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20.7k · Nov 2018
the girl that can’t be loved
the black-rose Nov 2018
she’s too strong,
she’s too much,
she’s too tough to love.

she’s too hard,
she’s too broken,
she’s not enough.

she’s imperfect,
she’s wild,
she’s lost in the wind.
she’s insane,
sending signs of chaos from within.
2.2k · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
jaaneman, do you think of me like i think of you?
do you believe in me as i believe in you?
i dont know if its me,
or my pessimistic outlook that is keeping us apart.
but, i need you like the stars need the moon.

sitting here on this day of inamorata,
wishing we could be together..
but dear, i know you've got somewhere else to be.
i know your heart is already full,
with no room left for me.

though, i'm never giving up on us.
i will fight for you.
i will fight until your heart is empty,
empty and shallow.
i will fight for you until the day that you realize,
i am the only one that will ever fight for you..

when your lover betrays you & leaves you out in the cold..
allow my being to be a form of warmth.
all i want is the taste that your lips allow,
i want to be your reasons why
& your reasons how.

this is my promise to you..
to never hurt you, never betray you dear i will never let you go.
here's to the day that i can finally call you mine, the day of *euphoria.
2.0k · Apr 2018
dear young chocolate girl.
the black-rose Apr 2018
just a young chocolate girl, in a toxic world. dipped in caramel and glitter with some tight chocolate curls.
how are you young chocolate girl?
are you happy and healthy?
are you successful and wealthy?
do you smile? do you laugh?
are you stuck in the past? are you over-thinking life?
why you quit on yourself? why you quit on the world?
hoping to be free like the normal girls.. that are living faster than the moral girls,
how you 20+ with no morals girl?
how you still let them young boys get to you,
how you less paid and more ******?
never mind that,
how your body on fleek but your mind whack?
how don't you miss an event?
trying to impress those that care it hard to pretend?
you, young chocolate girl? are you lost in this world?
you should be searching your soul,
and setting your goals.
growing, knowing, minding your business.
$1,000 shoes and Gucci purses ain't at the top of your wish list.
you don't do it for the gram and you too focused on your goals to be dumb over a man.
you just do it like you planned and they do it like they can. why they just gossip like they fans?
set an example young chocolate girl, you gotta be strong for the younger chocolate girls.
you gotta teach her that its more to the world.
that love and unity means more than diamonds and pearls.
shape her and grow her, help her to get her **** right.
while you get it right so you can be bright and shine upon her, cause these little flowers need light.
  young chocolate girl.. dont wait on the world.
be happy,
you are peace and you are love.
never lose your sparkle, you are a star from above.
you are the sweetest creation, and you are blessed beyond what you see.
don't settle, dust settles. it will get better.
so seek and don't be blind and then you will find that everything is yours already if you just free your mind.

oh, and young chocolate queens.. lead your special chocolate kings.
also confused and lost in some non-chocolate sauce.
help us, all powerful source.
God. Jesus?
shepard, your sheep's are lost.
why are the things they teach us so... off.
you are with us through the suffering? tell me when will it get better? will we be stuck and comfortable one more week or will we suffer forever?
am i not supposed to question you?
then how will i know? .. &
how come the ones that do the most ugly never reap what they sow?
& why must we wait for heaven, when we're only sure about earth? i said why must we wait for freedom and happiness while we are content broken and hurt.
how can i not worry about the nation when they don't live as you say,
but things continue to go on the same everyday.
dear Jesus? please show mercy on your children.
actions speak louder, please show us that you love us.
please open our minds, & open our eyes and show us what's among us...
dear universal God,
lead your children to whats promised.
take the blindfold off our eyes, and give us hope for tomorrow.
rid us of the pain and sorrow,
make our hearts pure and make us royal.
everything we face make us question and make us wise.
be our guide. lead us,
mold us into true KINGS and QUEENS. less followers more leaders.
ranting at 4am. raw & real. honestly without having to even think about words to write, i wrote this effortlessly and its simple but its coming from such a genuine place in my heart with such genuine feelings i can't even explain.
1.3k · Mar 2019
natural roots
the black-rose Mar 2019
my nap py roots are a natural root to the tree of life.
i dare not damage my sources to the source of light.
afro made all strong and sturdy,
a sprinkle of all that is worthy.
a sign that i am everything and i exist.
stop bleaching out your blackness.
i insist
that you cherish your being like you cherish material possessions
& feed into obsessions of your ego that knows of nothing else.
only mirrored image self,
detrimental to your health.
only focused on appearances and features.
beauty industry focal points
with tutorial teachers.
influencers influenced by ingenuine sources,
no natural resources.
your reign has been challenged.
may the best man be exalted.
1.3k · Feb 2015
to a guy ive never met
the black-rose Feb 2015
ive been brooding,
lurking your pages,
thinking of how we would conflate so well..
do you think of me?
do you ever ask yourself, "does she exist?"

