spun
You say I sound like a horse
That I walk hard
It bothers you so much..
Hear me walk away..cause this time
I walk HARD
Listen closely
This winning horse
Just left your stall
For a new course
2.2k · Dec 2013
The Miners Daughter
I am a miners daughter. I am a gold panners' wife.
He is busy gold panning while I run around the forest enjoying nature.
Left alone, of no interest, no comparison to the prospect of gold.

As I sit here naked, I wish that I was an interesting as the prospect of gold.

I wish my gold were being sifted from the sands, with his hands.

I am pure gold, why can't he see.

He bought the claim, he has the deed.

But my gold goes unnoticed, as does my needs.
2.0k · Dec 2013
Odd thing rust
never sleeps
always creeps
sometimes sweeps
across the sky
Is it odd that rust
turns me on?
That I want to shoot
rust for you?
I do, I want to shoot the rust
I forgot my canon
its a bust
; )
Photography of rust I love-
2.0k · Feb 2014
I always thought women who follow a mans every word must be some sort of weak woman.  Where is her own power?  Where is her own thought and beliefs in this follow the leader deal.  Why would anyone follow another like that?
I wonder no more.  I know.
I have more power, not less.  I follow everything he tells me to do for several reasons.  The first is respect.  I have the utmost respect for this man.  I know that everything he does he does to keep me protected and safe.  Therefore I listen word for word what he asks of me, what he TELLS me to do.
When someone is so protective one can see it as *******, possessiveness or simply as love and protection.
How one sees this is depending on what you believe.
I believe his every more is for MY benefit.  I know everything he does he does for me.  I know he wants me happy, smiling and constantly touching.  
I do not resist.  I do not fight this.  It makes me VERY happy.  I am protected and loved.  I am the most safe I have ever felt.
I am not a possession.  I am most definitely not treated like one.
I am cared for more now than I have ever been in more ways than I thought possible.  I feel so very protected.  I am HIS responsibility.
He takes that as seriously as possible.  With a huge smile no less.
10 things I love about myself
1.My unending desire to express myself. I think self expression is key to sanity.
2.Related to 1, is my creativity as an artist. If we instilled the driving force of healthy self expression we would not have near the amount of violence, war, crime, psychotics, drug use etc that we do in society. As a whole the world seems to strive to stuff or hide feelings, I think that is harmful and denial of true self, or of wholeness. On a personal level this saves my very life.
3. My ability to use all negative,bad, traumatizing experiences as a tool of/as Understanding of Universal Human suffering. We are given experiences to understand our fellow man, I do my best to do so with my own experiences.
4. My Compassion, , nuff said
5. Eating my fears for breakfast..or trying to! Facing my fears, and challenging my fears..self quests.
6. Beginners Mindset, I am so very thankful I break for butterflies and pull over for cloud crossings, I near tear with joy at wet rainy sidewalks and the glow of stop lights on wet pavement, may I always honor this special aspect of who I am~ I see the world in a way I wish never to lose, only to expand.
7. Learning to honor my body~ Gaining self respect through self care! I love myself enough to care for myself now, far more than I ever did before!
8. Acceptance that all aspects of myself are pure. My self expression is not ****, and as I see it, I am simply unafraid to be me! My expression is pure! I shall accept no shame about it.
9. My ability to accept change with a laugh. I do not stress, stress just adds stress on top of other stuff that needs to be dealt with, it is a distraction!! laugh, move forward and know everything will work itself always does! My inner joy keeps me young.
10.My Energy-Body Consciousness, my ability to sense, to direct energy, to honor the tools that God gave everyone ; )
1.9k · Mar 2014
Always my favorite day
Always mine with solitude
Playful thing
Needs time to sing
Mondays are mine
Time to unwind

