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the black-rose Jul 2020
journal pages have no desire to debate,
so we relate
& resonate.
i contemplate before i seal,
i get to 'feel out' how i feel
& set the vibes
that bring reality alive.
so, like i think before i speak,
i write.
Jul 2020 · 80
who god is
the black-rose Jul 2020
"see that's your problem,
you don't know of who your god is.
although, i've seen you with my own eye
face demons & conquer them while blind;
while sacred energies turn you inside-out,
as curses fall from words of mouth
by who claimed worthy of your grace & your submission.
ive seen you pose as weakest link,
then switch position.
see, there’s no problem now,
i realize who god is."
journals n' **** series - journal entry 7
Jul 2020 · 70
yin with the yang
the black-rose Jul 2020
as masculine energy rises,
counter-parts are threatened
& then the wheel of the ego
is clenched tight;
because how dare you act within your nature of whole,
you feminine,
all divine,
all being?
who gave you ***** to bounce folk up out of your space
as if they don’t align?
who gave you lines?
who gave you ability to set standards?
better yet,
who gave you feet to stand firm in your truth?
to be stand-offish?
or at a stand-still.
"control your yang,
tame your beast."
said those whom fed the same beast when it served them most.
Jul 2020 · 67
the black-rose Jul 2020
hope is becoming unreasonable,
or atleast the way it is perceived.
like using hope as a crutch to stay wading in the waters
while tuned in to outside sources
then asking “what do i do?”...
it is only you who can respond with accuracy to self-query.
align hope with imagination
& pretend play.
use the energy to guide you like a sensei.
wei wu wei til source say go,
then level-up,
still take it slow
still stay aware of total-body,
you are here.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 4
Jul 2020 · 57
hear me
the black-rose Jul 2020
i am here
& i am plugged into the aether,
get it?
just let your pride & your ego be your teacher.
there are no lies
& there lies no interest in staging moon-landings so
there is no way to erase my foot-print from surface of potential being,
i am being.
i am here.
can you hear me?
living energy,
beware if you get near me.
just stay clear me.
are we living?
are we jivving?
are we giving?
are we so afraid of light that we wear sunscreen
to keep out energy from source with source info & light codes
to keep you vibin’…
i keep attracting light beings now we tribed up & we thriving.
what do you bring to the table? & if you can,
are you able to make this short & sweet
as time is money
& money looking scarce these days.
not being funny get your coins up tho.
this raw material.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 3
Jul 2020 · 61
the black-rose Jul 2020
just yesterday i saw myself as shadow,
like i thought id never see up close;
too busy running from ghost
like spirit guides ain't qualified enough to lead me nowhere.
like to realize that i am nothing
& to nothing i must return
was washed clean from every story ever written…
are you asleep?
3 hours of rest is like reset these days.
as i arise i watch the blessings pervade my space
& lift my chin to keep my head high
& way above the thought of what to do.
what do i do with my hands or my heart?
what do i do with these emotional cycles of digging deep,
in search of truth that show me love
& show me why my feelings take me
into deep, dark acts of energy exchange.
journals n' shirt series - journal entry 2
Jul 2020 · 50
say something
the black-rose Jul 2020
say something
or say nothing;
all the same.
words can come hard & heavy
or soft & sweet,
words can step on your toes
or bow at your feet.
even with distorted systems
& rearranged principles,
beyond separate labels & letters,
beyond theories unstable
& unable to connect
well, only source can connect.
see pass the words
& see through the intention.
your tongue has potential to create,
it is your core whom decides.
journals n' **** series - journal entry 6
the black-rose Jul 2020
when vision forms genuine,
pointed fingers become magick wands.
knots within backs
& stiff joints show up to be new levels that advise you
to stretch out to new growth.
trap music became sacred space.
like sounds of potential world endings,
like thunderstorms speak in ancient language,
how far have we strayed?
how much farther might we go?
in this age,
platforms with distraction as incentive
aid in focus & ascension,
how is that for a plot twist?
the tables turned;
now the mesh at the neck of the sun one
is melting just like ice in frozen habitat.
as we evolve in specie,
the dark is rising.
journal n' **** series - journal entry 5
Jul 2020 · 51
beginning without end
the black-rose Jul 2020
in my defense,
im rugged-hard,
my counting scars lasts light years
& my fears are made up like words are.
my reality is reflected by the state of my mind,
in this space within time,
im shifting worlds & paradigms because its the life i choose.
we all get choices;
to be free or not to be.
we all get choices;
to hear voices that live within the head-space
that guide you to a place of no ending.
the black-rose Jul 2020
sometimes tears are hard to find like clean air & clean water was,
before earth restored itself to golden age.
when rage & aggression falls as peers whom pressure you to use sacred energy as moonshine to heal self-inflicted wounds.
