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Mayte Jul 2019
There’s an emerging synchronicity
Kept in parallel worlds inside of us.
It seizes the perfect moment
To appear endlessly
In multi dimensional universes
To complement the actions
Of the entire human race.
One object can never be
In two places at the same time
They say,
But that statement confuses them.
It’s amazingly curious how come
We never consider
Even the rarest possibility
In the lapse of our short lives.
Our minds seek and explore,
Look through time and space.
Imagining is quite easy at the end
When we perfectly know
Exactly where to search
Diary of Jane Jan 2018
Do you think that all the love stories that remain incomplete, all the feelings that remain unresolved and unspoken, all the love that this universe never allows to come alive, do they escape somewhere else?

Away from this universe, may be there is a universe where they are not so forlorn or unrequited. May be they do have a place where they can breathe free, soar high, love to their hearts' content and find their fulfillment.
This was inspired by Lang Leav's Sad Girls and my obsession with parallel worlds

— The End —