Everyone knows
Call me and I hang up
Monday is mine
I love Mondays
All Mine
Pippin is full
Music is loud
Clothing is optional
Ah Monday
My dear friend
We play all day
Forget the crowds
No one is following
I am not the leader of the band
Misfits wait a day
They understand
I love you guys
but on Mondays your
1.8k · Oct 2014
The art shall go
Flow, finally flow my art-Go be part of the world
I give you new eyes to view you, I free you with heart
For sale my art, for sale my passion
What I shall sell is not like anything anyone else shall barter
I made mine all myself, I am a self starter
I am a bit nervous this much is true
But it is because I have a big booth at Cider Fest
In Marcus Washington, I am very excited
How about you? Come to try the fresh cider ok
But come to see my glorious booth
I shall have pendants for sale and necklaces too
I am prepared and I have my tables tent and a good mood
I have beautiful glass for sale, and a positive attitude
See you at Cider Fest, wear comfortable shoes ; )
first time at cider fest
1.7k · Aug 2014
Rebound Down
He was fun
But not the ONE
His lies made everything come undone
It is OK, I will be fine
It was too soon for a relationship
However it sure was Rebound time
He was fun, we had a blast
But the time for that is OVER
Now I can be free at last~
I know I am lovable, touchable and funny as hell
So dwelling on not being good enough is gone as well
I enjoyed my rebound guy
..I have already said goodbye...
Rebound down...
I cannot lie..he were my rebound
Had he not lied to me so much oh the relationship we could have had
So long long Chad
1.7k · Jan 2014
My lips vibrate
my face twitching in new ways
feelings flush my cheeks
a smile hits my face
I sigh, get dizzy
let go again
Scratch Deeply
Now rub it gently
softly, so softly
now SLAP it!
I gasp and smile
Wickedness hits my lips
Wetness a cold pool on hot hot skin
A sizzle flowing over in cascades
The twitching belly dance begins
Scratch DEEPLY
Beauty and Relief
A release all too sweet
I shake my head No
But that is just me swimming
Feeling it fill me
I smile, I sigh
wide open mouth says AAAhhhh
Body quakes pants and moans
trembling then I hear him GROAN
his sounds make me burst
I overflow
Scratch DEEPLY
Now rub it gently
He tells me over and over
Oh so softly and slow
Spread your legs
and touch those lips
I gasp and my body rises
Sensation all new surprises
I want more
I ache for pain
It is all in perception
What can be gained
I wait for his lighter
to flick my ears quick
Making my body tremble and shake
Up those thighs
Such a sting a welcome exercise
I lust for more
not feeling pain
All about sensations seriously gained
I shake and tremble
Feeling the sting
My flesh slightly torn
Making it warped
No tender touch now
It is all hot hot hot
Holy ******* cow
I love you
Your the best drug
Deeply, scratch me now
I want it badly
Feel me now

