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 Jul 2014 Katelyn Enders
loving you is a delicate affair
I go months thinking you don't care
only to have you texting me sweet things
I feel like you're making me dance on strings
balancing on what I want and what is right
my future with you is never bright
but why is it all I desire?
you leave a ******* fire
all over the people you touch
maybe I just care about you too much
the burns I suffer are only surface
without the pain I have no purpose
I wish you could just leave me alone
but my heart is for you to own
no one else can get through
my walls are not new
they have become so thick
but for you they opened like a trick
they will open whenever you ask
please. please come back.
why do you do this to me
 Jul 2014 Katelyn Enders
 Jul 2014 Katelyn Enders
I wish my weight would just walk away
as easily as you did
I wish my scars would heal as fast
as easily as you got over me
I wish my heart didn't ache
as much as my head does
The weight of the world weighed heavy
She was a modern day Olympus feeling the pressure cracks of a spherical burden
Bearing the full brunt she winces yet sheds no tears
Her plight remains silent in the deepest recesses of the night
Hers and hers alone
She confides in the stars
Polaris her guiding light
As she sets her sights to the heavens
Letting Orion aim his bow and fire arrows at her rigid frame
She moves for nothing
Steady as the mountain she holds out through wailing winds and piercing rain
The weight of the world heavy but never enough for her to bear
Her eyes shone back the light of the moon
Merely a third party reflection of faded sun rays
She let the tides of seven seas and 24 years of misery swell in her stare
Breath crisp yet labored at the reality of it all
She remains awake silent waiting on the sky to fall
Bearing company to her closer than anything she ever knew
She'd hold the world forever just to give it all to you...
 Jun 2014 Katelyn Enders
 Jun 2014 Katelyn Enders
I don't like sleep
Because I never know
What might haunt my dreams

Will it be a murderer
Or a ******
Maybe the boy I made a mistake with

Maybe I'm just too sad
Too sad to sleep
Too sad to breathe

I don't know

Maybe all of this
This suffering

It's all just a dream
 Jun 2014 Katelyn Enders
My mind is empty
I draw a blank
You hold back tears
As I walk the plank

You want to be my savior
But **** if you only knew
I'm too far gone for anyone
Yeah, especially you

— The End —