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When ‘cherished friends and relatives’ are within your presence..
They can smile, bless you, and laugh with you
at your corny jokes..
Compliment you on your looks and talented creations…
You fall for it every time.
Outside of your dwellings of hours in your
living space…
They gossip and they avoid letting others now that you even knew “that someone”
The signals work their way, slowly, to a heart
Choking on the smoke screens
That spell to his heart “what a morbid disgrace.”
Everyone has their “painted on perfections”
To hide crooked teeth, skin blemishes, and such “outer imperfections.”
Deep down. .Inside  their souls..
They are the ones who look at themselves and over-question
What and when they are to become..
The head of the “pack”
of “sought after sheep.”
Instead of the Black sheep
Always eating by himself
Alone in the far of forgotten pastures…
When the wolf comes to devour you…where will the outcast be?
Surviving past this horrid situation….
At least the wolf couldn’t catch and eat him
As he only knew too well that being in the spotlight
All of the time. Over working. Over sweating…
Leads to a temporary perfection and trend…
A sign inviting “the wolves of greed”
To an “easy to find buffet special..”
At the “café du’ Sensuale…”
Licking your blood of his saliva and blood stained chops.
He looks for the next sign..
Of those who flag him on..
Needing to be the light that always shines
The magazines printing your “perfection” in Tabloids
and fashion Magazines….”
These are his snacks, in between…
His meals

As he stalks the likes of you down…
The ones who are more imperfect than I….
the ones who “act” and who “never get the education…”
This is his delight…his favorite dish.
A mislead group….hand picked for their “shine..”
Soon, upon their souls, he shall then dine.
Would any person shed one tear
If my sad and breaking heart
Stopped from all of the beatings and silence..
Would you say a eulogy when I'm gone?
I bleed red
Just as any one bleeds
An artistic soul discarded due to a mirror
and a shallow glance
Do you forsake the original and cherished writers
and artists?
They have no perfection to their works and appearance..
They were out casts just as I
When I try and Join a crowd...
Find my sweetheart..
Work my talents.
Alas I'm scorn and reminded of my dark imperfections
That only can be perfect as a shallow mind
places a celebrity as a mannequin sitting within a photo
of a fairytale story....
Living in a tabloid
A destructive "wishing star: "Fairy tale shoot"
I am the "Hunch Back Of Notre Dame."
Quizi  Moto and his brilliant mind.
Hiding in his dark and lonely quarters
due to his "monster defined appearance"
Never wishing to be anything but a part of a
social gathering which cherished and needed his writings and paintings.
After the Hunchback failed to ding the time with the church bells..
He was found, motionless. Cold.
Tears shed of guilt.
By those who tortured   his soul and had him cast
in hiding....
Due to nothing more than ugly chants and appearance comparisons
that should be cast in crumpled ***** down wishing wells.
Magic Soldier

Locked up like a criminal

A recluse

A lone straggler

I treat life as an auction. Yes, I’m a Haggler.

I am bankrupt inside

I am a magic man

See me thick skinned

Here is a broken man,,,

Strong enough to make his stand.

Hiding my broken heart with this stubborn pride.

Losing my family

Blamed for other’s financial and heart destruction..

Respect is a luxury

Life is a school. A learning institution

I hardly taste this Caviar

I try and out run my history.

I have traveled with my baggage quite far

A damaged good

Inside and out

Beaten, *****, and emotionally controlled

Another travel to the glamorous neighborhoods.

Those in which I see the inhabitance gawk and

Point in their polished homes.. shocked at this visitor and feeling
“April Fools” Tricked and trolled..

I rose up like the Joker

I’m the crazy man “who just sits there to pout.”

Giving up the future

Half way to an elderly ward

He gets through the thick scenes

In his strength.. spirts used in bouts..

Words cut a man to his bone..

Stitch my heart with sutures

“Make due and mend.”

I am brave and sane

Even though it hurts to see others as one

and I am all alone..

Even when I was stuck in a corner

Drugged in a mental ward.

I look out a window. Tears hitting the pane.

I became the spokesman for strength

Take my words, my hand, and Human value

I refuse to stay

I am far from what these images of my shell appear to you.

Alone without his plan and potential forefilled

Even the Pandemic couldn’t **** me

I manage a miracle and provide some skills

That set my pain free

Even on the wrong chemically induced life path

I dried up and learned

The right ways to be a friend

A rogue soldier

Strength like a tank’s armor..

Dreaming and fighting for the life

In which he has always yearned.

I shall never let myself end this life

Even though moments of hurt cut me like a knife..

without gaining what I deserve

After losing the battle

I’m winning the war

See him stand tall

A tall man matched with challenges

That never to his they rattle

Steady and viable

Due your worst

As I can fight and dance to this “rock and roll”

Now, see him his feeling heart

Through his Starts to burst.
Beacons of light
Created through my souls' power
Of bright hearted care, visions of clear accomplishments, magnetic self-confidence, and unfiltered sounds of a thunderous power
of true goals in loving reason
Such energy shot from my heart
Flying like the colors of the rainbow
Seeking out hearts weakened.
Those hit the hardest...
At their weakest hour
Those who have had their blissful natures battered by darkness' treason.
And their peaceful notions replaced with the haunting shrieks of darker horror.
It scours...
All bright particles from its victims.
A creature of destruction...
A blood thirsty vampire.
in need of another's soul
In which to nourish and quench the endless evil thirst
Your memories of brighter days.
Your bright emotions...
Such are fluids of power.
Shedding darkness as it attacks...Exchanging such dark energies for the more powerful bright ones
In which to feed him...