1.7k · Jan 2014
You hexed my pussy
Tremble inside feeling so cold without you.
Sleep, rest illusive.  
My hurt on display for the world.  
It is so hard to breath without you.
You hexed my ***** and I cannot *** without you!
I miss your voice
You won't take my calls.
You blocked me on flickr viewbug and more.
I ******* adored you and you stupid man
Why the **** am I on ignore??
Oh You wanted to be the one to break my heart
The only one no but the most hurt.
The pissy thing is you never said a negative word
I miss your positivity, your loving words
I miss you more than ice cream, motor cycle season, life
I will take what you gave me and apply it every day.
You were the best in so many ways.
I long to hear your voice calling to me again.
I have done my best to forget, erase hear you no more to no end
Lay in bed calling out your name while my tears roll down my pillow
Your not to blame.
You made a choice to walk away, erase me
Make me pain.
My camera is very inspired so I cannot really complain.
The audience feels hollow compared to the smiles with you I came.
I miss the intimacy, the stares, the hot pants moans and **** glares.
I miss your instruction on just what to do
Dude you turned me into a pile of goo.
I would be ok if I could just ***
You hexed my *****
Im ******* ******...and I need to giggle
*** have you done?
Sigh, sudden did I go from your everything
Your entire world
to your ignore list
I wish I understood
Fierce and growling and pouncing a pace
Approaches your face before you can move.
That is a warrior in your face, growling
Keep pace feel her groove
I sent you more attitude with color
See my shadows' like no other
what is this wizardry?  
Something is coming right at you with attitude
Stripes of color down my face
Blend with the shadows of **** lace
My eyes stare right at you
My eye teeth grow like a wolf
Something is coming right at you with attitude!
1.4k · May 2014
asta la pasta bitches
I have been leaving everyone
Silently, slowly
Backing out of the frame
Not playing their games
Not calling, not texting
Slowly and silently retreating
As to not be missed
When I fully dismiss
This place you all been living in
I refuse to take root
Where no care takes place
How can I care for a place without love
Chaos takes all the space
So slowly I have been leaving you all
Soon forever more
New steps taken
Intentions not shaken
New life now
MY happiness not forsaken!
So Asta La Pasta *******!
moving on from a bad crowd lol
1.4k · Aug 2014
If Wishes were for Fishes
If Wishes were for fishes
All my dreams would come true
Thankfully I am fish, I know my sign
I know how to make my dream be the rewarding kind
I have dreamed
I swam upriver
I am here at the top of the United States
I am ready to plant my feet
Just about where the USA and Canada meet
I found my home, my ranch, my dream
Now let me move and fuffill my lifes' greatest dreams
The yards have gardens apples and pears
There is the sound of cows everywhere!
Miles surround us of land that we have rights to
At night the sky full of stars the only lights to look up to
Cougars and bears will be seen
But we are country women, we are keen
Montana born, country mean
Don't  ya'all worry
I got this ****..all I need now is a riffle, an ax
and maybe a 4 wheeler machine ; )
1.4k · Apr 2014
The Me I Miss
It is not the Him I miss
It is the Me of Us I miss
The Depth of My Expression
The Ability to Be so Open
I let Myself Surrender
I Miss that Karen so Tender
Bliss On so Many Levels
Bliss I Miss more than Ever
I want That Me Back
I want to simply Lean Back
Fall into a trance state
Explore My Bliss
That Depth of Me is Missed
1.4k · Dec 2013
not just words
                   declarations of self
where did I go?
   Paradox you call personality disorders
cause others to go insane right along with you
you edit me in every way
I try not to trigger you along the day
but edit this
I am fighting for my own rights and identity
no more fights-
I will not be the sponge that absorbs you
I am but a mirror
let me be clear
I can not afford to
1.3k · Jan 2014
With You Breathing Is a Song
With you breathing is a song.
Full of laughter, giggles, wicked giggles
Long deep sighs full of tingles and surprise
running my nail up and down my thighs
Sensations that reach my breath and carry me away
Gasps for air while we create US
You watching my hips ******
Holding my breath as I sing a full body song with twitches
holding myself while I recover
Oh special notes that you uncover
Bringing the songs to peek
Your voice make my knees weak
I breath you in deep open my mouth
and let out a mini song of pants & whimpers
Feeling you swim within me ; )
Such wonderful positive energy.
My breath sings a song previously unknown to me
You say the words and watch my every breath
You see my heart beating in my chest
My smile, my face with 'the little death' ; )
The giggle after - not the final song
You know for you I breath funny all night long
Wicked girl laughter in your ears
between smacks on my *** I know you hear
Oh the sting is long-touching my breath
with an ever clever heat never leaving
I think about that and again
My breath changes again but nothing is wrong
These songs play all day and night long
My favorite sons
My every breath playing you' as it longs
for your touch, your voice,
again I sing, missing you with a different note string
heavy sigh as I am awake you sleep
I laugh as I love you all MY day long
Every breath full of love, smiles and sighs
a bit of burning between my thighs lives on
I touch my lips and you feel so near
Has nothing to do with what is smeared ; )
a place we spend where nothing is feared
I sing to you while you are sleeping
You do the same to me
Every breath part of a song ever present in me
Breathing with you makes everything right
To breath differently would be a fight
Everything is so natural, so light
Only thing heavy is my breathing when you are in sight
I feel so alive, so happy with you
I breath funny because of you ; )
With every breath I know it is true
I am in love with you
1.3k · Aug 2014
I miss you more than words
I miss you more than words
But not because I lack expression of my affection
my gratitude and love for you
I miss you more than words because words are but lies
from the lips I held dear
The lips that kissed me and told me they loved me
Had only lies in all other words spoken
So my faith that I was loved for real was broken
I do not know if you loved me...and even if you told me so
I would not believe the if you held me just so..
I'd know..
Please know I miss you more than words
1.3k · Apr 2014
Hey Surf Board
You use lingo that flows yes
But I protest
How is it that I KILLIN YOU?
What do you mean? Am I scaring you again?
laughs Do not worry
I am just going to drug you and pounce
oh look I have hands this time!!!
NAAA I am ******* wit you
Maybe I do not want to blow the fantasy
Can that be topped?
We can be great friends you and I
but then again
First waves come with little knowledge
Now your dangerous cause you know my verse
I should dress in layers and pretend
ain't nothing happening between friends
Kick it in your chair at the other end..
grab your **** and make it mine
Scared again> yet> waves might get you wet?
Come on I saw you surf
Your not afraid of getting snarled at or hearing GRRRS
wait wait..We can kick it as friends do not hurry
Hang ten in your chair with no worry
Wanna watch Rocky Horror with Tim Curry?

