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He came with room for memories to be had
His hand opening with a place for me to be kept
But I am aware that his memory stick wanted me bad
Come to my home, be open and free
But do not come with a memory stick you want to fill up with ME!
This day and age of fast computer stuff..
Someone can walk right in, plug in a stick and steal your life
Be aware when people come to play and ask to use your computer for just a moment to show you something cool...they might have other plans for what your computer holds...
Keep them at bay
evil visitors want to take personal files..
He just needs someone
It does not seem to matter WHO
As long as Someone is there for him to talk to
It used to be me, that someone he spoke to everyday
I thought our conversations were special, our time unique
But in the end he just needed just ANYBODY to hear him speak
He has filled the void my leaving has left
He no longer calls because he feels the world is deaf
He found another to take his grief off his chest
In the end I know this is right, my leaving was best
I ended my disillusion that I could make everything alright
He never heard a word I said
He never showed me he understood, just played dead
I know that right now he is talking to her
Some stranger that in reality is a blur
Just someone, anybody to hear his voice
Without much thought he picked her, his choice
She is someone who listens to him
But does he ever hear her?
to my ex husband
Dimples appear when thoughts of you near
Twitches of corners of my mouth come out
Little giggles occur, a sway with the tunes playing
Gentleness hits my chest
I smile
Your the best
Someday soon I will smile all over you
I hope it sticks like glue
; )
For J
He says all the right things
He helps in all the right ways
My issue is
Not the right man
I sit in a daze
Try as I might
I can not see myself holding that tight
He says all the right things
Does the chopping of the wood
Builds the fire, keeps it going
That is good
But only physically in the furnace
Make that understood
My personal fire is not burning
There is no spark
I cannot be part of that
I can pretend no longer
That all the right words is what I want or wanted
I need that spark inside that leaves me haunted
I need to feel connected in a way that burns into me
But unfortunately I do not feel that -Yet he peruses me
He sees a bright future for the two of us together
To me it looks pretty dim~
waves are what they are..least I am honest with myself.  I feel a bit guilty and sad but I am not filling in the blank with just any man~
Where the hell is the slow train that lets me enjoy the ride!
Everything is moving so fast my eyes cannot keep up
My heart on a steep slide
I have applied my breaks but still we collide
I have asked to slow down and switch gears
but there is no derailing your obsession and this my biggest fear!
This ride we have been on- your standing so close I cannot rightly even see you.
I have had no chance to sit back and take anything in
Everything is moving too fast and I need a ******* my chin
That type of ride is not what I am looking for
Where the hell is my slow ride with ease and relaxed view?
I want time to reflect and understand more than the surface of you
But the gears will not change, the ride won't slow down
So I will get off this train in the smallest of **** towns
As long as I have space for myself without the guilt or a frown
I will hang my traveling hat up and sit down
Clearly on the wrong track
I have told you before
This place your going is not for me
Derail me!
I do not want to go down that path with you
Although it is a path for two
I am not ready to go there with you~
Derail your train!
All this talk so serious is a strain
It causes me pain
Derail this insane idea
We do not belong together
Good friends maybe better
I am not ready to wear your sweater
Derail this pain
Get the hints and bold statements I declare
I am not riding this train with you
It is driving me insane
From fear
Where your going is a dead end dear
You wont find me there
I move in slow spurts
Gravity hurts
Ribs fractured,again
More ribs busted this time
I don't understand why
I was taken for a boonie crasher ride
When I asked for a sober driver to take me home
The fault- Is it my own?
I thought finding a sober driver after 3 beers was a good choice
But the consequences severe!
Fractured ribs slow me down
Now I need people to drive my *** to town
Gravity hurts- so I move in small spurts
With a smile, sometimes a wince
but never a frown
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