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Sep 2019 · 89
Unaware exchange
Mayte Sep 2019
I was naive back then...
Time and people didn’t matter at all,
Success and happiness were always present.
I remember being all alone, laying on the grass,
Peacefully and satisfied
Feeling the golden sun-rays in my cheeks, my eyes closed but still reflecting light.
I was listening to absolute silence,

When I was alone, among nature, happiness remained.
My mind was pure and my soul so clear
There was nothing wrong
I can say...
My life was complete.

But this life of mine
Where I can do whatever I want and live to the edge,
Cost me my joy.
And I regret
so much
this huge mistake that led me to perdition and made me suffer...
And the worst it is still unknown.
Sep 2019 · 79
Mayte Sep 2019
Leurs imaginations conservent toujours l'espoir
De comprendre la signification de ce grand voyage
Peut être un jour ils se retrouveront
A l'endroit où le calme et l’ innocence l’emportent

Vite!, résolvez vos énigmes
Vite!, avant que la lumière dans vos yeux ne s'éteigne
Découvrez dans vos rides,
Les secrets bien gardés de la vie et de la mémoire

Pour vous, le temps n'est qu'un simple mot
Un oiseau qui a depuis longtemps débuté son vol
Les beaux moments peu à peu disparaissent
Comme un petit bateau au **** dans l'horizon

Ne trouvez vous pas que c'est affreux?
De se détacher lentement de son corps
Par l'absence de vie et l'excès de vide

Et d'essayer de trouver une place dans ce monde
En étant si désactualisé?

Ne partez pas encore, on vous en prie
Laissez nous le temps d'y réfléchir
Partagez avec nous vos découvertes
Et les ombres et démons que vous avez libérés
Aug 2019 · 99
Mayte Aug 2019
I felt the need to embrace myself
As you slowly poisoned my heart
The wooden thorns you stuck in my chest
Would now only power my strength

The chains you aggressively settled
Don’t control anymore my hands
I made the choice to break free
I am no longer your unwanted slave

The cure I needed to get
Was my own personal space
To realize the burden you were to me
And later on, gratefully, my life was rebuilt

Piece by piece my trust was reconstructed
I was able to see the light once more  
The flowers you destroyed inside of me
Finally started to bloom again
Aug 2019 · 112
Mundos de ensueño
Mayte Aug 2019
Soñamos con realidades mágicas
En mundos alternos
Y plataformas secretas
De nuestro subconsciente.

Los anhelos que espontáneamente
En cada frágil espacio crecen
La energía conservan.

Y una chispa los concibe
Creando de forma divina, absoluta
El deseo que en nuestro interior prospera.
Jul 2019 · 775
Arte en llamas
Mayte Jul 2019
Y el reflejo te persiguió
Sin pensárselo dos veces
Aún cuando cerrabas los ojos,
Aunque te ocultases

La luz apagada de aquel instante
Te atrapó, insaciablemente
Y en sus brazos dañados
Sedientos, ardientes
Permitió nuevamente tu desgarre

La ruptura entre cuerpo y alma
Tomó su lugar
Y volviéndote un lienzo
Te sedujo hasta el final

En ti yace un brillo
Que diluye la tranquilidad
Entre colores finos
Dedicándose a prosperar

Piel y tela se vuelven una
Y así el arte toma forma

Tus huesos frágiles se vuelven
Del canvas la estructura
Mientras que las tonalidades
De aquellos lugares apartados
Se definen por tu esplendor

Y el artista dibuja figuras,
Garabatos y líneas torcidas
Delineando tu cuerpo,
Conservando la vida

Cada pedazo de papel
Que le rinde homenaje
A tus bordes y extremidades
Posee su propio significado

El amor, el arte, el cuerpo y la belleza
Se fusionan
Cada vez.
Jul 2019 · 126
Mayte Jul 2019
This magical and amazing element is the one that’s in our hearts.
Love is consuming,
The flames are the rage we keep to ourselves.
No one controls fire.
And nobody can avoid letting it burn them.
It does what I wants and it chooses who it thinks deserves to feel something.
As it keeps us warm and cozy, it also destroys everything it touches, and nobody sees it coming.
But sometimes curiosity takes the power and the dangerous thoughts arise.
There’s no possible solution to stop it from burning everything.
It’s impulse
We think we’re brave enough to handle it but truth is that nobody ever wins that fight;
The one that makes them control what they’re true nature is.
And that’s what fire is
Our unique identity
The sparkle that lives in every one of us, defining what who we are meant to be
Jul 2019 · 265
Mayte Jul 2019
There’s an emerging synchronicity
Kept in parallel worlds inside of us.
It seizes the perfect moment
To appear endlessly
In multi dimensional universes
To complement the actions
Of the entire human race.
One object can never be
In two places at the same time
They say,
But that statement confuses them.
It’s amazingly curious how come
We never consider
Even the rarest possibility
In the lapse of our short lives.
Our minds seek and explore,
Look through time and space.
Imagining is quite easy at the end
When we perfectly know
Exactly where to search
Jul 2019 · 944
Nudity and ecstasy
Mayte Jul 2019
There’s a sweet flooding
Of mixed energies
Climbing up her back
When your tacky fingers
Decorate her collarbone
With stardust
And sprinkle honey
Across the skin.

A few shivers
Run beneath her spine.

Some shy whimpers
Escape her mouth.

She’s got mellow skin
Ripe meaty lips
Beyond our imagination
Or perception
Jan 2019 · 195
Mayte Jan 2019
I just pretend too much...
I’ve never felt proud of who I am
This undeniable fact is haunting me
And sooner or later it will take me to the grave
Instead of joy I feel pain
Surely one day, these feelings will force me to fade
Among the dead my heart remains
The sins of my life will take revenge
This amount of contempt will be spread
Because my love is poisonous
It’s a hammer destroying the walls
An arrow straight to your head
What could I possibly say?
I’m so lost in this infinite way

— The End —