How am I killin you dude? ; ) You poor *******!
1.3k · Jan 2014
Your Pearls
I still feel the sting of every string
on all my parts
my ankles still bare marks
I smile as my *** stings
A fond memory of so many things
whipped with pearls
til I whimpered
wanting you to take me just a little further
Ridges rolling  on pinched nips
With a slow soft touch upon my lips
Undulated hip
That wicked giggle you love so much
just around the next touch
I go silent a moment then I sigh
before you know it I am up for air
I look up and give you that stare
You know it is not over
Before this is done
You will whip my *** again
til the pearls come undone
; )
PPff editing I am not even out of bed yet
1.3k · Apr 2014
Hold frame
Twist only hips
Move forward
Maximize radius
Improve flexibility
Twist the middle
Turn it side to side
Keep those arms solid
Hold that frame
Do the dance
Reduce the middle
Quite a chance!
The dancing continues with strict amounts of twists with solid frame and moving hips
1.2k · Dec 2014
I miss you
I have never known anyone like you
The regret I feel for us ending is real
That is just the beginning of how I feel
I miss our creations, our union
The sounds you made in bed, almost not human
That makes me smile like your butterfly
And you know why
I am thinking I might not be done with you
The dizziness still hits me when
I remember our times together- and not just us two
You were one of US, our family- it included you
We all miss you, we often speak of you
And now you re appear and our happy times are again within view
I sigh, I wonder could we make it together- try again
I miss you~
for my cow
1.2k · Apr 2014
Horse & Jockey
The horse is chasing the jockey
Horse has a lotta moxy
Trots round like she is real foxy
Jockeys chase her down
his play gets old makes her frown
Turn of roles excites her soul
Riders line up but she cannot be found
Prize horse everyone thinks is trick
She runs when things get thick
Horses chase a finish line
Panting hard before the finish line
Wanting nothing more than to win the chase
Watch the smile grow on her face
As she chases that jockey down
Nudges with her nose and knocks him down
Wanting nothing more than to feel his hair
Wave and wander all over this mare~
1.2k · Oct 2014
Topsy Turning Tummy
Twisting things and it don't feel yummy
I have a topsy turning tummy
Anxiety and it feels funny
But what I have to deal with is all serious
For real I have to go deal with these issues
Be strong get it done
Forgo any tissues
Just go do that **** that makes me spin
Deal with the issues that make me wince
I have a topsy turning tummy but not for long
I am gonna adapt and over come
Be strong
1.2k · Apr 2014
Energy does not Lie
You can say whatever you wish
That does not translate to this fish
The waves around me do
I feel the waves and understand them well
They tell me a whole lot about you
The energy never lies
You tell me I am important to you
I know that much is true
Your right I want nothing from you
Just your time, space to unwind
But you have to know energy does not lie
I feel the energy we share
It flows freely without a care
Til our head trips light some flairs
We get lost and inside our cares
We talk it out, share our ****
Because the energy does not lie
We are indeed linked, we are very alike
This is true
And the deal is I feel energy transmitted by you
You can't hide, because I feel you
Energy does not lie
So glad we let the freak side fly
Because energy does not lie
; )
Oh Brother Moth you think your such a freak..and it is relaxing cause then I dont tweek on my own head trips..have a great week !  Enjoy your space..pick up your camera..
I grab my girly parts and scream it is going to be a dizzy day!
This man is driving me crazy in every way
Sigh, giggle laugh get dizzy it is ok
I am going to...
Give this man the time of day
He is coming at me strong hard and extreme
And I know what he means!
Chad likes extremes
And he is finding ways to make me dizzy
It is going to be a dizzy day ; )
Iron man body, mind of  Zen
How the hell can I resist that kind of man?
I can't resist
It is going to be a dizzy day
; )
For CW
1.1k · Dec 2014
Walk Down My Road
My eyes are drawn to the road to my door
The path long, snow filled,
I keep looking for you,
Walking down the road coming home to me
Yet you do not even know where I live now
Yet I expect you non the less, come find me
I await you, you and nothing else
1.1k · Nov 2013
It Is All Wasabi
What do I mean by that? Why is it a favorite mantra? How does wasabi differ from other hot sauces? First, this is a metaphor for feelings and how we deal with them; or we do not deal with them out of fear.

