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Jan 2018 · 222
Matthew Goff Jan 2018
Those who preside in heaven
Must have sculpted my heart in supreme elegance
So I could speak for the ****** tribes

Those who follow the wet visions
Follow my vision for us all

A dream of loving clothed in wet garments

The Scorpio seal will soften
The conscience of Virgo victorious

Consensual hearts of Eros!
Lift the gentle *** out of the dark
While into the night, ****** light
Still dripping leaves angelic marks

© Matthew Goff
Dec 2017 · 269
Once ago a time perfect...
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Once ago a time perfect and not only mine but
ours! A love designing sublime rebellion shined!
Days when our kisses held the potential for
avalanches do you recall a faint trembling sign?

The years away from us but that integrity still
inside! A search for those who breathe romantic enterprise!
Nights when smiles meet in agreement toward
best planning the adventure in each other’s eyes!

© Matthew Goff
Dec 2017 · 178
Sunshine girlfriend...
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Sunshine girlfriend
Held her hand through the blonde waves of the afternoon
Daytime explosion
The warmth of her clothing
It’s sensual sunlight
Dec 2017 · 180
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Butterflies fly through her hair
Carrying letters from the sky
Pretty language let the stars compete
Dec 2017 · 169
Temper of Cotton
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
O pure Sagittarius in light-blue dressed
Your outfit hugs kindly those delicate *******:
water-flowers the moon sprinkled down on your chest
On a sky-pillow your neck how gently it rests

Cloud of porcelain-white asleep in your perfume
The life you breathe into it a slumberous tune
Disrupts a cluster of stars happily may they resume
a ring of memories alive and with us soon

© Matthew Goff
Dec 2017 · 183
Alone at the beach...
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
Alone at the beach
Playing with ***** and solutions
A seahorse bites your finger
Questions unanswered
Dec 2017 · 389
She wears...
Matthew Goff Dec 2017
She wears a crown of raindrops
Beautiful sad
Rebellion tragedy
Pretty moon shines young moonlight
Desperate dreaming
Nov 2017 · 164
A young boy...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
A young boy had just dove off the roof of his house, the moment I caught sight of two maple trees wrestling with each other in the orange mists of a teenage sneeze, in which their bed of flowers caught the boys fall, in the warm sheets prepared by the nurse disguised as this autumn breeze.

There were of course hallucinations played out in the mind while on September stilts!

© Matthew Goff
Nov 2017 · 327
Let beauty...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
Let beauty influence the architecture of thought
Nov 2017 · 160
It is simply now...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
It is simply now a choice to feel naked. She feels it’s appropriate now to undress for the public which will soon follow her lead. Into the night, they will tear apart the conventional moral creed with ritual dance steps resembling tiger speeds!

© Matthew Goff
Nov 2017 · 145
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
invitations on the silk sheets of evening
anxious to fold itself into letters of perfumed language
which absorb the night of its juices
leaving an imagination soaking wet
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
Amusement park love crash
Blowing kisses through roller coaster rides
The wind blows their hair around and satin crushes
Holding hands sparks afternoon warmth
The evening descends and sheds stars around them
Nov 2017 · 156
If, by some boundary...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
If, by some boundary, I am not able to act on your physical shape, then I will make love to you still, using words, I will describe a carnival on the edge of your lips!
Nov 2017 · 129
That night...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
That night Sara argued with her mother and exploded stars she refused to settle into conformity and instead personified a bonfire of rebellion.

© Matthew Goff
Nov 2017 · 140
She reaches...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
She reaches for a pumpkin smile and glass dancers swim to find treasure evening radiance falls from her hair and secret earrings are found on the street melts into ecstasy *** is redefined all the while breaking rules of tradition like fireworks explode and celebrate love like a satin sky.