By the entity's black storm of " non creative, self-hearted selfishness, - a cold arigance, and shallow hate."
As it feeds upon you.
The beast steals the valuable and great powers that are the inner warmth of beauty and self-hearted strengths...
Inside of your heart.
Weakening a soul as it floats away
Leaving a comatos  heart in darkness
Once such which was bright and true.

Exchanging the Happiness and Kindest of your soul
Filling your beating heart.
Strengthenin' the hatred, dark filled impulses, and destroying your self-empowered energies... This beast is "cheerleading the darkness" as it has once ****** from your soul.
Replacements of the evil, in which in your soul, was empty.
This beast enjoyed to have ,started a "Depository of A Parasitic Empowered Stride"
As deep, within your secret portions of your soul's closets, in which you have dark moments held there/
Locked, inside this vault.
A Means in which to maintain an "empowering and healing self stride"
You remain.
Stripped of love and burning with anger.I witness such and fight for your honor.

Upon my "white horse" I ride.
Chasing the "Beast of Sorrow"
I have armed myself with the " sword of tomorrow."

With " Truth's Scepter of Selflessness.." I chase this beast and wish to vanquish it from your soul...

I charged up and stabbed the enemy visitor's energy source.
A cloud created of pain, fear, and the energies of despair
A foul creature who feeds upon his victims.
No more energy as my Scepter blasts it back inside of your battered will.
Until your soul is clean and bright "
You can "build your newer kingdom "
From the ashes of darkness and the building materials of light...
Through ******* all your happy, blessed, and loving memories from your soul.

Through ******* the energies, which his fangs feast upon, he starts shooting the "blood of the darker visions and fears"

Exchanged from becoming light.
You start to grow to the dark... within your soul.

Into it's void...
I struck hard and destroyed the monster.
Once bitten and dark I had to fight and prepare for the fight
I was one who would overpower and destroy.
That " One, who has feasted and plagued...
a now bright heart leaps before you.
Sheltering  you from his touch and presence.
A "Trojan Horse" acting with a script until this evil partnership is ended.
Protection of others feeds my energy as it refills yours...New rules to employ.

Fighting to the end
Battling this Greedy Monster
In protection and ensuring that innocence will never be forgotten.
A fight worth the blood, sweat, tears, and a broken truth "******"
Through " Blind ignorance."
Energies which are that of PURE Evil.

So that loyalty, love, and the caring, and stronger wills
Beings, once strucken by him or once darkened by his feast upomn them

Such forces Can be restored..or remain as such...
I stay strong.
I enjoy.Fighting for those " stricken and now weakened."
True Souls...
Stripped of Truth and the honor of "Dignity's Flag..."

I conquered the beast of Darkness by the light of the Scepter.
I wield my sword and shot it into the "vacant area" that once was this beast's heart.Your soul was renewed out the dead one's.
from my own " Heart's energies shared with your werakned will
and fighting for true care for you and Humanity
I return to my "Fortress of Valour."  My "Happy Place" and My "Strongest Fortified  Laier."
Dedicated to those ful of sadness, being treated wrongly by others, or just lonely. I am here with you.
Stuck in a jail cell

"Up and Adam"

You have to obey their rules

Or no basic freedoms. No garden of Eden.

No equality.

No excuses.

They own your space

You wonder why that matters

They suppress your dreams and passions

Yet flaunt the same to aid in their suppression.

Try the limited ways in which you can create or share your visions

Not one person seems to see or enjoy

artistic creations that you have worked with with limited resources to employ.

They wouldn't do this to Picasso
To: Aristotle

However, this is the future.

There you are

Beating all the odds

Your position stays the same

Communications in question

"Why must I always have a forgotten and unknown name?"
Money talks

Truth walks

Green paints a new world

Blood red stains the profit

of pain unfurled

From those who seek its power

Above life

A sick patient

On the operating table

Gets the treatment

Suffocation in quicksands of poverty

You bleed to death

Inspiration appears to only belong to the wealthy and their benefits
Listen to my voice
Echoing in the background
Can't you hear its message?
As you walk your common grounds?
Can you see where it is coming from?

A heart's signal which feels neglected
it is message is going forth, unheard
A telegraph of s.o.s sent from this Titanic
A sinking feeling from a heart sinking in quicksand…

Cannot save a light
That you fail to pick...
Through the crowds that are gathering in your city of life…
Are you listening to all who live there?
Are you aware?

Or shall they burn out through neglect...
Candles in the wind failing to resend....
A message that they have tried to direct to you...

Or are you Like Stalin
"The Man Of Steel" whose needs and understanding of the few
were built upon a soul on legs
which were unwilling to bend.
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