i admire your cynosure.
& i hope my eloquence impresses you.
will we ever be?
erstwhile.. maybe

im tired of relationships that are evanescent,
so when you get here, will you be here awhile?
i will imbue my love in you..
it'd require you to have interest in a non-ingénue being.
a being so brilliant that you will start to question your soul and the size of your crown, my King.

you will not become jaded,
for i am a Queen of lagniappe.
i will have you twisting and turning at the quakes of my soul..

is your mind as beautiful as mine?
is your soul as deep?
can we be panoply, i hope.
can our love be sempiternal..

*wherewithal of our love.
1.2k · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
did you hear them?
my cries for help, did you hear them?
of course you did, but you were so caught up in the *** & how beautiful it felt to touch me in ways that most had never gotten to.
you were too caught up in the grips of the walls of my ******, instead you should have been focusing on the way i was gripping onto your arm holding on for dear life, trying not to drown in everything that you seemed to be but weren't.

when i knew that you were only there for the ***, it was too late..
darling, i was already lost in your soul.. fighting your demons that couldn't stand even the scent of me.. they hated me, you hated me..
you claimed to be passionate about me when the only thing you were ever passionate about was the warmth of my body against yours, and the fire that we were so near to starting from the friction of your body rubbing 'gainst mine..
you were caught up in f--king me, when all i wanted was for you to f--k the **** out of my desires dear.
you wanted to 'make love' to me, when i really wanted you to make love to my being.
you were caught up in the depth of my intimacy when you should have been lost in the depth of my soul.
**my brain is a ****** *****, dont forget to stroke that also.
1.1k · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
hello 4am,
we meet again..
but do you have to be so rasping?
drowning in my thoughts,
they want me to give in..
im nazlanmak.

mono no aware

reminding me of my Erlebnisse.
am i lonely or in love?
which one is worse?

i am an enternitarian.
i help me to live another day,
so 4am you will not be the decider of my fate.

i am druxy, indeed..
but do you have to rub it in?
will we ever get along?
are you interested?

4am you are franching at my soul,
eating at my being
& i can never be of eunoia
.. because of you
1.0k · Feb 2015
allow me.
the black-rose Feb 2015
allow me the opportunity to show you something new,
something better, something real.. something that you're not used to.
allow me to explore you, get to know you better.
adopt your vitality, make you feel like a King.
let me show you that love can really mean something...
889 · Feb 2015
a corps perdu
the black-rose Feb 2015
here's to a la mort of a love that can never be,
a outrance of feelings that never got to be expressed.
i hate that my heart is so refractory,
how can i be in love with someone i know nothing about?

never seen you yet somehow i've seen you,
never spoken to you yet i've had numerous conversations about you..
i want to enodate my thoughts onto the canvas that is your heart,
but how can i?

you're probably in love with a lightskin beauty,
but is there any room for a caramel skinned Queen?
or will i be too much of a challenge,
too much of something too brilliant?

my feelings for you are pygalgia,
please darling allow me the chance
to search your soul & find the most unappealing things,
but love you anyway...

