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Liz Aug 24
The silence assaults me
It spreads with the wind
My nostrils flaring
And my strides,
the only audible thing,
the sound of the asphalt
connecting with shoes
and the breathing of my heart
slowing my pace,
no one around
the darkness ensues
only lamplights
to shine the scene
but I running
waiting for dawn
to make the world rise.
Liz Aug 24
The song of death descends
a lonely, bitter end
why did it happen this way?
why did he have to pay?
I guess karma it is
because something was amiss.
Without uttering a word, he left
to welcome the grim reaper, sweet death.
When he was alive, he had lied
but that is no serious crime.
The burden of the lie was too great,
so you see it was too late.
He stood at the window upright
on a clear peaceful night,
the moon, his solitary friend
and the night engulfing only to lend
the warmth, a black mantle’s embrace,
for he was hoping his crimes to erase.
To lie about a ****** was wrong
and to admit it, he was not strong
his dear brother he had killed
with no intent and no will.
hunting in the woods, his brother ran ahead
and onto the wrong path he was led
but John did not care,
his brother would come back without scare.
Soon he saw a deer and the trigger was pulled
the bullet fired followed by a soft lull.
The deer had sprung and sped away
like an enlarged scared rabbit if you may
but the bullet had sunk in flesh
and who’s was it that it was so fresh?
John hurried to his brother
who said “I’m ok, but my rib will be a bother.”
the red pond had expanded
and the salty stench in the air had landed.
Soon his lips stopped moving
and eyes of a doll started forming.
The silence broken by John’s pained scream,
for him it was like a lethargic dream.
He had to go home and lie
but in his room he would cry.
And so he set off one night
to commit suicide.
Liz Aug 24
I loved you with my whole heart
and you threw me away
never to cherish
never to love
until death do us part
never to conquer
never to fear
the beast inside
what I give you
and what you provide
was never enough
a love divided
and not entwined.
Liz Jun 30
I love you, friend
I have always cared
yet it seems it was not shared
we have laughed
but not cried
and it cannot compare
your tears mystified
I do not know the reason
I do not know the fear inside
that has caused you to poison your mind
You have not shared enough
and I have shared it all
so today together we fall.
Liz Jun 30
I feel the wind at my back
As I run through the salt flats,
A marvelous journey
through a desert land,
the crunch of my shoes
against the hard surface
not what you would expect,
more than sand,
encrusted salt built long ago
layer upon layer
protecting what?
I do not know

But yet I keep running
Through this beauty
Holding my eyes steady,
My pace strong,
Waiting for something
To stir the desert song.
The sky above
A blistered blue,
The clouds collide
To a heaven true

Never would I have thought,
Never, would I have wondered
To run on this land,
This serene tundra
Where the sky meets the mountains
In a thunderous rumble
And where the winds roam free
With nothing to stop them.
Liz Jun 30
The whispering fog settles over the meadow
A cry is heard from the sparrow
A dying bird that forgets the lie
Of the forest at bay who won’t comply.

No bird song is heard
Only the fog whispers
The death of the woman
That was forever blurred

None saw the damage,
None grasped the meaning,
They all stood silent
During the forbidden meeting

Consumed by the trees,
Burned by the fog,
She was dragged by the knees,
A mystery unsolved

What happened to her,
No one will understand,
The fog will forever stir
The conversations at hand.
Liz Jun 30
The air flows beneath
It suspends itself warm
Propelling my stomach up and down
Like watching a bubble collide
On the walls of an aquarium, slowly.

We move forward in air
We ride the current with waves unfolding
The thin clouds beside us gliding
And the sea beneath immense, unrolling.

The seat forces my column
The armrest just right
And I with a laptop typing
With a knot in my head, uptight.

The compressed air imaginary
The smell of the passengers, foreign
The light from the window bright
And the line by the lavatory, a bad omen

The destination is secure
Excitement and panic shake me
Because faith will decide
If I arrive safe, not unlikely.

— The End —