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 Aug 2017 Melody Martin
i never knew that
i'd wear jealousy
so well
that my veil would
perfectly match my
broken in heels
or that my eyes would be smoked
with various fumes
or that when i spoke
your world would continue
to move
unlike the first time
that i met you.
 Mar 2017 Melody Martin
I came home,
you were gone.
The monster of perfectionism//eats away at me in the bones//and when I finally disappear//no body will ever know
how hard it is to love someone who isn't done loving someone else
 Mar 2017 Melody Martin
Eric W
If you, could see you,
through my eyes,
You would never doubt
yourself. No, never.
You would never have
the audacity to say
"I can't" because you,
yes you,
are amazing beyond anything
I have ever known.

If you, could see you,
through my eyes,
You would never be the
same. Not ever.
You would be blinded
by the beauty
that radiates from
within you, from outside
of you. The very essence of beauty
that makes up you.

If you, could see you,
through my eyes,
You would never be sad
again. No, never.
You would know why
I love you.
You would see the grace,
in every little thing
you do, say, and think.
You would see the endless
depth for which my love
for you grows. The never ending
abyss of swirling,
crashing waves of love
I have for you.
You would finally understand
the absolute perfection
of you
if you could see you
through my eyes.
 Mar 2017 Melody Martin
Eric W
It's obvious, isn't it?
When two similar planets pass by
each other
and get caught in
each other's
It's obvious what must happen here.
The words not said
scream loud enough to
bridge the hundreds of miles,
and we still don't
say them.
Not yet.
It's obvious we haven't been here before.
Into uncharted waters,
we move so
careful not to create waves
before we meet in the center,
careful not to misstep,
so that we can
do things right
for once.
It's obvious.
I'm so unbelievably grateful that my words were selected to represent this amazing community for a day. This is the best community I've ever had the honor to be a part of. Seriously, each and every one of you are amazing. Many of you have made a permanent mark on me with your kind words and friendship, and I'm continually amazed at the positivity and encouragement I see on this site. Stay great, friends. And thank you so much for reading! It means the world.
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