© Matthew Goff

Inspired by Laura Kerr
Nov 2017 · 157
A Summation of Being
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
I need to turn these days
into attractive dust
moments left abandoning
a selfish recreation
of secrets employing
their own role in
a landscape of desperate longing

like an angel whose inconsistent stability
will disappoint the
courts of categorical righteousness
tossing into the wind of verdicts
a rebel leaf that will
someday find its way
into the bedrooms of anxious jurors
showing once and for all
the impermanence of contentment

© Matthew Goff
Nov 2017 · 157
Blue dragon mistress...
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
Blue dragon mistress
Swimming through changes
Kingdom of royal movement
The queen is too young for him
Romance within arm’s reach
Nov 2017 · 181
Fevers Spun a Garden
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
We can manage a dull afternoon
When punished lilies
Imitate the army of rebel waters
Sneaking away on tiptoe
From an empire of lawful soil

Watchful of flood signals
We will wait for a jealous wasp
To peel back the detonators
For springboard demolitions
Fancied on limp petals

While soldiers of nectar’s plight
Talk over plans with bees
We see an enemy of discreet magnitude
Inside us, a showering of infernal degrees
Our hearts soaked in criminal teas

© Matthew Goff
Nov 2017 · 98
Through Yellow Stones
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
A woman, whose disguise is the sunlight of a charming heritage born unto her with contagious rhythms, sees in the sidewalk a reflection of not only her, but her influence in the showering of comets that strike, under the first breaths of timid boys, an unexpected hour of propeller anxiety, that comes to them like the everyday ambush of mornings.

However blonde she is, in the reflective eyes of patron schoolboy splendors, she walks with the step of a country, whose eyelids open to the hatchet-glow of northern murders.

© Matthew Goff
Nov 2017 · 181
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
Rainbow leaves
Forest of beauty
She’s a delicate adventure
And stepping on glass rubies
Smiling with good manners and unstained
She has a rebel good nature movement
A muddy society and a wind of questions

© Matthew Goff
The Swan Club
Nov 2017 · 112
Matthew Goff Nov 2017
Pink puddles
Starts with kissing
Naked in the rain
They are searching wet bodies
While their ideas drip hot movement
The tender smooth fountain breaks wet walls
And an ocean crashes slowly and erupts sea-foam
Oct 2017 · 142
The Raven Tattoo
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
That night Sara and her mother, Judith, discussed her future. Sara had a tattoo of a raven on the upper part of her left arm. She loved the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Sara and her mother disagreed about the bright jewels that laid ahead for her. She saw life as one romantic road, and her mother would often strongly object. Sara’s friends would say she blew the moon too many kisses, and was not grounded enough for realistic choices.
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
During the month of October people eat pumpkin
The queen is nowhere to be found
A famous gymnast gives lessons
A train conductor also teaches History
Cursing while doing cartwheels
A couple is going to the movies in leopard coats
The question is pizza or dirt
Oct 2017 · 113
Cloudy afternoon lovers...
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Cloudy afternoon lovers discuss the dullness of the day toasting glasses of wine. Those that need sun in their lives explode with the warmth of the afternoon. Seconds away from a smile. Lovers and their unique expressions create a banner for the world.
Oct 2017 · 138
Train tracks...
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Train tracks there for crossing
Train tracks I always imagine the danger
Train tracks crossing with flip-flops summer cute
Train tracks rust and memory
Oct 2017 · 124
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
She’s dancing
Makeup and questions
Questioning glamour evening nights
Oct 2017 · 151
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Safari whistle
And mercury moonbeam
She’s always astrology asking
Why not your **** swimming-pool?
Looking forward to beach horizon banquet
Silver in the moonlight a dusty companion
Oct 2017 · 113
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Romantic whispers
Eyelashes are close
Youth and pretty innocence
They give soft nighttime rebellion
All the while crescent moon trembling
Oct 2017 · 102
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Glass movement
Beauty in speed
And you’re peacock wondrous
Oct 2017 · 430
Free adolescent fires...
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Free adolescent fires running through an amusement park. She’s kissing chaos against the winds of adulthood. Victory of youth, tragedy and strange dreams. A reckless carnival life of misunderstood love. Lighting fireworks of youth’s future.

© Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
The broken angel of slow *** flight
Walked up to the store with rock and roll in her heels
In front of drunk men
She belted out a few lines of a seventies classic
Her singing wild and ***** as her body
A crazy street person they would say
As she caringly petted the store owner’s dog
Looks of mild contempt were her thanks
And yet her love flowed
Some foreign heart untouched by ordinary ignorance
She stayed awhile and tried to make friends
Mostly ignored, except for the occasional glance one has towards a circus show
Performing and yet not performing
She lifted up her shirt for some reason to reveal her stomach
She had the free sexuality of a playful stripper
And then she spun out again in another direction
After awhile she left
With a genuine smile for everybody

The reason for her visit was unclear
But she was tagged a ***
And there was some relief that she was gone
How can a person’s apparent vocation cloud the stars they explode for you?
A slow firework blew by the store and is seen like the dirt under our shoes
Whereas we wear our boredom like a crown
And hold others to the same so-called normal criteria  
We call her a ***
But envy the rebel ruby of her freedom

© Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Prostitutes walk the street
And clash with white birds in tropical flight
Does this lend a purity to their gutter blood?
Or are they saints in corrupt and glamorous disguises?
The wind must speak their true names
Velvet panthers in the moist heat
Heavy curtain of ***
Falls upon the town in a warm wave
Surfers slowly lay their heads back
And are baptized by their girlfriends in the ocean

© Matthew Goff
Oct 2017 · 176
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Clouds and lightning speak
Sky explosions all day long
It’s just wonder noise
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Fierce whips of love light
Dance in front of my eyes
Opera of our souls
Slow majesty curtain of the ******
Can never bleed and stain our pure hearts

We approach people admiring sunsets
Ignorant of their beings
We love them like statues moving
Slow, physical, vivid bodies

What am I?
But a wounded storm
Slow, cold winds of apathy
Yet, I boast in having the heart of an eagle
Running through America’s screaming woods of our time

© Matthew Goff
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
I sing the grace of the individual!
I met a jewel today,
Patch her into the rainbow.
Beauty is not enough
There must be grace.
Beautiful treatment of others.
This world a garden of manners to cultivate.

© Matthew Goff
The Swan Club
Oct 2017 · 285
Paul and Sara...
Matthew Goff Oct 2017
Paul and Sara and their sparkling defiance
They are unharmed by society’s avalanche
A dazzling and rebellious love
Parental attacks meet soft victories
Sep 2017 · 160
I rise again...
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
I rise again
From rough American ashes of the past
Like a dark brown eagle
With eyes full of his loving blonde girlfriend
I strike slowly
Gathering the momentum of love
Through the satin country of my fantasies
Do I strike with new care?
Or finally slow explosion sparks illuminate the air
Lanterns of disgust
I whisper darts into them
And swing from wild branches into the cities
I pass by with ruby eyes
And smile at soon to be saturated citizens
The crowds sparkle because they’re in love with
Something before I got there
I’m lighting matches everywhere
Trying to start bonfires of awareness
And fierce love inspiration
While pointing out the most tender stars

Our country alive with tiger eyes
And swift yet sometimes slow
Gorgeous human behavior

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 261
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Feel her sea costume
And she wraps herself with waves
Her mermaid tattoo
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Evening descends upon them
And romance falls
Amusement park kissing
Adolescent waves crash
Love soaring through young skies
Sep 2017 · 264
Evening princess...
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Evening princess,
I think of you while swinging from clouds
And holding your favorite flowers
Evening princess,
Your ruby realizations
Tell a story of reckless love
Evening princess,
Take your pretty bow to the stars
Evening princess,
You smash the glass of convention

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 180
Secret worship...
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Secret worship in the eyelashes
Empty mirrors those eyes?
Or are they full of beauty and personal religion?
A heart that beats fast religion for the visual
Slow explosion
Glamour rain
Falls with the radiance of jewels
Upon the eyes
The satin of sparks
And I worship with **** breathing
A soft devotion like this can distance the heart
But one’s beauty is one’s happiness and excitement
An excitement competing with the world
A world where few things dazzle us
And inspire us to push our appetites into
The velvet arms of dawn
Or maybe that’s just the opinion of our
Worshipper of wet skies

