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  Nov 2014 Leo
I just want to take a moment to address a very real problem.


I find that the most racist people are usually southern Christians.
And this I don't understand at all..

Christians read the Bible and live by what it says.
At least, they claim to.

The Bible teaches love of all men.
Everyone is made in the image of God, the Creator, the Almighty.

Since all men are made in the image of God,
Are all men not equal?

Every man is equal to every other man.
No person is superior or inferior.

Thus, racism goes against what the Bible is supposed to teach.
So a Christian's racism is against their religion and should be frowned upon.

Also, Southerners are typically the most religious.
Why then is racism such an issue in the south?

It makes no sense for Christians to be racist.
Those who are racist Christians are ignorant and obviously not true Christians.

And to anyone who chooses to use their childhood upbringings as an excuse:
That makes you even more ignorant.

You should be able to think for yourself and realize that your prejudice is idiotic.
And because you claim to have been raised into racism, you are simply blaming your parents for your idiocy and they are just as ignorant as you are.
My thoughts on the matter.
Leo Nov 2014
The sun is in love.
The moon is in love.
The sun comes up in the morning.
To look for his love.
The moon comes up at night.
To look for her love.
The moon has never seen the sun.
But she seems to love the sun.
The sun sees the moon every night.
Just knowing that the sun shines on her at night.
Makes her bright.

- Keirra C.
#First poem

— The End —