you're soul is too ostrobogulous for a quean,
may my being coruscate in the very darkest place of your heart.
til you realize your soul's worth,
til you realize yupukta my love.
for one of my readers..
873 · Apr 24
who's there?
its a war,
gods on guard,
& the eye is upon you.
with physical bodies like space-ships,
they line the block
with patience
requesting entrance within
so open up.
854 · Feb 2019
what is a poet?
the black-rose Feb 2019
just like everything else,
you are who say you are.
you are not subjected to rhyme schemes
and bars.
no literacy rules and proper grammar.
no literacy tools and open stanzas.
it doesn’t matter what you write,
as long as it’s from your heart and
it doesn’t matter how many poems you have
or how long ago you started.
all that matters is that you love it
& you let your words speak.
do not be focused on anyone else
and please do not seek:
if you feel you can be better,
just be patient.
no ones ahead of anyone
we are all ADJACENT.
we are all writers and we all have stories to share,
we are all exactly who we say we are,
incase you were unaware.
824 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
he was a mystery in himself,
allowing me to have no trace of an idea of how he felt..
i was kind of mystery too, but the kind that if you got close enough you could easily find clues to whatever you were unsure of..
sometimes i wondered.. if behind closed doors he felt the way i did..
did he obsess? did he shed a tear? was he still awake at 4am?
of course he wasnt.. i was in this alone, werent i?
was it only me shedding the tears that burned my skin in the most beautiful way possible? was it only me obsessing over the things i would say & the things i wouldnt?
i believe it is only me..
but you know, i dream of a time where both he & i can feel the same unique feeling of love & bliss for one another, at the same time..
on the same level..
and for all the right reasons i have hope!
hope that he too will shiver at the wrath of my touch,
hope that he will open up to me enough so that even if i wanted to destroy him.. i would have the power to.
you know... just something im feeling!
810 · Mar 2015
the black-rose Mar 2015
one day i have it all figured out & then the next everything is so obfuscated.
i have my mind set on those goals far beyond me, then i lose it as if i weren't just concentrated .. on things so important, on raison d'etre.

one day i'm at peace & then the next im in pieces.
i have my heart set on a man that probably wants someone far beyond me, and although he's losing & he's not concentrating on the fact that im rare.. fond of kalon, he is fond of me.
he doesn't know that what he is searching for is only right before him, foolish yet gapseed.

one day im alive & then the next i am barely breathing..
i have my feet set on a path too far, too complex, too difficile,
and although it may bring to me wary & bereavement, i will gait to the end.
810 · Dec 2018
descriptive hell
the black-rose Dec 2018
would you die
to feel the warmth
of my persuasive embrace.
what would you do
for just a second of my time?
you dare not question my desire.
immense expression,
you’re in dire need of something that can make you whole again.
i hold the changer of worlds in a pocket so small.
a heavy guard at the gates,
there is no passcode.
how do you enter?
no one has entered since the past-world.
& all who entered
& left,
are still lost
with regrets.
you cannot leave this place of comfort,
you’ll never find it
not again.
there’s only one way &
the secret lies within.
753 · Feb 2015
to you..
the black-rose Feb 2015
and although i've never met you, i miss you..
i got lost in you, the kind of lost that's exactly like being found.
i want to explore you, objet trouvet.
i get toska thinking about you & your lover..
that should be me darling, you are well deserving of me.
well deserving of a lover that will love you until culmination.
740 · Feb 2015
bêtise love.
the black-rose Feb 2015
i am sorry to temerate between you and your lover,
but when i want something i go after it..
i am on metanoia &
i am of finifugal,
because endings are not my cup of tea.

let's love each other recklessly,
lets rebel against our demons..
they may not agree with the choice we've made,
but who are they to have a say in anything that we do?
i mean, we are not always our own people but tonight we are..

