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Are a reminder
That without a little rain
We wouldn't be able to bloom,

Without clouds
And a little bad weather
We wouldn't be able to smell
Their divine fragrant perfume.

Are a reminder
That we need gloomy days
So we can highly value
The sun's radiant,
Life-powering, life-giving light,

Because without
Any form of darkness
We wouldn't appreciate
The glorious clear-blue skys
And the gift of precious daylight.

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
applying his
              lingual buds
   to the smooth
lush of her
thighs she rippled
         as a lava lake,
          no stone skipped            
melting milk, lapped up
in hungry pulses
cream of silk
   pounding thunder
        in consonants of
             taut skin drum
                nuances in vowels
         uttered in
animal dissonance
his bristled breath
all over her
salivary intentions
over rim of lip
feeding the emptiness,
a holy vessel
more ancient than
        before time
              now ready
              to be filled by the
           essence of feminine
pineapple juice drizzling
firebud glistening
in fuchsia exposure
open gateway
      to divine outpour
a sacrificial altar
of unmasked psyche
completely stripped of
                     any pellicle
his palms firmly
planted in hot muscle
thumbs parting
            glory's hole
deer at the saltlick
lost in the velvet
just pour it in
thick molasses
not stifling,
only honeyed bark
multi-hued like
      eucalyptus deglupta
in buttery tips
dripping love,
all over her lips
and just like that, in
slick-painted dabs
of their own
acrylic-drip art
just like that
in the wild
            and thick
explodes the ache
of her
Only the forest
knows all of her heart's whispers,
Only the stars
understand her silent cries.

Only the moon
casts a warming light filled with solace,
But this comfort dies at the end of every night; with the sunrise.

By Lady R.F. (C) 2017
I will always feel your presence
Through these quantum
Ethereal waves
These strings they bind
Through our time lines
Beyond the conscious states

Countless questions
Reasoning why
Staggeringly suspect
Those subtle lies

It seems quite complicated
Yet it's as simplistic as can be
Along came a wind of change
And blew two spirits free
Traveler Tim
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If I could vacuum-clean
all of the dark clouds
from the sky above your head,
I would.

If I could make the sun shine
after stopping the rain,
I would.

If I could send you
an everlasting rainbow
to brighten-up all of your days,
I would.

If I could shoot
a wishfilled falling star
your way,
I would.

For you, if I could,
I would!

By Lady R.F ©2017
A little prayer for my family and friends.
Dedicated to anyone going through hardships.
If I could, I would!

I truly appreciate this prayer making the daily! All thanks be to God!
Drunk with madness and spirits
With the devil, they whirl

Dressed in daggers pockets ring with coin
The skies feared the words of the night birds’ song
The cold brook whispered of blood on the rocks
The half-moon bowed to the Lord of dark

Hand in hand with the Horned God dance
Frenzied and ensnared in evils trance
Kneel to him who fears the touch of light
So passed the willing victims
And their souls lept high

Wayward souls of the conscious world
Drunk with madness and spirits
With the devil, they whirl

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Mar. 13, 2017
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Fly away
Give me wings
Yes or no
What is the answer
Let me fly away
Though I may not have the grace of a dancer
I will not crash
I will not fall
If I go up
I may never come down at all
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