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 Nov 1 Lash
Kafka Joint
There is such thing as too much reality,
For us to face,
In which Halloweens come and go,
But the horror stays.
 Nov 1 Lash
Kafka Joint
I am terrified, all right?
Coul you please be, too, terrified?
 Nov 1 Lash
Kafka Joint
I tried my best,
It wasn't enough,
I failed test,
My life is tough.
 Oct 5 Lash
She says
you're strange
and I can't quite
put my finger on it
like fog, so I tell her
listen, the smoke
that a poet lives in
is transparent but real
a mystery you can't touch
the wound is too deep
in the soul of the poet
to be excavated like a stone
and polished or broken
like a dark mirror
in the darkest room
on the darkest nights
alone, like the moon.
 Sep 28 Lash
Gone Lifting

She caught me with beauty
Not by her charm
My defenses had fallen
I was completely unarmed
I had no will to resist her
She had the strength of a drug
There was no living or breathing
Apart from her hug

A Whisper Through Time

I heard you last night in my dreams
You said I love you Matt
I had not heard your voice
For so many years
If life is but a dream
Then what does that make our dreams?
I don't know
Don't even care
I know this
I heard your voice again
I wrote these two last year and thought I would put them on one more time.
 Sep 12 Lash
they told her knowledge was power and yes it is indeed
power over her mind, over her heart
this power is shutting her in the dark
 Sep 12 Lash
 Sep 12 Lash
Absurdity is not real
everything means nothing
and nothing means nothing
nothing nothing nothing
…… hah it aint no thing
 Sep 12 Lash
i used hate the way i would be awake at four in the morning.
i remember the way everything used to feel so haunting and scary.
there were no words to describe how deep inside my mind i would sink into,
scared and afraid of no return.

but now,
oh now,
i love it.
i fell in love with the quiet.
there was no more worry or fear.
instagram : @heavenforecaster
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