Most hot sauces or hot food has a tendency to keep being hot on your mouth for a very long time, even after you are done eating. The mouth is a place not only for food but expression. Some people can stand and like heat in their mouths, some can't. For some it is thrilling and exciting, for some it is a dreaded thing, something to be avoided at most any cost. That dread stands in front of any willingness to try something new. Fear of a heat you cannot get rid of.....sigh...

Ever feel like your feelings are going to consume you if you let them breath? Ever had hurt so deep you were afraid to let it out for fear it would take over? Ever think you cannot handle another second of pain? Had your very breath be of nothing but hurt? Do you know of what I speak of? Fear of letting yourself feel for fear it will be too much.

Hot food is like that. But the more I spend time in healing, working with my shaman, and working on myself I am finding everything to be of 'wasabi'.

Wasabi is a hot food item unlike most other hot foods. Its heat and intensity is 5 times that of other hot flavors,IMHO. You think it will consume you and your head is going to literally explode with this sensation that is unlike any other. You really think its going to sting you forever and you get scared...and after a deep breath or two it is gone. The heat, the explosion that was so all consuming to me the minute before, nay..seconds gone! How can this be?

How can what I feared so much be so easy to transcend? Oye! I feared the old fasioned hot. I feared the old way of feeling things. The old agony, the old hurts, the pain I thought I could never outlive-. <---that is my old hot sauce.

Now life is all wasabi. I know it is going to be extreme to jump into. It is going to test my threshold of what I can tolerate. But I know when I take a bite, no matter how has a short life span. It is not going to consume me, take over, or last forever. Diving into myself has never been so hot;) but I like the heat of challenging my old thought patterns, beliefs, and self limiting concepts.