i have saudaded to be near your love,
a love that i've never met.
promise never to ure, abuse or take advantage of my love,
comfort me with your being, allow our souls to intertwine..
allow our souls to dance to a beat that's loud to our ear but to others the music is deaf.
**the world is ours..
completed draft.
the black-rose Dec 2018
opportunity knocked;
it banged.
awaking me from the sweetest dream of all the things that aren’t,
but could have been.
can they still be?
with hardened dribble on my cheek,
i groaned
“who’s there?
come in.”
hovering over me,
possessing feelings of mere affection
he just stood there.
i felt him
but i never looked up.
i figured
if he wanted my company
he would have made it clear to me.
instead he stood embracing me,
steady mocking the mess i had made of myself.
he didn’t even offer to help.
not a small word or
a shy good luck.
not a simple you’re beautiful,
or demand to get up.
he seemed scared.
was i that much of a monster?
a vicious scene to be feared?
721 · Apr 22
mind games played by the hands of self
teach me how
i am my own boulder caught still in my own way.
692 · Nov 2018
i pray
the black-rose Nov 2018
everyday i pray for you.
i pray you’ll always make it through,
whatever life may throw.
whichever way it goes.
i speak positive words.
i speak success,
& strength to chase your dreams & give your best.
you are safe & secure,
you are blessed, i am sure.
because everyday i pray for you,
everyday you’ll make it through.
689 · Feb 2015
to you.
the black-rose Feb 2015
some say "i crave a love so deep that the ocean would be jealous", but i feel like i'm deeper than the ocean so what i crave is a love deeper than me.
i crave to love you so passionately, so beautifully that the demons that live within you will cringe at the thought of my being.
i crave to unravel all the horrific scenes of your soul and make them bow down to me, for i am Queen.
my love for you is numinous, so powerful that every virtuoso that has gotten comfortable inside of you will be begging for freedom.   eleutheromania..
when you are frightened i will be your latibule, although the only duel thing you should be frightened at is the very touch of my lips pressed against yours & the touch of my finger tips running down your back..
let our skinship be the most powerful source, when we make love i want the demons of your past to scream in awe.
i will franch at your soul, until you are no longer of existence in a world so cruel, darling NOBODY can love you better.
672 · Dec 2018
Lost Souls
the black-rose Dec 2018
we base the worth of a human being on status & net worth.
we forget that all of this **** is MANMADE.  
blind to a higher meaning,
disregard a higher being.
we place lost souls
on pedestals,
they never teach us anything valuable.
we worship material.
we lurk behind screens,
never seeing behind the scenes.
yet we see what’s unreal
and we start to feel
give too much credit to who’s equal,
make them feel like they’re superior.
world of illusions,
& that is my conclusion.
we don’t believe that
we can win the war,
so we are losing.
we don’t need to chase wealth,
we need a movement.
we need unity,
you & me.
reconditioning the minds,
they are so closed,
let’s set them free.
655 · Dec 2018
the black-rose Dec 2018
there is attitude as strong as my own in these kinks and these coils,
my Afro has a mind of its own.
she stands tall when she wants,
shrivel up when she’s cold.
sometimes shy,
she is not a people person.
my Afro only communicates with other Afros.
she ain’t stingy but she **** sure don’t like to be touched.
don’t you try to sweet talk her
when she’s in a rush.
only like a wash & oils.
sometimes gel and finger coils.
she’s amazing,
i love my twa.
647 · Dec 2018
a 7 word poem.
the black-rose Dec 2018
who says that storms can’t be beautiful?
640 · Aug 2019
the black-rose Aug 2019
she's a minimalist;
with a minimal list of things that she desires,
things that she requires.
she's at one with all things,
so with her all things are one.
she never folds
nor does she run away.
she stays calm
and collected.
with actions dare reflecting
a light that's so flourescent,
posing questions...
"who are you?"
"from where have you came?"
"where have I seen you?"
"what is your name?"
617 · Jun 2018
my Bahama land.
the black-rose Jun 2018
i disavow my allegiance to the flag,
& to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
for we are not one people,
we are not united,
we do not live in love,
& we are unfortunately serviced.

what does the future hold for my Bahama land?
with our resources not being utilized for the betterment of our people...
but being sold to non-Bahama land.
no profits being aimed to,
or sources being owned by
our Bahama man.

as i lift my head to the rising of the sun in this Bahama land,
i see no hope for the future, no hope in my Bahama land.
no one to speak up,
the youth are out of luck.
the elders show no interest,
we are doomed.
we march on to the glory..
but what bright banners do we have to wave high?
the means of the leaders are of no significance,
& i can no longer bear the pain that i witness.
how will we excel
if we do not love,
& unite?
going forward,
will we stand together
for a common, loftier goal?
as i lift up my head to the rising sun in my Bahama land;
i see anguish,
i see fear &
leaders with no care.
all the things i see are broad.
...but may the road that my people trod
lead us to our God,
that will help us on this march to save our Bahama land.
an angry poet's twist on the Bahamian national pledge & national anthem.
612 · Feb 2015
the devil wears polo.
the black-rose Feb 2015
i find perfect peace in lalochezia ..
your being is selcouth,
this piece is adoxography to the world
but everything to me.