"be gentle with them for they are you."
Jul 2020 · 48
spirals & straight lines.
the black-rose Jul 2020
follow dreams like you are madly in love with chaos
& spirals.
see purpose where you once saw boxes filled with empty-ness & insecurity.
seek truth beyond,
it lives within you.
only depth exists in being,
being vast,
being an empath.
being a psychopath.  
seeking new pathways?
seek paths that just might lead you down rabbit holes that leads to a straight road of prosperity & wondrous ways of existing.
Jul 2020 · 40
speak when...
the black-rose Jul 2020
paradigm shifts call for low rhythms & stillness,
wisdom calls with words of innocence
as love demands your great return.
all hail the very nature of being.
who are you still when separate worlds become one?
who are you when dark & light show will to collide?
who are you in the face of the eye that sees beyond what's man-made
still certain,
yet flexible.
i will speak where my spirit leads.
my mouth will open only when i am spoken to...
or spoken through.
Jul 2020 · 45
'trendy wendy'
the black-rose Jul 2020
fuller lips,
thinner thighs  
or thicker hips,
a girl can dream,
can she?
dreams that go beyond a following increase  
or a modern day feast consisting of eats that deplete
your center.
what might you do without your central processing unit?
how will your intuition guide,
where will the universe have space to assist in your alignment?
the black-rose Jul 2020
to take a face
then make it up to be 'beautiful'
just incase some ****** wants to think aloud.
wether running errands
or run-way fashion,
it's all the same.
sometimes you may think to go bare
but then stares of fictional characters make you nervous.
the only monsters beneath your bed are the ones that you created.
Jun 2020 · 95
full circle
the black-rose Jun 2020
i'm going one way then the other,
one way or another.
if one way isn’t flowing try a next way.
if monday isn't showing try a next day.
Jun 2020 · 64
breaking of the 8's
the black-rose Jun 2020
tears flow sometimes...
like rivers of rage
cut off at the point where truth should enter;
left eye twitches &
the battle for the heart begins.
who will win?
self or truth?
Jun 2020 · 109
end of cycles
the black-rose Jun 2020
why do you always look mad?
like the world let you down
then led you down roads that end dead.
your dull expression;
it makes me question what goes on within you,
is it eating you away?
will you go or will you stay?
Jun 2020 · 41
the black-rose Jun 2020
i remember smashing windows & starting fights to prove my love,
while you stand there watching me make a mess of whom i thought that i was.
like the 'what' we could've had
& all exchange was mediocre;
coulda' done better,
man i wish we were genuine.
here we go again lol.
Jun 2020 · 78
the wait
the black-rose Jun 2020
days go by fast,
nights never last.
lonely comes,
lonely goes.
we think we know
but no one knows.
we get caught up in the spur of moments,
we know the only thing we have is a moment.
no future promised,
lets be honest,
lets appreciate whats here.
before we lose it all,
lets make the most of what we share.
lets love and care.
so reckless,
and without resisting
in honor of a love within our very existing.
less thought,
whats meant to be seen will show.
less worry,
when you see it you'll know.
lets grow,
lets go beyond the point of modern day love.
lets lose ourselves,
a great escape beyond the modern day, love.
cliff dive,
head first from the highest of heights.
create the highest of highs.
amongst the heavenly skies that cheer us on.
Jun 2020 · 58
sacral energy freak
the black-rose Jun 2020
you know,
its in my nature to indulge within my sacral.
i can make energy exchange creative enough to bring new life,
i can even switch it up,
channel the 'best night of your life’.
through just one mood,
or flow of thought,
i possess within my source
abilities to have you rise
or have you fall,
to have you bowing at my feet at just one call.
but instead of f-cking with your head
or putting you to bed,
i use this energy as leverage.
keep a build up
& a back-up.
while you seek ‘*******’ bout the money,
the feminine just got her stack up,
its a come-up,
one you feel deep in your core though.
don’t knock at doors
if you’re not ready to explore though.