Wasabi rules ;)
1.1k · Dec 2014
I just had a Guy Sigh
That heavy yet relieving sigh
Where did that come from?
I sit and I wonder why!!!
I was talking to a nice guy..
Was that it? Was that a guy sigh??
Oh My!
Spiritual cleaning requires some personal flinging
That broom dances above my head
clearing out old cob webs!
If your a born technician you put your hands to the sky
I do and I brush the **** that clouds my eyes!
As above is so below so sweep around me high and low
I do broom kung foolery
A spiritual cleansing and very true to me

and 2 songs later

That 7 step outer star spinning round
Dizzy..happy..a hurricane a of beautiful chaos here spins
The first to FILE WINS
...sweep the room clean
I mean my life..I want it clean
I am about to sweep you out
better stand firm on your feet
Cause right now I will chop you up like a piece of meat
and not ******* chicken in a can
1.1k · May 2014
Blue Swan
When we connected he was in Peru
He was there to get an Aborigine tongue tattoo
It was his mission in life and dream to make come true
Instead he spent 10 days in a prison and took 10 days to come down a mountain by mule.
When he came down the first message on his phone was from me.
The one he had followed secretly
For me to speak directly to him by name
Blew his mind because hiding his name was part of his game
I knew his name and that he was coming.
It came in a vision days before I felt his humming.
Our connection I told him was seen in a keen sweat lodge night vision
He did not question what I said to be true.
I knew his name, as did very few
Now he calls me often and has lessons to teach
And I listen, take it in and with it I REACH
The news and understanding spreads
The relationships with our young gets fed
The mission and higher goals are seen
Because the man with the blue swan on his neck is very keen
*I love your pep talks and everything you say is true
I cannot believe we started talking right out out of Peru into Mexico City and now in here in America.  I know your a ******* rock star in your world and all but to me your always going to be the one who came to me in a vision..foretold by the Universe to help me on my path and so it has been and shall be ; )  Thank you Blue Swan
1.1k · Jul 2014
I Miss My Dickins
Oh How I miss my Dickins
That man with muscles and soft skin
The constant touching and kissing
He slaps me, I slap him
No fussing..give in
"STOP IT" He whimpers softly
I respond with "GET OFF ME"
He grabs my ankles and holds them tight
We only pretend to fight
All in effort to more deeply unite
Remembering how we are together...
I sure do miss my Dickins tonight
My Chad
1.1k · Mar 2014
Black Swans
Gem Stones
4AD Music
Exoctic Teas
Cuckoo Clock Parts
Ink Tones
Plier Queen
Drill bits
Blow Torches
Tango Shoes
Feather Wigs
Silver Plates
Sail Boats
Old Books
Paint Sticks
Zumbar Soaps
Essential Oils
Color Pencils
Books of Zen
Painted Pictures
Make up Colors
Art of Olivia
Playful Friends
1.1k · Oct 2014
Good Morning Friday!
The shake of the leg while crossed
Not the way to walk but I am moving forward non the less
I dance in my chair and feel so blessed
A singing morning full of spice
Coffee is extra strong, on Friday that is nice!
I woke the girls with my voice
I had headphones on and was singing loud
Music of my choice ; )
Something to make me feel proud
Fiona sings of a Better Version of Me
I sing along ever so happily
Wake the girls - make them shine
Tell them how beautiful they are, talented, special- mine!
Good Morning Friday! Good Morning my girls
Rise and shine
Sing with me..give this day a whirl!!
1.1k · May 2014
8 bucks for gas
The leash gets shorter
The mileage checked
Eight bucks for gas this pay check
Yet you will ask me to drive to get many things
You have given me a sixty miles for 2 week string
I decline
My senses awaken
I start packing my stuff again and this time without shaking
8 bucks for gas won't get me out of hell
But it sure does make me want to scream
I will not dwell
No shouts to be heard
You gave me 8 bucks for gas you ******* ****
Do not ask me to pick up your dinners
Or expect me to be sitting here waiting for NOTHING
While you continue to ignore me
I will do my work and get my cheddar pay
But to expect me to stay here -just no way
You may have given me 8 bucks for gas
Checked my mileage, set my range
But you forgot my pocket full of change
I will go where ever I want to
Without any prompt from you
Get your own ******* dinner