darling you drowned me so deep in lust,
i started to believe that it was love..
i sit by the ocean in the night time as if i am a paralian,
listening to the most peaceful sound that is the waves roaring..

the horror of my desolation,
seems to be washing away at the sound of the ocean..
i never want to leave this place.

i suffer eremophobia,
i just need us to move..
we cant stay here, we have to leave,
this is torture.

i dream of rasasvada,
i dream of apanthropinization.
le mot juste.
the title has a meaning behind it..
601 · Dec 2018
soul dance
the black-rose Dec 2018
since forever doesn’t last,
just love me til whenever.
when the physical has passed
let our souls dance together.
571 · Mar 2015
do they still exist?
the black-rose Mar 2015
so used to shallow minded, soul-less, only want to ****, only want you to ****, could care less about your goals, plans, dreams type of guys.
where are the gentlemen? the bring you roses, kiss your forehead, open doors & pull out chairs.. the "get dress, we're going to dinner", the what you need ima get it, the what are your plans, i wanna know your dreams, the "baby you can do anything". where are the guys that are over-protective, the "you can look at my lady but you cant touch", the uncalled for i love you's, the unexpected gifts, the traveling, and thrills.. we fight, we makeup! we dont ever break up.. the rumors dont mean **** to him, cause he already know whats up.. i want that.
do they still exist?
the guys that aren't afraid to open up, the ones who aren't too G to show you love.. the guys that cant get enough of you, they wont give anyone else the opportunity to get at you, focused on getting it for themselves & also helping you get yours.. champagne dreams & cartier wishes, walking down the isle, long nights & tongue kisses.. "**** them other girls, i got mine & she's enough" showing your lady love while these childish guys out here 'acting tough', haha.
so used to all of the same, that when i come across someone 'different' i rarely ever know the difference because my trust is ****** up, my mind is like get the **** and my heart is just pushing everyone away.
569 · May 9
ancient language
higher language,
sacred energy
exchanged through vibes & frequencies.
signs & symbols of the alchemist,
all seen actions now unseen.
568 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
ironically, love has ofttimes robbed me of my sanity & my peace of mind. my being.. destroyed by the time in which i’ve endowed in those i came to love. those whom requisitioned to love me in a way that would make forever seem reasonable..

and i find myself conflicting with people like myself, people that are looking for the same things that i myself are: soul intelligence, brilliance, killig, and a love that loves equally in return.

and when im away from him & his 'love', i feel homesick.. homesick for a place that doesnt even exist.
i sometimes question myself, i ask myself will i ever be able to experience hygge.

& sometimes i want to apologize to him.. for loving him so much, for being so passionate about caring for him in ways that he could never imagine, for trying to hold onto him when he obviously didnt want me in his life. all he wants is to be set free, but i dont think that i will ever be able to completely let go.. & i know he'll probably be happy without me & heaven knows that happy is all i want him to be. but when i love someone this much, a piece of my ego is with them.. if i let you go then you'll have to take a piece of my pneuma & quite frankly, im on my last piece. i am dying for your love & i am willing to face mortality.
554 · Dec 2016
the black-rose Dec 2016
you see the potential, then you think of time wasted; you seek true hearts, but to you love has basted.
you visualize happiness, complete bliss and unity; but sadly you know how cruel love can be.
here's to a time where it doesn't pain to love! to a time where people are so above; dissembling, dishonesty but are aware and complacent, that  admire soul & value aside from childish relations!

in search of real, true, honest, unfeigned
here's to the real, true, honest, unnamed.
im sooo rusty, I haven't written in years :( & I still **** at titles.
549 · Apr 2018
the black-rose Apr 2018
the world's a ******* mess
its gone to ****
and i am every bit apart of it
i may have started it.
try to find a greater shade
to be the way
to lead the way
i need the way
teach me the way.

