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Maggie 4d
water sparkling through my fingers
wooden warmth against my cheek
on the docks I wish to linger
with the koi, in turbid peace

when did I get up and leave them?
why did I not stay to sleep
my lullaby the motors’ hums
my dreams of waters still and deep
just that incomparable feeling of laying on a dock in the summer looking down at the bubbling carp. carpe diem. also when will I write something not about summer?
Maggie 4d
on some summer days there’s a zephyr effervescent

a sweet summer wind that carries honey in its heart

with the sun’s loving gaze making all incandescent

78 degree days are a study in art
can you like, tell I like love summer lol
Maggie Nov 15
muggy summer dreams are born like ripples
on nights when water seems, like, really deep
sunsets never earned the title simple
and I never learned the trick of easy sleep

changing seasons find a many altered
I’ve lately been more needle than a leaf
but needles stay when broad leaves falter
cold in snow and blanketed in grief

twilight could have taught me to be strong
disappointment’s indistinct when weather’s warm
I know that summer dreams will freeze ere long
though that keeps them not from being born
Criticism hugely welcomed
Maggie Oct 27
The surging ocean ripped me from my feet
And from my face erased stupidity
For I was smashed into the ocean floor
And learned a lesson with rapidity

So whenst you step into the turbid sea
I beg attend the state of wind and swell
The ocean educates all people free
But some did not return their tales to tell

The ocean hides no secrets in her waves
To all who care to ask she tells the truth
To know her is to know how to be brave
And how to love a happy tumult, too

But waves are varied, never constant things
The winds that drive them often calm to sing
Maggie Sep 24
sharks are worms!
they are invertebrates
they don’t have bones
they just have cartilage
Maggie Aug 1
coyote calls make canyons quiver
stars sleep in ponderosa trees
dry your tears in the fire’s glow
wild is a pretty place to be
Maggie Jul 31
Capricious clouds we know and cherish
Unfurling like a fisher’s netting
They come to birth and then they perish
We are adoring, then forgetting

I can’t forget the yellow flowers
That sprouted in the sunkissed field
Where I spent countless cheerful hours
The memories are pressed and sealed

The field is gone but I still breathe
The world around me falls and rises
Like the water in the salted seas
A ticking clock with no surprises

The ocean’s days are all the same
But water lives in constant change
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