Cause both my motor cycles are gas ******* winners
You stare at my car in the drive way
Watch that 8 bucks in gas sit all day
For the next 2 weeks while I go play
I got more wheels than that **** car
2 bucks in my scooter takes me pretty far
So dust gather on my windshield
Let the gas you gave me not be used
Leashes are for animals
To me that is abuse
Get over it
Cut me lose
1.1k · Apr 2014
Worry is not in the frame
I guess that is one gain
Worry is not in this frame
What will be will be
But will the memories remain?
Then worry enters suddenly
Will I push them out to avoid pain?
Will I never remember what is was like again?
My voice was just starting to come alive
Self expression just took a horrible ******* dive
Oh did it? Hell no you *******!
Do not ******* worry
I will run away and live in my cocoon
But that self expression that began to bloom...
You took that away too soon
1.1k · Apr 2014
It is alright
Stephen showed me naked girls on cam calls me buddy this morning
****, cool!
It is alright!
I got guy friends and we tight
They won't hit on me cause..
well maybe they might
But I wont pay attention
not in my sight
we just keep chillin
Eshan says I pronounce his name better than his girlfriend
it is alright
we friends
we tight
James wants me but I keep running
he understands cause Im his buddy first
listens to me talk about Bill
Cause we tight
it is alright
Shaun be crazy, a blast and changes subject fast
kinda like me
we tight, he funny, my **** blocker
we alright, we tight
Dustin will look away before he sees me naked
cause we are friends and I ma more like a sister
It is alright, we alright
Justin is married and still we are alright
nice friends, these guys
we are all alright
Johnny Depp your ******* fine and taken
but we chat nice and funny
we alright
and you so **** tight..won't give it up
it is alright
we tight
You talk a good line
make me laugh
and listen to me whine
Yeah Johnny
we tight
Guy friends are cool
I do not worry about you falling for me or your drool
cause it is alright
we tight
1.1k · Nov 2014
MY new friend
when I broke my ribs I could no longer
chop my wood, shoot my gun or beat my drum
  Healing takes time and I need a way to thump
    I need twang, thumps and ca-chings
I thought how can I be musical and do my thing
  I can't beat on much of anything!
     Movement makes my ribs scream!
Enter my new friend TAMBOURINE!
1.0k · Feb 2014
They all respond the same.  "Wow your skin feels like butter!".  Yes, yes it does.  Hours of caressing, kindness to the skin.  Touch is my ally, touch is my friend.
As I shower I cover my body in almond oil once again.  My skin receives.  Skin receives love and constant attention it has been missing  my entire life.  This is all new, constant attention, constant love.
This is the opposite of the picking war of old.  The search and destroy is over.
Skin so soft, so very soft.
Beautiful me~  Softer than better ; )
1.0k · Jun 2014
Too Much Weed
I never thought there could be enough
In fact there can be too ******* much
So much the smell in the air makes one lose touch
The sense of nappiness hits us like country road dust
Lay down if you must
We understand the smell is strong enough for a bust
but it is legal here so no fuss
**** overkill..what happen to the mega thrill?
Maybe I smoked too much and simply oh so chilled
The stink of **** is always in the air
Inhale it if you dare..
I never thought I would say this but..there is just too much ****
The smell is making me feel sick..
I never made so much butter quick
I get all dizzy and nauseous?
But this is my favorite its all work and not a casual fling
When I smoke now I am cautious
I say man..there is just too much **** ; )
1.0k · Nov 2013
My Twinkling Brightness
I am a shining star in the heavens
Looking for the need of sparkle.
I am a gift for you, just waiting in cosmic time,
Waiting for a sign.
A sign to shine on your special soul,
And light the way for you.
I have inner glow that warms the heart,
It’s been there from the start.
I am a voice you hear inside,
Calming reassuring, no need to hide.
I am special, I am bright, and I won't
Let you go down without a fight.
I am here, don’t look far,
Because I twinkle I have is
Because of who you are!

1.0k · Jun 2014
I left my Idaho
I thought I would never leave
I fought so hard to return
I found it not to be the lovely life I dreamed
I still find the surroundings sweet
I miss my Idaho
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