the worlds a ******* mess there is no love
we need the love
we need to love.
show us your love, or how to love.
show us to care, we need you here.
show us the light inside of us,
give me the light to shine for us.
the worlds a ******* mess
its gone to ****
is this what you planned for us?
do you look down on us?
don't frown on us,
we are so lost.
we need your guidance.
we need confidence.
as we try to find a brighter side
to an elevated higher side.
its out of sight,
give us a sign.
wish i would go back
can i go back to no one?
can i go back to nothing?
my life's a ******* trip,
it makes me sick
im jaded, i hate it.
hate that im faking it,
as slow as im taking it.

can i love without losing?
how do i live without bruising?
no pretending, no delusion.
sweet, sweet oblivion.
inspired by jhene aiko's oblivion.
546 · Jul 2018
nature of the wallflower.
the black-rose Jul 2018
anyone lost can find home in her eyes.
she is comfort and warmth in disguise.
she is beauty and truth behind all lies.
she shines bright like the stars in the sky.
541 · Dec 2018
mother of fears
the black-rose Dec 2018
my ambition
combined with intuition;
you existing
thrives on my existence.
my drive and my persistence
derived from inhibition.
yet when i speak,
you never listen.
too independent,
too intelligent,
too much,
you run scared.
make you aware,
you see irrelevance in
what you once feared.
your ego is my step-child.
push me away,
you run and hide.
you run from truth.
you won’t confide,
detached your roots.
530 · Jun 2019
the black-rose Jun 2019
he who is content
is rich.
only good intent,
i'm witch.
i wish on stars and crystals,
high pitched
like whistles.
brushing through the ripples
like bristles.
90s baby,
i say mad
and you say crazy,
i say maybe.
maybe im close.
lets have a toast
to the good times
to the signs,
to the message clearly written
right in between the lines,
saying everything is first to seek
and then to find.
its all divine,
its all aligned,
the all is mind.
the world is mine.
499 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
and with a heart so empty,
so fill with nothing..
does it even still beat?
i dont know, i cant hear a thing!

with my thoughts so loud,
they never let me rest at night
& when i finally do close my eyes in hopes to escape..
i know that the sun rises again to give me hell.

when i try to forget you,
thats what makes it worse..
i try to eliminate the urge for you to hold me,
i would hope that my screams are louder than the sound of your voice,
that lingers throughout my body at 4am.

when will i find peace?
494 · Mar 2015
the black-rose Mar 2015
and its like the love never died but my soul decided to give you space,
i figured if you had wanted me, you would've made it clear to me.
or maybe you were afraid, that if you had shown me too much of you i would beguile.
your previous fleeting lovers, they left you so cold & so desultory.
i don't care that you are so full of insouciance,
i just want to show you that there is more to what you have been given.
i want to show you that the walls you have put up are worth letting down for someone.

it seems you are caught up in a past love, i know you don't want to be there but you're settling..
i have no clue as to why you are settling,
give me a ******* chance.. allow someone to show you better and stop being so grotesque.
allow me to love you til you're so drained, so empty that you have space for no other.
i will never allow you to get jaded.
with me, i will turn your calm days into stormy ones..
i will turn your shade luminous,
you will always want more.
when your mind tries to wander away from the thought of me,
my demons seek to drag them back into the deepest parts of you.
i will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible,
and you will love every waking moment of it.
i promise, you will never want to leave me alone..
you will fear anyone ever seeing in me what you see in me!
darling, you are the only thing that means anything.
487 · Feb 2015
you did this.
the black-rose Feb 2015
as i fell on the ground with a dull thud, listening to the cracking of my bones, did you really have to pretend?
you pretended to love me, you pretended..
i allowed myself to be intrigued by the lies that slipped from the beautiful  place that is your lips..
you made me feel so powerful and now i feel... nothing!
because you lied & you had no idea what you were doing to me..
as i dug deep into my skin with a razor so sharp that it could **** a man, i thought of you and all of the things you said to me.
you destroyed me.
i had forgotten about you but you've somehow managed to escape from the oubliette.
is there a lover that i can run to for cwtsh?
NO THERE ISNT.. so what am i to ******* do to escape this horrible feeling? this mess that you made of me, how do you expect anyone on God's green earth to be able to clean it up? to be able to love me without question? you were selfish, i would've never done this to you.. but i should have, you were undeserving of my love, undeserving of a Queen and i hope any trace of happiness in your life crashes & burns.. i hope any bond that you try to create dies a slow.. horrific death dear.
just something i was feeling.. i never stopped typing once to think of things to say.. sadly
487 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
i've dreamed of cafuné,
long nights of habromania..
i died a little as i realized how much i wanted you,
no matter what your past was, or what you had done..
which was not to say that i would let you know,
but you moved me..
more chemically than anyone that i've ever known.