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 212
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Violin goddess
Melancholy of strangers
Overture of days
Sep 2017 · 127
Paul and Sara met...
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Paul and Sara met through autumn winds
Society stabbing
Kissing while exploding romantic goals
Sailing through parental wishes toward better shores
Sep 2017 · 185
The Waves
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
The waves created a lady for me to talk to
I told her about you
She rose out of the water like an ocean bride
Someone else’s though
Some lucky lesbian siren perhaps
Or Neptune’s discreet mistress
I don’t know
We met each other in midair
I slowly leapt off the edge of the balcony
Gliding towards her over the sand
She levitated a moment before meeting me halfway
A conversation of crystal sadness begins
I told her my name and she told me hers
Her name was Transparency Flower

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 183
Dialogue Poem
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
BILLY: do you think some people take their medication on the moon?
LISA: I think most people do, not counting zebras
BILLY: I think they’re faking it
LISA: they have no reason though, except for seagulls
BILLY: what do you mean?
LISA: you know, seagulls, adventure, rebel kisses
BILLY: oh that
LISA: well at least it’s peppermint flavored
BILLY: candy ways

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 159
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Girl gives sunshine smile
A boy reacts with the moon
Galaxy flirting
Sep 2017 · 184
The Yellow Mares
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
Arms wrapped around each other in the cool green grass
A slow gallop picks up speed
A parade of sunlight combusting yellow sparks
Across the plain run the yellow mares
Procession of flashes light up our faces
My girlfriend smiles and wets her lips in the sun
I on my way to becoming prince of golden dreams
Drown my face in the sunshine of her being
She gets up and lets fall a thousand golden flakes
Shake off slowly all that kissing
In the tender brightness of our storm
I get up as well and reach towards her
My arm brushes her neck causing fire sparks
In the friction of love
She rolls into me and we slow gaze at each other for a while
In our golden embrace
We notice our possible future
Ahead of us
A stream of sunlight

The wild gallop of golden desire
A chance to mount the yellow mares

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 170
My Golden Girlfriend
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
My golden girlfriend
A lioness in the sunlight
She brings me
While melting kisses still shine on my lips
Elegant waterfall hair
Blonde as a daydream dreaming yellow mares
Liking her a sunflower crown becomes new religion
She introduced the sun to me
In the flamboyant light of her style and being
Myself, already a worshipper
As I’m sure she’s princess of the wild tribes
Now they’re passions for the sunlight shades
Slow spinning with blonde desire towards the
casual dance of new attraction
Sagittarius and Leo running together ignite
the day with spontaneous heat
Spark of tender amber in the eyes
Turns to burning embraces
A drop of gold in my black crown

Slow change into the wild arms of sunlight
Leaves me exciting
While in her company our glowing faces
Like lions after loving
Leave golden fire traces

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 302
The Sky-Blue of the Day
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
She walks by wearing blue stockings in the rainy afternoon
Her youth is like a tender dream
She wears a pair of adolescent stars from her ears
All her boyfriends, when they speak, sound like cool rivers
In the sky-blue of the day
She smiles
The way lilac bushes crush petals into joy

Now three o’clock in the precious afternoon of torn cotton strands
School lets out a riot of sapphire glitter
Some girl stripes her vanilla ice cream cone with azure breathing
On seeing this she faints like a toss of sprinkles

She’s woken by blue candy kisses
Like a cluster of stars falling
From a boy
Upon her face
The constellation of a crush

As she gets up
A thousand blue ponies slide from her rain-water hair
Before disappearing in the distance
Young children mount them tackling flowers

She kisses him
And lets slide the sky-blue of the day from her lips
His arms fall like water around her body
As she turns, racing to make friends with
The twinkling blue of a butterfly’s eye

© Matthew Goff
Sep 2017 · 333
The Flamingo
Matthew Goff Sep 2017
The Flamingo

TIM: I wonder how long it takes her to get ready during the fourth of July?
ANDREA: fireworks in the sky my philosophy!
BEN: what philosophy? It takes more Andrea
ANDREA: I miss the waves
TIM: I miss you missing the waves
BEN: something solid, and rational
ANDREA: you mean goldfish?
BEN: I mean going to college. Things like that!
ANDREA: so you mean heartbreak, and things like that

© Matthew Goff
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