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Traveler Mar 2017
I will always feel your presence
Through these quantum
Ethereal waves
These strings they bind
Through our time lines
Beyond the conscious states

Countless questions
Reasoning why
Staggeringly suspect
Those subtle lies

It seems quite complicated
Yet it's as simplistic as can be
Along came a wind of change
And blew two spirits free
Traveler Tim
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Nylee Sep 2016
My face is open for everyone to see ,
But the smile on my face will be my mask ,
And I will deceive others by my act ,
that everything is alright , all perfect .
The dream is slipping away from my hand ,
Just like sand slips away in closed fist .

I will try to make Everything Alright back
I will hear a new song from tomorrow
I will try something new and different next day
Till I feel a new future and a new dream
Then I will start to live again
And then my smile will no longer be fake

— The End —