every other man seemed pale beside you,
had a scintilla of what we would be like together..
i believe we loved each other,
just never at the same time.

as im capernoited,
i think of you
which makes me only want to down the entire bottle of whiskey...

i have destroyed myself,
destroyed myself in love...
i dont blame you at all,
but with your help i did the very things i never thought i would..

i dream of an amaranthine love,
so eternally beautiful that we forget ourselves and our past
& just live off of love.
love, ive witnessed peripeteia..

ive dreamed of redemancy,
but i can only dream darling..
470 · Mar 2015
the black-rose Mar 2015
i just get upset.
i get so indignant, exasperated, bitter.
because i know that you are being mistreated, you are putting up with a flame you should be putting out.
you are wasting time with something that should remain beneath you.
you're so inure to the most unpleasant of things,
you just allow yourself to intake every bad detail of something that should have never even existed.

and i myself, i know how hard it is..
when you fall in something that seems so familiar,
it seems like love but its really the farthest thing from it.
darling, its been understood that all you want is a love compatible with what you give off.
but let me be of reminder, you will never find what you deserve if you settle for what is undeserving of you.
sever yourself from what is killing you,
you are better and oh so genuinely deserving of much more.

i can't stand to see you like this,
i myself were in the same position.
we are not perfect, though we try to be.
we cannot point fingers relentlessly, we cannot blame the ones that hurt us..
for they do not know how it feels to be so above simplicity,
so above feeling so below,
so above caring for beings that show nothing but lust & pointless liberation.

i want to show you how good it feels, the act of *redemancy.
been in my draft for awhile.. decided to finish it :) *i **** at titles, wow im sorry*
468 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
i hear brontide as she calls your name,
a lover that she is undeserving of.
too monotonous,
she could never make your soul wonder..

of course she was beautiful,
but what you wanted was beauty beneath the surface.
she was no fit for you, a King.
she was a quean, you needed a Queen.
but you stayed, why?

i have cryptoscopophyllia but, to your soul.
she wanted to just love you,
i wanted to destroy you with the complexity of my love for you..
darling, why are you settling?

you cannot be apprehensive,
we are of the same unique animating principle,
yet in the end we are nothing more than love and space dust.
fallen in love with writing, honestly.. i hope you enjoy every single one of my pieces. xo
btw, i **** at picking titles.. lol
457 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
i allowed myself to destroy myself in the process of loving someone who could never love me back..
                                                         ­            *
-an 18 word poem.
456 · Dec 2018
the black-rose Dec 2018
i cannot bare,
i need a home.
i need you here,
i’m all alone.
my bed is cold...
and plus
these lonely nights
are getting old.
446 · Feb 2015
the black-rose Feb 2015
cheers, to the day you find someone that challenges your inner being. someone with vibes so powerful that the only option you have is to bow down to her. cheers, to all of the broken pieces of your heart for she yearns to pick up those pieces. a being so powerful that even she is intimidated by her noumenon. an individual so passionate that when she moves the earth quakes, trees quiver and bones break. at the very foot of  her throne, there are peasants trying to love her in the utmost unique way possible but darling, she is reserved for you... for she is only fit for a king. her melancholy so positive that you'll smile from ear to ear at the calling of her name. she will be yours to keep, i warn you.. she will be broken, she will have a past, & you will not understand most of her but darling.. please darling, do not give up.
its 3:08.. insomnia
440 · Apr 2018
to my daughter.
the black-rose Apr 2018
lost in the world, losing myself.
the first thought of you didn't help.
what will i teach her?
don't even know myself.
what will i give to her?
will my love be enough for her?

