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 Mar 6 Mahdi Dn
 Mar 6 Mahdi Dn
dead passion
unnecessary pain
but who
is the one to blame

so sensitive
it makes me sick
the non response
a skin so thick

what happens
on the other side of the wall?
or are you waiting
for me
for us
to fall
 Oct 2020 Mahdi Dn
 Oct 2020 Mahdi Dn
cielo lleno de luces
una obra de arte
como tu
 Dec 2017 Mahdi Dn
zwemmend in een zwart meer
de stilte houdt van me
de wereld houdt me
in zijn greep
een pijn
niemand zal begrijpen
accepteer maar
zoekt vervanging
vindt vervanging
van leegte
waar ik wil drijven
op het zwarte meer
mijn rug slechts een trap
voor zij die er in zijn gevallen
maar laat mij zinken
laat me maar
in deze koude nacht
vol onbegrip, steken van leven
wachtend op een ladder naar de maan
mijn hand reikt uit
 Mar 2017 Mahdi Dn
 Mar 2017 Mahdi Dn
I tinker
I overthink
I mull over
I sink

I entertain
I disassemble
I ascertain
I gamble

I play
I rewind
I play again
And again
I find

I reassemble
Still I sink
I'm in battle
When I overthink
 Sep 2015 Mahdi Dn
why do my ears hear but not listen
everyone around me seems so calm
what's the actual reason for that
i live in this world of terror
it's a chaos in my head
games and smartphones
till you're finally dead

the pills people take
problems that i make
for something they call god sake
i see them all running
from train to train
from brain to brain
all eyes upon me
my dear pain
feeling crazy and insane

and working for what
a certain dead rat
on the corner of the street
strangers that i meet
influence of dead flowers
with misleading powers
i just wanna go away
leave me alone; okay

slayer saves my body
from smashing everything down
but who saves my mind
i frown
psychologist that doesn't reply
just another ****** institution
to unleash all my frustration?
i don't have to go to jail
even though the isolation cell
seems to be a perfect trail

if this poem hasn't structure
well it won't be me to give a ****
welcome in my crazy mind
now run over me with your truck
keep me under your control
so at the end of the day
smoking **** will be my goal
or something else to forget
stress and panic in hell

how i feel
how i fell
how i always have felt

sure something is there, behind me
 Mar 2015 Mahdi Dn
Ram Varma
Those eyes
Those bewitching eyes
Enamor me no end

Aqua cool
They tug at my soul
In their depth I blend

Besotted by them, I am
They leave me in a jam
My emotions I can’t mend

Crimson is her hue
The eyes, aqua blue
I guess that’s the trend

If I confuse you
You should see her too
You will comprehend

If I had eyes like those
You too would drift from prose
As I did for this Twitter friend

If I were another man
I’d have a different plan
To be forever content!
 Mar 2015 Mahdi Dn
 Mar 2015 Mahdi Dn
A wild goose chase
At a faster pace
I thought it will be easy
I sound little crazy

Unfelt emotions
A tide in the ocean
A dropped pin
An Unavoidable sin

The Bell Jar and The Broken Wings
Will only make me cling
Too near too far
There is a shooting star
I wish upon it
No it is not a myth

This is not the end
Because you are just a friend
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