Jun 2020 · 54
whats in the box?
the black-rose Jun 2020
imagine being trapped behind walls...
ones that promise to let you free
if you’d just wait & see.
you know the only way out is in
& the only way in is to sin
by questioning your god.
the god whom sits upon the throne with his feet up.
he may just answer,
if you call then signal forces might just meet up
at the towers where they bounce off
like back-boards,
through mother boards
& other boards like god has meetings with his team of advisors.
they advised him not to speak without a lawyer present,
speaking of present,
here we are
& apparently the only answer to your calls is
some noise up in your head,
that strangely sounds just like you,
& the box just became weird...
Jun 2020 · 56
higher than hell
the black-rose Jun 2020
my trips to high
became too frequent.
im up high,
i’m way too high,
it's like how high can i go?
high beyond the space
where i'm racing through time,
chasing after spaces in mind
& drawing lines that lead me back to my roots.
there’s life in darkness
& i stand as living proof.
the realm of mind-control towers &
cryptic messages in music.
the realm where masses are asleep
yet somehow still starting movements;
& mammon keeps account of all the monetary systems
that mold the youth & hide the truth so that they stay in roles of victims.
Jun 2020 · 43
in the middle
the black-rose Jun 2020
"come meet me in the middle of insanity
where the freaks come out at night to play in vanity.
they stay awhile
then turn up missing,
who's to blame?
the one that’s open
or the one playing the games…"
ill meet you in the middle
bring you clarity & peace,
bring you light years
of life energy
& show you how the freaks
come not at night
but they stay clear out of sight…
Jun 2020 · 44
the black-rose Jun 2020
i'm done holding in
& holding onto lines
so thin that they break just by my stare alone...
& ive been told,
my eyes were cold
but are they deadly?
& ive been told to fix my tone of voice,
though my tone of choice is mute.
how hard can it be to speak truth while staying silent?
while in a crowd of violent sounds
on 3D grounds
where they make crowns of thorns
for those whom come to warn of mass destruction.
i'm letting go of "things"
& maybe, i’m adjusting?
Jun 2020 · 50
never-never land
the black-rose Jun 2020
in a world where every man stands for himself,
with low level systems
& light spectrum simulations.
i see blood in these red lights;
controlling hearts & minds
then leaving spirit zombie like.
its a time-shift.
its about time we come to shift.
new age,
new lay-lines.
though 10,000 fall at my side,
though ’normalcy’ & re-creation
will not to collide,
though systems try to **** off my vibe.
no death shall ever come near me.
we rise in frequency on the way to the higher realm of the crystal rainbow indigo earth.
Jun 2020 · 148
steady as ya' grow
the black-rose Jun 2020
i'm liking this arrangement,
every growing,
ever changing.
while moving sacred through placements
& planetary gas-light;
forward flowing is the motive,
pay respects, still
to the past life.
moving pass life in a low phase.
new world,
intro to new age.
Jun 2020 · 88
= loaded guns =
the black-rose Jun 2020
i see her whole-ness as ammunition,
she is all power,
filled on power to surf through space & paradigm.
i see her purity as drive.
i see all ways to ensure knowledge of how to create worlds
will continue at her vast display.
ensure that the younger beings
by whom exist within your space
are embraced by the knowing of self.
Jun 2020 · 82
ego games
the black-rose Jun 2020
a friendly gamble in exchange for the sanity.
dismissing soul &
bringing cloudy to the clarity.
who dare play back n' forth
or *** for tat, of any sort?
May 2020 · 95
no shade
the black-rose May 2020
don't throw shade;
just burn some sage to give you clarity.
no one can test you,
'lest you feed into your savagery.
your mastery is whole,
so bring no drama to the soul.
May 2020 · 108
prime commanders
the black-rose May 2020
i’m bored now with commanders that force...
to command is like to force,
to demand is to endorse activation & alignment
by whatever your intention must be.
so your intention must be what you will to see,
displayed before all seeing eye.
i’m surrounded by commanders of flame...
commanders beyond games
upon chess boards.
pure input,
raw export of what no longer serve we.
fall as waste or
stand in grace,
if you are worthy.
May 2020 · 69
follow leaders
the black-rose May 2020
it got hard for you to trace back the truth
when you decided fame, names, & particular things
hold more importance than roots.
to pin-point a location
or ask questions would be inaccurately pointless
& so your effort goes wasted.
your mass is in-tune at masters feet,
a mono-tonish cluster ****
where the masses sleep.
they move like sheep,
they scurry,
in too much of a hurry to give a **** about making peace.
while you seek leaders,
might i invoke considerate thought
of how you can be one.
become the change,
become the strange-odd one out.
become the one who uses word of mouth as tool,
only fools use weapons as schools.
start from the seed
then take the lead...