the reality of you came quick,
but reality forgot to kick in.

dealing with the world,
dealing with myself, as well
i found heaven in your eyes,
you brought heaven to this hell.
i take care of me so that i am able to take care of you.
i value me because you see the value in me.
i love me because you love me.
and i love you. i will always love you.
and because i love you,
i will treat you with care and affection.
i will speak positive over everything that you are.
you are kept & all your days will be full of complete bliss.
you will never grow weary,
you will not be mislead or insane
nor will you be torn down & content.
you will rise, always.

you saved me & i owe you my life, my love.

i owe you a life of meaning
full of peace, love & happiness.
i owe you wisdom & understanding.

bubby, i cant imagine a life outside of you.
my sanity relies on you.
my peace of mind and pieces of my life requires you.
thank you for showing me how true love feels.
how true love is.
thank you for keeping me,
without you i wouldn't know how to keep me.

my entire existence lives off of yours.
im just basically trying to say that you are my world,
and without you i would be lost.
i would not know how to love,
i would not know that there is love.
you are love & you are the most beautiful being i have ever laid eyes on.
the way you're so passionate about everything,
the way you are so challenging, and the way it annoys me but i wouldn't want to have it any other way.
you are so unique,
so full of energies that make others feel.
feelings of warmth and feelings of light.
never let the strains of the world take away all that you are.
please, don't allow it to make you hard.
stay soft & stay true
stay you.

i am here, i am there, i am everywhere.
i never leave you.
i am in the stars.
i am where you need me,
i am everywhere you are.
my promise to you,
to keep you.
to grow you.
to be a light to shine upon you.
to protect you,
to be true to you.
to be there for you,
when you rebel, and that you will..
i will hold my peace because i know.
and because i know me, i will know you.
and because i know you i know that the world can be trying,
but all that matters is your happiness and your peace of mind.
i know that we have to stay pure, and treat ourselves and others alike
; with kindness, care and genuine love.
we have to stay positive, and always see light in the darkest of things.
  because, if you can make it through the night there is always a brighter day.

love, mom.
Ataya A'keah Racquel Saunders.
428 · Dec 2018
the black-rose Dec 2018
soo much positive vibes,
im elevating
to peace of mind,
im evolving.
i free my mind in a higher place.
i need my time,
i need my space.
i am sublime,
can’t find a trace of me,
i am only here.
i am light & love,
sowing seeds of ever promise.
ill make you aware,
help you to see the seeds you’ve harvest.
journal pages have no desire to debate,
so we relate
& resonate.
i contemplate before i seal,
i get to 'feel out' how i feel
& set the vibes
that bring reality alive.
so, like i think before i speak,
i write.
405 · Jul 2018
two lvrs
the black-rose Jul 2018
heart torn between two lovers that temperate each other;
but were both distant
& caught in the fury of me.
both temporary lovers, who soon discovered that
only what’s meant will be!
one, open & honest
& the other?
was too far to tell,
who seemed distant and immortal until..
double the love like double cups.
im not ashamed, im poetry.
double or none,
who gives a ****?
are you afraid? thought you knew me..
behind bars like a prisoner to love.
he spit bars that are clinical,
what is love?
& he has heart, he ain’t sinister..
when i call he’s a minister giving me good love.
awkwaaaardddd ****
400 · Nov 2018
suicidal girl
the black-rose Nov 2018
suicidal girl.
she was broken,
couldn’t handle what he’d done.
never talked about it once,
no not to anyone.
she bottled it up,
held it in a safe.
so hard to unlock,
no sign, not a trace.
cut deeper wounds instead.
blood all over the floors,
blood dried up on her bed.
14 years old.
from head to toe.
nobody knows.
can’t let anyone know.
sweaters in the summer heat.
can’t let anyone see.
suicidal girl,
how cruel the world can be.
time heals & so will you from everything that tries to break you ❤️
the black-rose Oct 2018
don’t get so lost in all your struggles that you forget about your dreams;
don’t let what’s temporary phase you, cause life is more than what it seems.
don’t let your happiness be determined by the income you receive,
& know that all good things in life are yours if you can just believe ✨
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