May 2020 · 93
crown yellow
the black-rose May 2020
they look at you like you god,
so let your action be inspiration.
the few amongst many,
discipline plenty,
envy is plenty.
envy is empty...
lots of sensi,
now a sensei.
May 2020 · 142
the black-rose May 2020
spiral violent,
embrace anomaly
then you're halfway there.
what's a preference when barely anything exists?
May 2020 · 100
gods will
the black-rose May 2020
your will be done only on behalf of
the true nature
of the true & living god.
we isolate,
farther and farther as we go
beyond what we know.
May 2020 · 219
forbidden fruit
the black-rose May 2020
dont you open up your mouth.
dont you open up your mind.
dont you search for any answers,
dont you fear what you might find?
arent you afraid of looking crazy
or stepping out of the norm?
youre in a box,
youre in a cage and you have always been warned
to watch your mouth and watch your actions.
senseless movements and distractions in your view
to keep you hidden from truth.
the truth,
the true forbidden fruit.
May 2020 · 109
keep going
the black-rose May 2020
don’t be threatened by words
or verbs
used in a statement,
in placement of
a hurt feeling
or a spirit broken;
when you fall
get back up & keep going...
= letters to self =
May 2020 · 106
the black-rose May 2020
make clothing, if you love to.
do fun things with your hands.
tell jokes or
make some music,
if you love to sing & dance.
write words,
share stories,
create new culture,
new expressions.
do anything you love.
do everything you love.
find happiness in all that you do.
May 2020 · 576
ancient language
the black-rose May 2020
higher language,
sacred energy
exchanged through vibes & frequencies.
signs & symbols of the alchemist,
all seen actions now unseen.
May 2020 · 85
essence of 9
the black-rose May 2020
so called queen,
mother of time.
free your mind,
let your heart be fair & wise.
grow female energy,
May 2020 · 83
child of moon
the black-rose May 2020
child of moon & sun.
child of adventure,
child of fun.
child full on love,
child full with light.
child with vision
and clear sight.
child of earth,
you are whole.
Apr 2020 · 135
the world in 2020
the black-rose Apr 2020
if i don't get sunlight,
or some kind of something to keep me going;
ill stop,
in the middle of everything.
more still than the world in 2020.
Apr 2020 · 112
who else?
the black-rose Apr 2020
i use deception & bribery to get up out of bed,
i start off strong then end up lost by 12-noon...
Apr 2020 · 88
the black-rose Apr 2020
with respects paid to physical reflection
or 'seemingly'.
if i don't take breaks,
i'd have broken glass
for many years to come.
i see more reflection
when i do gaze
in face of the sun.
Apr 2020 · 82
the black-rose Apr 2020
i'd say wipe out the whole 'humanity',
flood the land,
clear the trace,
clear the mind,
the hidden space
where they placed fear through nano-bytes,
not black or white;
Apr 2020 · 103
the black-rose Apr 2020
i built dreams within dreams,
surpassed 3 levels.
now, i cant tell
dream from reality,
i created my own devil...
the black-rose Apr 2020
funny enough
i don't give a flying ****...
yet i still do,
strange enough...
Apr 2020 · 74
the black-rose Apr 2020
there's a law that says i cant always be powerful
so somedays my sway may seem a-lotta bit off.
you'll see me smile while claiming sanity,
the next day im concrete stiff.
i know i must
but if
i had to choose,
i wouldn't...
something about balance.
Apr 2020 · 133
given options
the black-rose Apr 2020
they said "suffer consequence to every action",
is that consequence bitterness &
inability to connect?
i'm unable to connect,
i think i cursed myself
when i found comfort in only myself.
when i became too attached to my own outcome,
my legs became lazy to move
to contemplate any other resolve.
i refuse to take anything less than i might offer.
dismiss me now,
or i might come off too strong.
a series?
Apr 2020 · 86
the black-rose Apr 2020
silence your mind,
think before you share any form energy
with any form of entity in face of being.
Apr 2020 · 78
war games
the black-rose Apr 2020
its still a struggle for me,
with demons
and enemy specie
knocking at the doors of my mind palace.
silly me,
to even contemplate response.
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